Palworld: Transfer Items Between Bases [Explained With Images]

Discover efficient ways to transfer items between bases in Palworld, optimizing your gameplay and strategy.

Transferring Items Between Bases

There are several methods of transferring items between bases in Palworld; some methods that I recommend opting for are:

  • Using the Grappling Gun (Recommended Method)
  • A Non-Traditional Method (Grappling Gun not Required)

Just to give a brief overview of each of the methods, the Grappling Gun method is highly recommended for transferring items between bases in Palworld, particularly for its efficiency and ease of use. This innovative tool becomes accessible to players who have reached level 12 and have accumulated enough Ancient Technology points.

For players seeking an alternative to the Grappling Gun, Palworld offers a non-traditional method of item transfer that relies on ingenuity and game mechanics rather than advanced technology. This method is particularly appealing to players who either have not yet unlocked the Grappling Gun or prefer a more creative approach to problem-solving.

Key Takeaways
  • Items are currently transferable between the bases in Palworld by two means.
  • The first method is by opting for a grappling gun; the second method is rather peculiar.
  • The Grappling Gun can be unlocked at level 12 using Ancient technology points.
  • The “Peculiar Method” does not require a grappling gun to transfer items/resources between the bases in Palworld.

Using Grappling Gun (Recommended Method)

Unlocking the Grappling Gun will enable you to transfer the items between the bases more efficiently, these are the steps that I took to transfer resources between my bases in Palworld:

  • Gathering the Resources: first, gather all the resources you want to transfer. Don’t worry about being overburdened as this method will still work.
Moving resources from Chest to the inventory
Moving resources from Metal Chest to the inventory [Image By: eXputer]
  • Using the Grappling Gun: Unlock the grappling gun after reaching level 12 using the Ancient Technology points. With your resources, use the Grappling Gun to move to the Palbox quickly. This is crucial because the Grappling Gun allows you to move at high speeds despite being overburdened.
Level-12 Grappling Gun
Grappling Gun at Level-12 in Palworld [Image By: eXputer]
  • Fast Travel to the New Base: Once you’ve reached the Palbox, use it to fast-travel to the base where you want to transfer your resources.
resources to the New Base in Palworld
Moving resources to the New Base [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Unloading the Resources: After arriving at the new base, use the Grappling Gun again to move to your storage chests and unload all the items.
Unloading the resources in the new base [Image Captured By: eXputer]
  • Repeating the Process: Repeat this process as needed to transfer all your desired resources between bases.

The key to this method is ensuring that all necessary items, like the Palbox and storage chests, are within close range for easy access with the Grappling Gun. This method is much more efficient than manually carrying items between bases, especially when overburdened.

Non-Traditional Method (Grappling Gun Not Required)

If you don’t want to go for the grappling gun method, you can opt for this method. I adopted this method when moving items from the grappling gun became tedious; this is how you should be able to incorporate it:

  • Placing the Containers: First, place two Large Containers beside each other, as I have shown in the image below.
Two Large metal containers placing in Palworld
Placing the two Large metal containers In Palworld [Image By: eXputer]
  • Crafting a Wooden Foundation: After that, craft a wooden foundation at a height above the metal container; this step is essential as it will ensure that the Palbox can be placed on top of the Large container.
Building the wooden foundation in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Placing the Palbox: Now, build a wooden foundation, climb over it, and build a Palbox on top of the container as shown. 
Placing the Palbox on top of the Large Metal Container  [Image ScreenShot By eXputer]
  • Disassembling the Wooden Foundation and the Container: Finally, disassemble the wooden foundation and the metal container after crafting the Palbox.
The result after disassembling the wooden platform and the Large container  [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Transferring the Items Between Bases: After that, you are now set to transfer items between your bases without the use of a Grappling Gun.
Moving your Items  from Inventory to your base [Image Credits: eXputer]
Important: For this method to work properly and without hiccups, you have to place a metal chest closer to the fast travel location. This will ensure a more efficient way of transferring your resources.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, both methods offer efficient ways to transfer items between bases in Palworld, catering to different player preferences and situations. The Grappling Gun method provides speed and mobility, which is especially useful for those who prioritize agility and have access to the grappling gun.

On the other hand, the Non-Traditional Method offers a creative workaround for players who find the grappling gun tedious or prefer a different approach. Experiment with both methods to determine which best suits your gameplay style and resource management needs. While you are at it, consider checking out what’s the best way to level up fast in Palworld to get your hands on the Grappling Gun as soon as possible. Also, check out what are the best settings in Palworld for those sweet FPS.

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