Palworld Relaxasaurus: Location, Capture, Stats & Breeding

Here's how I captured the Relaxasaurus in Palworld for dealing with group of enemies easily.

Relaxasaurus in Palworld is a big Pal with attributes of Water and Dragon types, characterized by its territorial demeanor. Despite its cute and childlike exterior, Relaxasaurus poses a formidable threat and shouldn’t be underestimated.

Key Takeaways
  • Relaxasaurus in Palworld is a formidable Water and Dragon-type Pal known for its territorial behavior despite its cute appearance.
  • Found mainly in Ascetic Falls and Sealed Realm.
  • To capture Relaxasaurus, players should assemble grass and ice-type pals and gather plenty of spheres.
  • Its Partner Skill, Hungry Missile, is effective for dealing with multiple enemies.
  • Relaxasaurus is useful in early-game scenarios due to its Level 2 Watering work suitability and Level 1 Transportation Partner Skill.

Don’t forget to visit eXputer’s video guide to learn more about Relaxasaurus as well as its electric variant:

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Relaxasaurus Location

Location of Relaxasaurus
Location of Relaxasaurus in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
Relaxasaurus can be encountered in two primary regions within Palworld. The initial location is near Ascetic Falls, while the second is around the Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon.

Ascetic Falls-255, -441
Sealed Realm of the Thunder Dragon-212, -346

Several Fast Travel checkpoints are available in these areas, all within the forest climate. Since nights can become chilly, I recommend you bring at least a Cloth Armor, a crucial technology to unlock initially.

How To Capture Relaxasaurus

To capture Relaxasaurus, assemble a robust team and gather plenty of Spheres. Relaxasaurus is vulnerable to both Grass and Ice-type abilities, so enlist a Pal like Dinossum or Chillet for effective damage.

Encountering Relaxasaurus
Encountering Relaxasaurus in the Ascetic Falls [Image by eXputer]
  • Preparation: Relaxasaurus and Water Dragons are known for initiating battles with standard water blasts and dragon shots.
  • Dodge Attacks: Stay alert, even when not actively engaging them, as they are aggressive and will strike if approached.
  • Use Ice or Grass-type Pals: Counter them effectively by bringing Grass-type Pals like Dinossum or Ice-type Pals like Chillet to deal super-effective damage.
  • Throw Your Sphere: When Relaxasaurus is weakened, capture it using a normal Pal Sphere, or opt for Mega Spheres for better catch rates.

All Relaxasaurus Stats

Active Skills Relaxasaurus
Active Skills of Relaxasaurus in Pal Stats [Image by eXputer]
Active SkillsTypeDescriptionPowerCooldown
Aqua GunWaterThrows a water ball directly at an opponent.
Bubble BurstWaterShoots multiple bubbles that chase an enemy slowly.6513
Aqua BurstWaterGenerates a large water ball and throws it at an enemy.10030
Draconic BreathDragonReleases dragon energy-infused breath, causing ongoing damage to targets in front.7015
Dragon BurstDragonRapidly releases draconic energy, damaging nearby enemies.5510
Dragon CannonDragonThrows an energy ball charged with draconic energy at a foe.302

Work Suitability And Partner Skill

Relaxasaurus stats in Paldeck
Relaxasaurus Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
Relaxasaurus might not be the best pal to keep in your base at late-game; however, you can take advantage of its Level 2 Watering work suitability at early-game. With its Level 1 Transportation, you also don’t have to worry about putting items in your storage.

I find its Partner Skill, Hungry Missile, very suitable for dealing with multiple enemies and dealing AoE damage, as you can rapidly fire multiple rockets while mounted.

Possible Drops

Relaxasaurus drops the following when you defeat or capture him:

Breeding Options

The “Parent 1” for all breeding options is Relaxasaurus in the following table:

Parent 2Child
SparkitRelaxaurus Lux

With that, I conclude my guide on Relaxasaurus’s location and abilities in Palworld. Don’t miss the detailed review of Palworld by Rabya Rizwan. Additionally, I recommend exploring Irfan’s guide on acquiring Anubis in Palworld, a valuable addition to your base.

You can also refer to Daniyal’s guide on assigning Pals to the ranch to farm materials. Lastly, learn how to make a cake in Palworld, as it’s essential for breeding Vixy.


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