Palworld: Best Early Game Weapons [My Recommendations]

After playing Palworld for over 50 hours the following is my take on the best early game weapons that are available early and can help to dominate combat!

Palworld is being called Pokemon with guns, mainly as it features different weapons. There are nearly 20 weapons in Palworld, but many of them have different variations, so choosing the best ones in the early game could be tough. However, the guns aren’t available early, so players would have to choose between the other weapons.

Key Takeaways
  • There are nearly 20 weapons in Palworld, and some of them have different variations. 
  • The weapons can help capture pals as well as fight against bosses.
  • The best early-game weapon players can get is the crossbow
  • From my personal experience, I can say that crossbows can be used in early boss fights.
  • There are guns available, too, but they unlock after a long time.
  • Crossbow also has different variations which players can use based on the type of opponent they are facing.
  • The only con of the crossbow is its high reload time.
  • I personally think Crossbow is the best overall choice for the early game. 

Best Early Game Weapons In Palworld Compared

The following are the seven best Early Game weapons according to my experience in-game:

Serial NoWeaponUnlock LevelMaterials to MakeBest For
1Crossbow1350 wood, 40 stone, 10 ingot, and 5 nail.The Best Crossbow In Palworld
2Fire Arrow Crossbow1550 wood, 50 stone, 15 ingot, 5 nail, and 5 flame organ.The Best Early Game Fire Weapon
3Three Shot Bow1050 wood, 12 stone, and 30 fiber.The Best Bow In Palworld
4Metal Spear1327, wood, 12 stone, and 10 ingot.The Best Spear In Palworld
5Poison Bow840 wood, 8 stone, 20 fiber, and 2 venom gland.The Best Early Game Poison Weapon
6Metal Axe1115 stone, 20 wood, and 5 ingot.The Best Axe In Palworld
7Bat730 wood and 10 stone.The Best Wood Weapon In Palworld

1. Crossbow

The Best Crossbow In Palworld.
Crossbow (Image By Us)

The best early-game weapon is arguably the Crossbow due to its high damage and range. It deals a good amount of damage and can be used against many pals. The normal crossbow doesn’t have high effectiveness against other elements, but it still is a good choice for all. After I tried the crossbow, it became my go-to weapon.

  • Deals high damage.
  • The range is pretty good.
  • Effective in boss fights.
  • High reload time.

Why I Chose This: I chose the crossbow as it deals great damage to every element pal and can be used against the early boss fight in Palworld.

2. Fire Arrow Crossbow

The Best Early Game Fire Weapon.
Fire Arrow Crossbow (Capture By Us)

Another weapon on the list is the Fire Crossbow. It deals massive damage to the Ice and Grass-type pals, which is the main reason why I have ranked it at number 2. Not only that, but the damage output is quite high, too. Also, for a fire arrow crossbow, you would need to craft fire arrows. It is surely one of the best early-game weapons in Palworld.

It unlocks at level 15, so you would need to spend some hours leveling up in order to craft this weapon. However, I think it will be worth the wait.

  • Deals fire damage to the pals.
  • Highly effective against the grass and ice-type pals.
  • Pretty great range.
  • High reload time.

Why I Chose This: I chose the Fire Arrow Crossbow as it deals fire damage, which is highly effective against fire and grass-type pals.

3. Three Shot Bow

The Best Bow In Palworld.
Three Shot Bow (Screenshot By Us)

If you have been using a normal bow, you definitely need to try out the Three Shot Bow. As the name suggests, it shoots three arrows, and they deal a decent amount of damage. While it can help in capturing pals, I wouldn’t recommend using it in boss fights. 

While the weapon is great, it doesn’t do that much damage in boss fights. So, I would recommend going into boss fights with the crossbow. Still, it can be deadly against the open world’s early areas Pals.

  • Great option to assist in capturing pals.
  • Deals decent damage.
  • Reload time isn’t high. 
  • Not viable in boss fights.

Why I Chose This: I chose the three-shot bow due to its damage, and it assists in capturing pals in Palworld.

4. Metal Spear

The Best Spear In Palworld.
Metal Spear (Image Source: eXputer)

A weapon that excels in close-range combat in every game can also be pretty helpful. Metal Spear is a good choice for players who want to get involved in combat directly. However, they would need to work on their dodging skills for that. 

I would not recommend you use it in a boss fight, as the bosses have some moves that can be used. Even with good dodging skills, it’s pretty difficult to get out unscathed. Despite that, I do think that this is one of the best Early Game Weapons in Palworld.

  • Great damage output.
  • Doesn’t break that quickly.
  • Not viable in boss fights.
  • Requires good dogding skills to be used. 

Why I Chose This: I chose the Metal Spear to be on the list due to its great damage in close range and the fact that it doesn’t easily.

5. Poison Bow

The Best Early Game Poison Weapon.
Poison Bow (Image By eXputer)

If you are looking for a bow that deals poison damage to the opponents, then you should go for the Poison Bow. It doesn’t deal a good single-damage shot, but it does stack up the damage. Once you have poisoned an enemy, their health will start draining. So, even if it is not the best I consider it easily to be the best early game weapons in Palworld.

  • Deals poison damage to the opponents. 
  • Available pretty early.
  • Poor range.
  • Low damage output.

Why I Chose This: The Poison Bow is available pretty early, and it poisons the enemies, which can be helpful in some scenarios.

6. Metal Axe

The Best Axe In Palworld.
Metal Axe (Image Source: eXputer)

The Metal Axe is another great weapon on this list. It has high damage, and that’s not all, as it is also required to chop off wood. While you can also assign a pal to do the task, it can do it pretty quickly. It also helps in capturing Pals whenever they have little health left. 

I would recommend using it to just beat and capture low-level pals. 

  • Breaks after a long time.
  • Helps a lot in capturing pals.
  • Extremely useful in getting wood.
  • It is not viable in boss fights.

Why I Chose This: Metal Axe is extremely helpful in capturing Pals, especially when they are in low health, and it also helps in collecting wood.

7. Bat

The Best Wood Weapon In Palworld.
Bat (Screenshot By Us)

Palworld even features a Bat, which, if you ask me, is pretty funny. You can use the Bat to bully low-level pals but don’t do that to Cattiva. Just like the Metal Axe, it can also be pretty helpful in capturing pals. However, do not take this with you as your primary weapon when you are going to capture a high-level pal. 

While I enjoyed using the bat on the low-level pals, I would advise you not to bring it in the fight against high-level enemies.

  • Can help in capturing Pals.
  • Can also be used against humanoid enemies. 
  • Not viable in high-level pal fights.

Why I Chose This: The bat can be pretty helpful in capturing the low-level pals, and it can be used to bully them.

My Takeaways 

I personally think Crossbow is the best early-game weapon due to its great damage and range. 

I used the crossbow in my first boss fight, and it was extremely helpful. It unlocks at level 13, so you will have to wait for a white to craft it. Other than that, I would recommend using it in mid-range, as the damage output will increase. While it has a pretty good range, the damage decreases and increases depending on the range.  

That is almost everything you would need to know about the best Early Game Weapons in Palworld. You can feel free to choose other weapons, too, as the guide is based on my preference. While you are at it, you should also check out the guides on the best base locations and how to get Pal Fluid in Palworld. Also, you should read the guides on how to unlock the grappling gun and the best custom world setting

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