Palworld: The Best Electric Pal [Our Top 4 Picks]

Learn about the best Electric Pals in Palworld to counter your enemies and generate electricity at base.

You can get some of the best early game pals in Palworld with different element types and each type has its unique characteristics and abilities. One of these types are the Electric Pals which show strength against water pals and are weak against ground pals, so choosing the best electric pal in Palworld will benefit you in battles.

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Key Takeaways
  • Electric Pals are strong against water pals and weak against ground pals.
  • Their main use at the base is to produce and provide electricity.
  • Mostly Electric pals use thunderbolts and lightning attacks to deal damage to their enemies.
  • The best Electric Pal is Grizzbolt because of its destructive damage and work suitability.
  • To capture Grizzbolt you need to kill the first boss Zoe and Grizzbolt itself.
  • Other electric pals provide some advantages but their damage is much less compared to Grizzbolt

Overview Of Best Electric Pal

The table compares the best electric pals based on their different attributes:

Paldeck no.Electric PalPartner SkillPossible Drop Best For
060RayhoundJumping ForceElectric Organ The Fastest electric pal
056UnivoltSwift DietyElectric Organ
The best AoE damage electric pal
057DazziLady Of lighteningElectric OrganThe best electric pal for working at base
103GrizzboltYellow TankElectric Organ
The best electric pal to deal damage

4. Rayhound

The Fastest Electric Pal.
Rayhound (Image Captured By Us)

A lighting dog can be found and captured during daytime and night from the northern section of the game’s map, which arguably has some of the best base locations too. I used the Surfent Terra pal to capture this lightning beast. You can use any other strong ground pal in case you don’t have Surfent Terra. Moreover, it moves with lightning speed and you can use its shockwave attacks to stun your enemies during a fight.

With its partner skill of Jumping Force, it can be ridden and allows double jump while mounted which helps a lot in fights. I also use them for generating electricity which helps in running power machines at the base. 

  • Very fast.
  • Stun its enemies.
  • Easy to capture.
  • Low damage.
  • Less work suitable.

3. Univolt

The best AoE Damage Dealing Electric Pal.
Univolt (Image Captured By Us)

As the name suggests it is an electric unicorn and it possesses one of the strong electric attacks which leaves its effect after the strike but does not deal much damage. Also, it has a high damage AoE ability which can be used against enemies in groups. Just like the Rayhound, it can be used to generate electricity at the base.  

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The Univolt can be captured from the southwestern part of the map and I liked that it can be ridden allowing me to cover distance more easily. It has a Swift Deity partner skill which allows you to apply electric damage when you are mounted. Other than electricity generation it can be used for lumbering providing wood and fiber for the base.

  • Great for handiwork.
  • Great for transportation.
  • Partner skill provides follow-up damage.
  • Less work suitable.
  • Deals less damage to a single enemy.

2. Dazzi 

Best Electric Pal For Working.
Dazzi (Image Captured By Us)

Another amazing Electric pal can be found and captured for the Northern part of the map just around the place where you found Rayhound. Dazzi has the partner skill of Lady of Lightning which makes follow-up attacks with lightning bolts and appears near the player in the team

I found this pal to be more useful at the base rather than at fights, it can help you generate electricity, provide handiwork, and help with moving items around the base. So, it is a complete package pal that can help you in both fights and work. Also, it drops a very important item Electric Organ

  • Great for handiwork.
  • Great for transportation.
  • Partner skill provides follow-up damage.
  • Low damage.
  • It cannot be ridden.

1. Grizzbolt

The Best Damage Dealing Electric Pal.
Grizzbolt (Image Captured By Us)

Of all the Electric Pals, I liked it the most because of its ability to shoot fireballs and electric balls at the enemy. The Fireballs further explode creating smaller fireballs to deal devastating damage to their enemies. It has a partner skill of Yellow Tank which allows it to be ridden and rapidly fire a minigun.

To capture Grizzbolt you need to defeat the first boss Zoe and Grizzbolt. I recommend you use a handgun to fight it because it can be difficult to kill. The Grizzbolt provides plenty of services at the base such as generating electricity, Handiwork, and Lumbering, and can also be used for logistic purposes.

  • Very high damage.
  • Provides AoE damage using fireballs.
  • Offer a lot of practical work options at the base.
  • Difficult to defeat and capture.

You can learn more about Grizzbolt’s location and stats from eXputer’s YouTube video:

YouTube video

My Opinion

The best Electric Pal in my opinion without any doubt is the Grizzbolt because of its high damage.

I found that Grizzbolt can assist you both during combat and also in practical work at the base. The best part is the damage-dealing skills it possesses of shooting fireballs which deal AoE damage and also the electric ball ability allows it to destroy enemies from a range.

Also, you can try the Univolt because of its AoE damage if you are in a group fight but I feel like Grizzbolt has better damage overall. This is all you need to know to choose the best Electric pal in Palworld. If you are still here, head over to the Palworld review written by Rabiya Rizwan.


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