Palworld: How To Get High Quality Pal Oil

Learn how to get the High Quality Pal Oil and use it to craft guns and ammunition.

As you progress and explore the island, you will find increasingly dangerous Pals and Syndicate Members. To ensure your survival, it is important to equip yourself with firearms and ample ammunition. Acquiring substantial quantities of High Quality Pal Oil is essential for crafting these items.

Key Takeaways
  • High Quality Pal Oil is an essential item for crafting guns and ammunition in Palworld.
  • You need to craft guns and ammunition to defeat the Syndicate Members and to fight High-Level Pals.
  • You can obtain High Quality Pal Oil by capturing or killing certain Pals.
  • An alternative method for getting High Quality Pal Oil is from the Wandering Merchant in Duneshelter.

High Quality Pal Oil can be obtained by the following two easy methods: 

  1. Capturing Pals
  2. Wandering Merchant In Duneshelter

For more details regarding each method, here’s a video from eXputer’s YouTube channel to help you out:

YouTube video

1. Capturing Pals

Palworld High Quality Pal Oil
Woolipop Pal [Image By eXputer]
You can get High Quality Pal Oil to craft gunpowder weaponry in Palworld by capturing or killing some Pals. The list of these Pals is as follows:

  1. Digitoise
  2. Dumud
  3. Woolipop
  4. Elpidran
  5. Grintale
  6. Mamorest
  7. Relaxaurus
  8. Quivern
  9. Flambelle

The majority of these Pals are found in later-game regions and are of High-Level.

Among them, Woolipop and Flambelle are the most favorable as they are easy to capture. Woolipop Pals are present near the Ravine Entrance waypoint. Whereas, Flambelle Pals are present in the Volcanic Trench area to the east of the Verdant Brook and the Sealed Realm of the Swift. 

2. Wandering Merchant In Duneshelter

palworld pal oil
Wandering Merchant In The Duneshelter [Image By eXputer]
The second method for getting High Quality Pal Oil is by purchasing it from the Wandering Merchant located in Duneshelter within the Sand Dunes area. 

To reach this region, follow the following steps:

  1. You need to travel to the far north of the map, starting from the Windswept Hills area to the Verdant Brook.
  2. Continue north until you reach the northernmost tip of the island.
  3. Once you spot the desert area across the water, proceed even further north until you come across a town situated on a hill.
  4. Enter through the main gate and locate the Wandering Merchant marked in red on the right side of the market stalls.
  5. Here, you have the option to buy an unlimited quantity of High-Quality Pal Oil for 300 gold.

My Experience

Finding High Quality Pal Oil was not a very difficult but an important task. All I had to do was just capture some Pals and extract the Pal Oil from them. Whereas the second method discussed in this guide is way easier than the first one, traveling from the south of the map to Duneshelter will take a lot of time. The only benefit you would get is the unlimited amount you can buy. I would suggest you just capture the Flambelle and Woolipop Pals and get the required amount of Pal Oil. 

This is all about how to get the High Quality Pal Oil in Palworld. While you are at it make sure to go through the guide on Best Weapons in Palworld, Best Ice Pals, and Palworld Review By Rabiya Rizwan to know more about the game.


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