Palworld: How To Catch Mammorest [Giga Pal & Hyper Pal Sphere]

Catch Mammorest in Palworld using Giga Pal Sphere, employing fire damage with Foxparks for exciting rewards very early game.

You will meet various pals and tough bosses in Palworld, and one of them is the powerful Mammorest. This big boss wanders around early game spots, providing both a challenge and a chance for rewards. You can fight straight on when you are under-leveled, and you can even kill it too with some strategy. However, to catch Mammorest early in Palworld, you need to learn some tips and tricks and then be able to add this pal to your Paldeck.

Key Takeaways
  • To catch Mammorest in Palworld, players need Giga Pal Sphere or Hyper Pal Sphere.
  • Crafting the Giga Pal Sphere requires reaching level 20 and gathering materials like Paldium Fragment, Ingot, Wood, and Stone.
  • Utilize fire damage against Mammorest, with Foxparks being a recommended pal.
  • Equip fire weapons, steer clear of melee combat, and use ranged tactics.
  • Capture Mammorest when its health dwindles to 10-20%.
  • Rewards for defeating or capturing Mammorest include:
    1. Ancient Civilization Parts
    2. High Quality Pal Oil
    3. Leather
    4. Precious Pelt

For other efficient ways to catch a Mammorest, check out eXputer’s video guide on the topic:

YouTube video

Why Trust Us: With 20+ hours in Palworld, Irfan shares reliable guidance on obtaining rare items and resources, ensuring trustworthy assistance for players.

How To Capture Mammorest

Mammorest Boss roams in early game areas of Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
You need Giga Pal Sphere or Hyper Pal Sphere to catch Mammorest in Palworld.

The Basic Pal Sphere, and Mega Pal Sphere items have a very low chance of capturing this large-sized boss. Mammorest is one of the large-sized bosses that wonders between the first and Behemoth Hills fast travel points. This is relatively very early for you to capture or even kill Mammorest.

Craft Giga Pal Sphere

You need to meet the following requirements to craft the Giga Pal Sphere and catch Mammorest, one of the best early game pals in Palworld.

  • Unlock Level: 20
  • Crafting Bench required: Sphere Workbench
  • Materials needed: 2x Paldium Fragment, 2x Ingot, 7x Wood, 7x Stone
Giga Pal Sphere unlocks at level 20 in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]

Deplete Mammorest Health To 10% 

Since the Mammorest boss is a grass type pal in Palworld, the best course of action here is to deal fire damage only. Foxparks is one of the early game best fire type pals in Palworld and bringing him with you will prove valuable.

Important: The best course of action here will be to equip fire-type pals, and fire weapons such as fire bow, and fire crossbow to be able to withstand Mammorest, King Of The Forest field boss.
  • Bring a couple of Foxparks to your party: Having multiple Foxparks ensures that if one gets hurt, you can replace it with another one. This strategy allows you to consistently deal fire damage on Mammorest.
  • Avoid dealing melee damage to Mammorest: Mammorest possesses a couple of AoE attacks that can catch up to you. To stay safe, it’s recommended to steer clear of melee combat.
  • Utilize ranged weapons as the best go-to method: Given Mammorest’s abilities, using ranged weapons is the most effective approach. This not only ensures your safety but also maximizes your chances of success.

Once the boss is down to last 10 to 20 percent health, throw Giga Pal Sphere at it to capture Mammorest and add it to your Paldeck. You can always use a Hyper Pal Sphere, which comes with an even greater chance of success in capturing a pal, but those do not unlock until you reach level 27.

Important: Since this is an Alpha Mammorest, expect to be surrounded by a few other Mammorest enemies when you start the boss fight in the early game of Palworld. Having a flying mount in Palworld to deal with ranged damage will also help greatly.

Mammorest Rewards

Regardless of killing Mammorest or capturing it, you will eventually get the following rewards:

  • Ancient Civilization Parts
  • High Quality Pal Oil
  • Leather
  • Precious Pelt

That pretty much sums up how to catch Mammorest in Palworld. If you want to get more game knowledge firsthand, I suggest you read: the best Mining Pals in Palworld, how to Do Ore Farming, and How to Heal Fractures our Pals guides. 


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