Palworld: All Fusion Pals And How To Get Them

Learn all about the Fusion Pals and how to get them to make your gameplay more fun.

In Palworld, it is not just about making your Pals stronger. It’s also about creating new and strong creatures by smartly combining different Pals. By combining different Pals you get Fusion Pals in Palworld. Imagine mixing a tough Pal with another one that has special powers. This guide explores how to make these impressive Fusion Pals and the right combinations to make the Fusion Pals

Key Takeaways
  • In Palworld you can let two different Pals breed and get a Fusion Pal.
  • Fusion Pal is stronger and has the abilities of both parents.
  • You need to take a stronger Pal as one parent and the other parent can be any other Pal.
  • There are a total of 24 Fusion Pals discovered till now.

What Are Fusion Pals In Palworld?

palworld fusion pals
Different Pals In A Breeding Farm [Image By eXputer]
In Palworld, Fusion Pals are special creatures you can make by breeding two different kinds of baseline Pals together.

You have to make your Pals better by leveling them up. Then, when they’re strong enough, you can let them breed. The best thing about Fusion Pals is that they get special powers from both parent Pals. Each Fusion Pal follows a simple rule of having one strong parent and the other could be any Pal having any elemental affinity. But not every Pal can breed like this. Thus, you need to keep an eye on the right combos.

You can have fun trying out all sorts of combinations, and making lots of different Fusion Pals. 

Discovered Fusion Pals In Palworld

Till now 24 unique Fusion Pals have been created, the list is as follows:

Serial No. 1st Parent2nd ParentFusion Pal
1. Blazehowl Dark PalBlazehowl Noct
2. BroncherryWater PalBroncherry Aqua
3. DinossumElectric PalDinossom Lux
4. EikthyrdeerGround PalEikthyrdeer Terra
5.GobfinFire PalGobfin Ignis
6. HangyuIce PalHangyu Cryst
7.Incineram Dark PalIncineram Noct
8. Jolthog Ice PalJolthog Cryst
9. JormuntideFire PalJormuntide Ignis
11. KelpseaFire PalKelpsea Ignis
12. KingpacaIce PalKingpaca Cryst
10. Lyleen Dark PalLyleen Noct
13. Leezpunk Fire PalLeezpunk Ignis
14. Mammorest Ice PalMammorest ryst
15. Mau Ice PalMammorest Cryst
16. MossandaElectric PalMossanda Lux
17. PyrinDark PalPyrin Noct
18. Relaxaurus Electric PalRelasaurus Lux
19. ReptyroIce PalReptyro Cryst
20. RobinquillGround PalRobinquill Terra
21. SurfentGround PalSurfent Terra
22. Suzaku Water PalSuzaku Aqua
23. VanwyrmIce PalVanwyrm Cryst
24. WumpoGrass PalWumpo Botan

My Thoughts

Fusion Pals are special and unique Pals that can be used very efficiently. They are stronger than their parents and can perform much better than them. However, I faced some problems while creating a Fusion Pal, as it is not an easy job to get the right combo of parents. Furthermore, you need to take care of the Pals when they are in the Breeding Farm. But once when I had the Fusion Pal it was the best one among all my Pals.

This is all about the Fusion Pals in Palworld. While you are at it, make sure to read the guide on Palworld: Katress Location And Boss Fight. If you are trying to figure out how to hatch eggs then you must go through the guide on How To Build Egg Incubator in Palworld.


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