Palworld: Upset And Not Willing [How To Cheer Guide]

After several unsatisfied Pals, this is what I did to fix their mood and reignite their will to work

While farming your days away in Palworld, you may be greeted with upset and not willing texts from your pets. This just means that they no longer have the will to work and may slack off a lot. Don’t worry; you just have to reignite the fire in their hearts so they start working for you again.

Key Takeaways
  • Pals in Palworld sometimes become upset and stop working on their assigned tasks.
  • This is caused by either not feeding, not playing with them, or giving them too many repetitive tasks.
  • You can use High-Grade Medical Supplies after level 12 to instantly restore your Pals.
  • Pre-level 12, you can try feeding or playing with your pets to make them happy.
  • You can alternatively switch them out with a Pal of the same type and proficiency.

Upset Pets In Palworld

upset and not willing Cattiva
A very upset Cattiva (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Upset Pets often result in them being angry, slacking off, or taking a lot of short rests. You can avoid it in the game’s early stages, but soon, the tasks become repetitive for them, and you won’t be able to play with all your Pals like you used to. 

Some common causes of upset Pets in Palworld are listed as follows:

  • Repetitive Tasks: If you give a Pal the same tasks repeatedly in Palsworld, it will soon become upset and unwilling to work.
  • Idle: Consequently, if you don’t assign anything to them, they will get bored and upset you.
  • Hungry: If you ignore your pets’ needs and don’t feed them, they will become hungry and refuse to work at all.
  • Ignored: In my experience, if you don’t pet them, play with them, or give them a little attention, they get upset faster than they otherwise would.

How To Cheer Them Up

petting pals for motivation
Petting Cattiva For Motivation (Image Captured by eXputer)

You finally set up the Logging Cabins and Stone Pits, but your pets refuse to work. You need them to stop slacking off and farm valuable resources for you, but you don’t know how. 

Some common ways to remove the upset and not willing to work status in Palworld are listed as follows:

  • Pet and Play: You can play and pet your pals, which will switch their mood in a day or two. This method is slow but one of the only ones before level 12.
  • Feed: I recommend having them well-fed via a Feed Bowl. I noticed that if they are unwilling to work, feeding them by hand makes them happier sooner.
  • Reduce Stress: Try to assign different tasks to your pets to reduce the number of repetitive tasks they have to do and make sure they get proper rest (build their beds).
  • High-Grade Medical Supplies: You can feed your pet High-Grade Medical Supplies for a quick and fast change in their mood, but it is only available after level 12 via a Medival Medicine Workbench.
  • Switch Pets: Another tactic I used pre-level 12 was storing unhappy pets in the Palbox and switching them out with others more willing to work while the former appropriately recovered.

My Tips For Upset Pals

Palworld Palbox Pets
My Palbox for switching Pals (Image Credit: eXputer)

So far, I have a couple of pets that refused to work midway through some mining or building, which can get very annoying. My strategy has been to catch multiple Pals of the same type. That way, I can switch them out when one Pal is tired. The upgrades do suffer a bit, but it’s the best solution in the early stages of Palsworld.

With that, the guide on upset and not willing to work pals comes to an end. You shouldn’t see that status pop up if you take good care of your Pals. However, when you have 10 different Pals employed, keeping up can get a bit hard.

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