Palworld: How To Cure Depression [EASY STEPS]

With countless happy Pals employed at my base, this is my take on how to cure depression in Palworld.

In Palworld, your Pals will often become upset with you not willing to work. If you don’t pay attention to them soon, you will soon begin to wonder about How to Cure Depression in Palworld. This is a tricky dilemma and one that shouldn’t occur too often if you regularly tend to your Pals and keep their needs in mind.

Key Takeaways
  • Your pals have a Sanity bar that dictates how happy they are.
  • If neglected, this bar plummets and your Pals become depressed and upset.
  • You can avoid this by fulfilling their needs with beds, Hot Springs, and good food.
  • If you are already depressed, you need to use High-Grade Medical Supplies on the depressed Pal.
  • High-Grade Medical Supplies can be crafted on Medicine Workbench or bought from a merchant.

How Can Pals Become Depressed In Palworld?

Stressed Rushoar At Base
An Extremely Stressed Rushoar (Image Credit Copyright eXputer)

If your Pals Sanity plummets down to 10%, it will become depressed and refuse to do anything.

Palworld had a repetitive habit of making sure that you take care of your Pals. Even the natural progression in Paldworld facilitates that but out of some form of negligence, your Pals can grow insane and eventually become depressed.

Some common forms of said negligence are listed as follows:

  • No Pool: Build the Hot Spring as soon as you can so your Pals have a nice place to relax.
  • No Beds: Make sure that each Pal has its own place to sleep; restless Pals will lose their sanity very quickly.
  • No Homey Feeling: Try to decorate your base with some furniture like tables and benches to make your Pals feel more at ease, it really goes a long way.
  • No Food: Your Pals food bowl should have enough food in it for every single active Pal you have, they will become angry and start to hate life if you don’t feed them well.
  • Poor Quality Food: Using low quality or the same type of food also depletes the Sanity of Pals at higher difficulties.
  • Not enough attention: Regularly pet your Pals and give them attention, this really helps them stay sane before you can build a Hot Spring.

How To Cure A Pal’s Depression?

Medicine to Cure Depression in Palworld
Traveling Salesman Inventory (Image Captured by eXputer)

Curing Pals is a tricky feat unless you have the Medicine Workbench unlocked. Regardless, you should avoid letting your Pals reach that status but if they are depressed, the only way to cure them is by using medicine.

These are the different ways to get medicine in Palworld:

  • Crafting: You can use the Medicine Workbench to craft High-Grade Medical Supplies and use them on your depressed or injured Pals.
  • Buying: If you don’t have the Medicine Workbench, you can find traveling salesmen or merchants and buy medicine from them to cure your Pals SAN levels.

My Tips On Keeping Pals Happy

Tombat in Palworld
A Very Happy Tombat (Image Credit: eXputer)

Naturally, I recommend never letting your Pals get too low on Sanity. Try to pet them as much as possible and help them feel at home. Additionally, try to employ Pals that have good passive traits that complement their happiness level. Positive Thinker and Workaholics are two examples of said traits that drop sanity 10-15% slower.

Finally, that completes the How to Cure Depression in Palworld. Also, keep in mind that you need a homey touch at your bases and must make sure your Pals have all they need.

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