Palworld: Frostallion [Location, How To Capture & Skills]

Discover how to locate and catch Frostallion, as well as learn about its abilities and stats.

Frostallion is a Legendary Pal in Palworld, with a Paldeck Number of 110, and possesses the ice element, making it one of the best ice pals. It is a level 50 Pal, and capturing it is a challenging task. However, you can learn where to find Frostallion and how to capture it with ease. 

Key Takeaways
  • Frostallion is a legendary Ice Pal in Palworld and can be found in the Northern Mountains at coordinates -356, 509.
  • To Capture Frostllion, you must equip yourself with a lot of Ultra Spheres and bring your best Fire Pals.
  • You can use Jormuntide Ignis against the Frostallion as it has the best Fire Damage.
  • You can mount the Frostallion using the Frostallion Saddle unlocked at level 50.
  • After capturing or killing Frostallion, Ice Organ and Diamond are the possible drops.

Frostallion Location

frostallion location
Frostalliion Location On Map (Coordinates: -356, 509) [Screenshot By eXputer]
To find Frostallion, head towards the Northern Mountains at the coordinates -356, 509. Begin your journey by traveling to the Astral Mountains in the North. From there, continue forward while crossing the Tower of The Pal Genetic Research Unit. After reaching the Land of Zero Fast Travel point, you’ll find Frostallion at its West.

How To Capture Frostallion

palwprld frostallion
Frostallion At Base [Image By eXputer]
Capturing Frostallion is a challenging task as it is a legendary Pal at Level 50. You must also be at level 50 to attempt to capture Frostallion. When trying to capture Frostallion, it is essential to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Fire Pals: To defeat the Frostallion, use Fire Pals, as it is weak against them. Using Jormuntide Ignis is recommended as it is one of the best Fire Pal with the best Fire damage.
  • Ranged weapons: Use ranged weapons to slowly weaken it. It is advisable to gradually reduce its health from a distance before attempting to capture it once it has been weakened.
  • Ultra Spheres: Bring plenty of Ultra Spheres since capturing it can be challenging.
  • Healing Items: Be prepared with healing items for prolonged battles.

Frostallion Drops

Whether you capture or kill Frostallion you will get the following two items as a drop:

  1. Ice Organ
  2. Diamond

Stats & Skills Of The Frostallion

frostallion stats
Frostallion Stats In The Palworld [Image By eXputer]
The following table shows the stats of the Frostallion Pal:

Food 7/10
Work SuitabilityCooling Level 4
Partner SkillIce Steed
Passive SkillLegend
Diet Lover
Ice Emperor

Upon reaching specific levels, Frostallion unlocks unique skills.

All the Frostallion skills are listed in the table below:

1Air Canon25 2 secs500-4000
7Ice Missle30 3 secs800-3000
15 Icicle Cutter5510 secs500-4000
22Iceberg7015 secs100-9999
30 Crystal Wing11024 secs0-2500
40Cryst Breath9022 secs100-1000
50 Blizzard Spike130445 secs1000-9999

Best Breeding Combos For Frostallion

Breeding combinations for Frostallion can vary, but having Fusion pals is the best option.

Check the following breeding combos for Frostallion in the table below:

Parent 1Parent 2Child
FrostallionHelzephyrFrostallion Noct

My Thoughts

Frostalion is a beautiful ice Pal that possesses the ability to fly and has the highest level among all Pals. Capturing it was a challenging task, but once caught, it provided an unforgettable riding experience. After four unsuccessful attempts, I was finally able to capture it by using a lot of Ultra Spheres. I suggest increasing your level to at least 50 to capture it more efficiently and unleash its full potential once caught.

This concludes my guide regarding the Frostallion. I would recommend you go through the Palworld Review By Rabiya Rizwan and learn more about the game. Moreover, you must read the guides on how to locate and capture Bushi and Incinearm location, capture, and stats in Palworld.


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