Palworld: How To Get Legendary Crossbow [Detailed Steps]

Learn how to get the Legendary Crossbow in Palworld and start destroying early to mid-game bosses in the game easily with this weapon!

The common Crossbow becomes available for crafting in Palworld at level 13. It is a significantly better weapon in terms of damage compared to the old bow. However, the Legendary Crossbow does even much more damage to the common variant of this weapon. In this guide, I have discussed how to get the Legendary Crossbow in Palworld and shred early to mid-game bosses without having industrial grade guns in the game!

Key Takeaways

To get the Legendary Crossbow schematic:

  1. Defeat Vagrant Warrior Bushi found at located at -121, -493 coordinates.
  2. Bring the best water pals you have in the party for the boss fight.
  3. Use the best melee weapons you have and poison crossbow. 
  4. Do not capture Bushi, kill it instead to increase the chances of a legendary schematic drop.
  5. Redo the boss fight if the Legendary schematic does not drop. 
  6. Craft the crossbow from Wood, Stone, Ingots, Nails, and Ancient Civilization Parts resource materials.

How To Get Legendary Crossbow

Vagrant Warrior Bushi boss fight and arena in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
To get the legendary Crossbow weapon in Palworld, you need to farm for its schematic by defeating the Vagrant Warrior Bushi boss.

Bushi is a level 23 boss so you can fight him pretty early when you are near level 20 or above. Or, if you are beyond level 30 or 40 now and want to get this weapon, then the boss will be underpowered by the arsenal you carry at a higher level. 

Vagrant Warrior Bushi Location

Bushi boss location in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
To find Vagrant Warrior Bushi, you need to enter a dungeon called Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster. This is located at -121, -493 coordinates of the game’s map. I have attached the map image above as well just in case you can not find the boss battle arena or the dungeon to enter it. 

Even if you do not have the best weapons in Palworld, Bushi is much more easy to take down. However, guns like the legendary assault rifle and the legendary pump action shotgun will help massively. 

How To Beat Vagrant Warrior Bushi 

Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster boss dungeon in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
Bushi is one of the early to mid-game best fire type Pal in Palworld. This makes it weakest against water type pals as those will deal significantly higher damage than any other elemental type pal you bring into your party. 

  • Best Water Pals: Go for the best water type Pals like Jormuntide, Penking, Celaray, Surfent, and Fuack. All of these are ground pals and they will attack frequently the boss since Bushi is also a ground boss, not a flying one. 
  • Use Melee Weapons: Bushi is one of the early to mid-game bosses and you may not have ranged weapons. However, melee weapons like Stun Baton and Bat are the best to use against the boss.
  • Use Crossbow, not simple bow: Equip a poison Crossbow weapon and use it on Bushi. The health will slowly start to deplete when the status effect applies, passively killing the boss as you run away from the attacks.
  • Food Items: Since you will be fighting using melee weapons mainly, cook meals that boost defense or the attack power. This will give you a passive advantage during the Bushi boss fight.
  • Space Out And Let Pals Fight: You should bring all water type pals to your party. Next, try to disengage whenever Bushi charges you. Give your pals a chance to fight for you. 
Kill The Boss, Not Catch: Don’t try to catch this boss, defeat it instead. That’s how you get the special schematic for the legendary Crossbow in Palworld. If you catch the boss, you just get regular stuff. So, beat the boss, get the schematic, and craft it back at base!

Vagrant Warrior Bushi Loot Item Drops

Vagrant Warrior Bushi boss loot item drops [Image Credits: eXputer]
Every time you defeat Vagrant Warrior Bushi boss, you will find the following loot items from it:

  • Ingot x5
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x4
  • Precious Enrails x8
  • Bone x4
Legendary Crossbow schematic in Palworld [Image Credits: eXputer]
Farm Again: If you fail to get the legendary Crossbow schematic after looting the dead Bushi, it’s crucial to revisit and farm the boss. Keep repeating this until the schematic drops. It took me eight attempts for the legendary Crossbow schematic to become available.

NOTE: To retry the boss battle, wait for one in-game day. The boss will reappear in the same location the next day.

Important: Make sure to run around the boss’s dead body to avoid missing any dropped loot. Remember, the legendary Crossbow schematic doesn’t automatically appear in your inventory, so don’t overlook this step.

How To Craft Legendary Crossbow

Crafted Legendary Crossbow weapon with stats [Image Credits: eXputer]
You need the following resources or materials to craft the legendary Crossbow weapon in Palworld.

That is everything I had to discuss about how to get the Legendary Crossbow in Palworld. Now that you know all about it, I suggest taking a look at Palworld’s review, and reading guides about the best armor along with the best stats to invest in. After that, learn how to mount your pal and how breeding works in Palworld.


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