Palworld: 4 Best Ice Pals [Expert Picks]

I have played the game for 55+ hours and given the best Ice Pals to save your food and defeat dragon pals

If you want to survive in the hot temperature of Palworld, you must choose the best Ice pal to assist you. Ice pals show weakness against fire pals and are strong against dragon pals. Best base Locations to find Ice pals prove more challenging than finding other pals, and they potentially drop Ice organs utilized for creating Ice Mines.

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Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 13 Ice Pals in Palworld
  • Ice pals are strong against dragon pals and weak against fire pals.
  • Ice pals mainly save your food items by providing power to the refrigerator. 
  • The best Ice pal is the legendary pal Frostallion because of its enhanced damage.
  • Frostallion is difficult to capture and provides only cooling work suitability.
  • Wumpo is the best option for the most practical use, providing extra space to carry items with you.

Overview Of Best Ice Pal With Comparison

The table compares the best Ice pals in Palworld:

Peldeck No.Ice PalPartner SkillPossible DropBest For
110FrostallionIce SteedIce Organ
Best damage dealer Ice pal
091WumpoGuardian of the Snowy MountainIce Organ
Beautiful Flower
The best Ice pal for working
057FoxcicleAurora GuideLeather
Ice Organ
The best for team Ice pal
083CryolinxDragon HunterIce OrganThe best Ice pal to get extra items

1. Frostallion

Best Damage Dealer Ice Pal.
Frostallion (Image Captured By Us)

It is a legendary ice pal found at the edge of the northwest region of the map. The pal is a monster and it can be tricky to capture, so I suggest you use a fire pal to fight against this beast, which will let you defeat it easily. Also, you must use a legend sphere when capturing Frostallion.

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The partner skill, Ice Steed enables Frostallion to function as a flying mount while also enhancing its attack. In work suitability, it provides cooling as all other Ice pals do and the possible drops from the Frostallion are Ice Organ and diamonds. 

  • Deal enemies with a great amount of damage.
  • It can serve as a flying mount to traverse difficult terrain.
  • Easy to locate.
  • Difficult to capture.
  • One work suitability.

 Why I Chose This: I chose the Frostallion because of its high damage and because it can be used as a flying mount.

2. Wumpo

Best Ice Pal For Working.
Wumpo (Image Captured By Us)

A unique hairy ice pal can be captured from the mountains in the snowy north of the map. Like Cryolinx, they are easy to find and offer a lot of work suitability. They offer handiwork, lumbering, cooling, and transporting making them so useful at the base increasing your performance.

Considering all its work suitability, Wumpo can be regarded as one of the best pals in Palworld. It has a partner skill of Guardian of the Snowy Mountain which enables riding. Also, it increases your maximum carrying capacity, allowing you to carry more items in a team.

  • Provides the highest work suitability.
  • Level 4 transportation allows one to carry objects quickly.
  • Increase capacity to carry more items.
  • Easy to locate and capture.
  • Does not assist much against enemies.

 Why I Chose This: I chose the Wumpo to carry extra items and increase my work progress at the base. 

3. Foxcicle 

Best Ice Pal For Team.
Foxcicle (Image Captured By Us)

One of the difficult ice pals to locate but it can be found on the snowy part of the island just below the northern desert. As the name suggests the pal resembles a fox who loves to live in cold areas. It has a partner skill of Aurora Guide which helps you when you are in a team by increasing the attack power of Ice pals.

Like most ice pals are used for cooling work suitability, it serves the same purpose by keeping your food cool and preventing wastage of food by powering the Refrigerators. But be careful with it as it can attract enemies at night due to its howling.

  • Increase the team’s attack power.
  • Very easy to capture.
  • Difficult to locate.
  • Provides only cooling work suitability.
  • Can attract enemies at night.

 Why I Chose This: I chose this to provide my team extra attack power during a fight making it easy to capture other pals. 

4. Cryolinx

Best Ice Pal To Get Extra Items.
Cryolinkx (Image Captured By Us)

Cryolinx is a rather very abundant ice pal to find and it can be captured from the Northwestern part of the map. It comes with the partner skill of Dragon Hunter that will make dragon pals drop more items after defeat. I specifically used it against the Jetragon to get extra items such as Polymer or Diamond.

Cryolinx offers superior work suitability compared to Foxcicle, as it can be utilized for both handiwork and lumbering purposes. With both of these, it also provides cooling for food storage. With all these advantages it can quickly climb mountains and drop an Ice Organ. It does not provide much damage assistance during fights like the Frostallion.

  • Gets you extra items against dragon pals.
  • Provide a lot of work suitability.
  • Easy to locate and capture.
  • Provide no real assistance in damage during fights.
  • Less work suitability compared to Wumpo.

 Why I Chose This: I use it in fights against dragon pals and also it is useful in practical work at the base. 

My Opinion

The best Ice pal in Palworld without any second thoughts is the Frostallion because of its enhanced damage.

I love the partner skill, Ice Steed because of its high damage, particularly against dragon pals. Also, it gives you the mount option to traverse faster through tough terrains. The only area where it lacks is work suitability because it only provides only with cooling.

If you want to enhance your base performance, the best option is the Wumpo which offers so much work suitability and allows you to carry extra items but does not assist much in fights against enemies. This is all about the best Ice Pals in Palworld, to learn more read the Palworld review by Najam ul Hassan


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