Palworld: How To Get Robinquill Terra [Location & Stats]

Learn about the stats and ways to get Robinquill Terra, one of the best Grass Pals for your base in Palworld.

Robinquill Terra, also known as Paldeck 048-B, is one of the strongest Grass Pals in Palworld. It’s a hybrid of the Grass and Ground elements, and comes with several Work Suitability traits to make an effective Pal for base-work. However, as a rare Pal, getting a Robinquill Terra can be extremely challenging since it lives in a harsh environment, and finding its egg is grueling.

Key Takeaways
  • Robinquill Terra is a Ground + Grass Pal in Palworld with Level 2 Handiwork, Level 2 Gathering, Level 2 Transporting, Level 1 Lumbering, and Level 1 Medicine Procedure.
  • Players can obtain this Pal by catching it in the Dessicated Desert or hatching a Large Verdant Egg.
  • The Dessicated Desert is located on the northeastern edge of Palworld’s map.
  • To get a Large Verdant Egg, players can search forest-like biome or breed high-level Ground and Grass Pals at the Breeding Farm.
  • Robinquill Terras are strong against Ground and Electric Pals but weak against Fire Pals.

Ways To Get Robinquill Terra In Palworld

Robinquill terra palworld
Showcasing the Robinquill Terra in the menu (Image Credits: eXputer)

There are three main ways to obtain Robinquill Terra:

  • Capturing it in the Dessicated Desert on the northeastern edge of the map.
  • Hatching a Large Verdant Egg.
  • Breeding a high-level Ground and Grass Pal.

While directly capturing a Robinquill Terra is a guaranteed method, it’s arguably the most challenging way since this Pal has a meager Capture Rate. Also, the Dessicated Desert is a late-game area, so expect to meet several Level 30+ Pals in the region. As such, I’d personally recommend farming Large Verdant Eggs because it’s easy, efficient, and works most of the time. 

Dessicated Desert

dessicated desert palworld
Robinquill Terra’s Habitat spots at the Dessicated Desert on the map (Image taken by eXputer)

As I mentioned, the Dessicated Desert is a late-game region located on the northeastern edge of Palworld’s map. You can use the image above as a reference or check out Palworld’s interactive map to reach the area. The Desert is a ‘Hot’ Region, so wear Heat-Resistant Armor before going on your journey.

  • There are tons of Robinquill Terras here, usually traveling in groups around the small jungle-like areas in the Desert.
  • They’re mainly weak against Fire Pals, so I recommend visiting other areas like Mount Obsidian that have several high-level Fire Pals.
dessicated desert
Robinquill Terra in the Dessicated Desert (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
Important: In my experience, I had a ~4% Capture Rate with a Hyper Sphere when withering a Robinquill Terra’s HP down to 5%. As such, it’s best to have several Hyper Spheres or better for a strong chance to catch one.

Finding Large Verdant Eggs

Large Verdant Egg
A Large Verdant Egg at (239,212) coordinates (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Finding and hatching Large Verdant Eggs at the Egg Incubator is another way to get a Robinquill Terra. You can find these eggs in the green,forest-like biomes in Palworld, but this can be challenging since most of the world is covered in greenery.

  • From my gameplay experience, your best bet to finding a Large Verdant Egg is in the Verdant Brooks area located northeast of your spawn point and just before the Dessicated Desert.
  • I also recommend using a Flying Mount to cover more area and find the egg faster.

Other possible Grass Pals hatching from the Large Verdant Egg except Robinquill Terra include:

  • Mossanda
  • Dinossom
  • Robinquill
Important: A Large Verdant Egg takes 1 hour to hatch, but you can increase its Incubation Speed by 50% or even 100% by placing the Egg Incubator in a lukewarm area, preferably in some forest-like biome.

Breeding Grass Pals And Ground Pals

breeding to get robinquill terra
Breeding a Wumpo Botan and a Fuddler at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot by eXputer)

This is indirectly another way to get a Large Verdant Egg in Palworld by breeding high-level Grass and Ground Pals. For this, you’ll need a Breeding Farm, which unlocks at Level 19 and is crafted using 100x Wood, 20x Stone, and 50x Fiber.

I’ve listed the potential Ground and Grass Pals from which you can use either pair at the Breeding Farm:

DigtoiseRobinquill Terra
RushoarWumpo Botan
Important: To complete the breeding process, you must place 1-2 Cakes in the Breeding Farm’s box.

Robinquill Terra’s Stats And Abilities

Robinquill terra stats palworld
Robinquill Terra’s stats at the Palbox (Image by eXputer)

Here’s a quick overview of all the stats and potential abilities of Robinquill Terra in Palworld:

ElementsGrass | Ground
Work SuitabilityLevel 2 Handiwork | Level 2 Gathering | Level 2 Transporting | Level 1 Lumbering | Level 1 Medicine Procedure
Active SkillsWind Cutter | Sand Blast | Stone Blast | Solar Blast | Sand Tornado | Focus Shot
Partner SkillHawk Eye: While fighting together, allows you to deal more damage to weak points.
Food Requirement3/10

With 5 Work Suitability Traits (with three being Level 2), Robinquill Terra is arguably one of the best Pals to keep at your base in Palworld. It can comfortably perform various tasks efficiently, like building, wood-chopping, carrying, harvesting crops, and healing. Furthermore, this Pal has a modest food requirement, giving it an edge over other high-tier Pals.

  • If you want to make Robinquill Terra a part of your combative team, it has several long-range attacks to assist you.
  • It’s also strong against Ground and Electric Pals but significantly vulnerable to Fire Pals.

That wraps up my brief guide on Robinquill Terra’s location and stats in Palworld. In my opinion, the best way to utilize Robinquill Terra is to keep it at your base and assign it to Handiwork and Transporting tasks because I rarely come across pals who excel in those tasks.

If you’re struggling to capture Robinquill Terra in the Dessicated Desert, here’s a guide by Irfan on getting the Legendary Crossbow. For other workforce-oriented Pals to catch and use, consider reading this guide on how to catch a Digtoise in Palworld. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld for an in-depth breakdown.


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