Palworld: How To Heal Fracture Of Your Pals

Master your Pal's Health by learning how to heal Fractures and maximizing Pal productivity!

In Palworld, one must know how to heal a fracture and take the necessary steps to cure their best Pals of the status ailment, which is way more serious than other ailments like Depression, to maintain their productivity and overall health. Worry not, as healing a Pal’s fracture is relatively easy.

Key Takeaways
  • Fracture in Palworld is a serious ailment affecting Pals’ efficiency and health.
  • You can quickly heal fractures by adding the injured Pal to your Party and using Medical Supplies.
  • To get Medical Supplies, unlock the Medieval Medicine Workbench to craft them using Ingots, Horns, and Bones.
  • You can gather necessary materials like Ingots, Horns, and Bones from specific locations and Pals in the wild.

How To Heal Fracture In Palworld

Healing fractures in Palworld is crucial to ensure the well-being and productivity of your Pals. Follow these steps to cure the Fracture status ailment effectively:

  • Healing The Fracture: Add the injured Pal to your Party to heal a broken bone or fracture.
  • Using the Medical Supplies: Right-click on the acquired Medical Supplies and select the Pal you want to use it on.

How To Acquire Medical Supplies

how to heal fracture palworld
Medical Supplies used to heal a fractured pal Palworld (Image By eXputer)

To cure a Pal of its Fracture status, you’ll need Medical Supplies. There are several ways to obtain them:

  • Crafting: Utilize the Medieval Medicine Workbench, unlocked at level 12, to craft Medical Supplies. Crafting requires three Ingots, three Horns, and one Bone for each Medical Supply.
  • Enemy Drops: Defeat enemies, such as Syndicate Members, to potentially receive Medical Supplies as drops. However, drops are not guaranteed.
  • Purchase: In cases of urgent need, Medical Supplies can be purchased from Merchants for 800 Gold each. This option is advisable only when other sources are unavailable.

Crafting Medical Supplies

how to heal fracture palworld
The bone used for crafting Medical Supplies (Image By eXputer)

To craft Medical Supplies, gather the following materials:

  • 3 Ingots: Farm ore and use a furnace and a fire Pal, like Foxparks, to craft ingots.
  • 3 Horns and 1 Bone: You can collect these materials from various Pals in the wild.

My Thoughts

Healing Fractured Pals is easy; however, making multiple medicines can be exhausting. Make sure to have at least one Pal with Medicine work suitability, which will make things easier. I recommend catching Katress, who also has work suitability in other areas. 

Now that you know how to heal a fracture in Pal World, learn the Best Pals For Base to build your base optimally without causing more fractures! Speaking of optimal, it will be helpful for you to know How To Level Up Fast and catch the high-tier pals easily.


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