Palworld: How Does Breeding Work [Complete Guide]

Breed and fuse Pals together to create the ultimate party in Palworld!

Breeding is an important mechanic in Palworld to produce eggs that are capable of hatching into powerful Pals. You can set up a breeding farm after you have successfully reached level 19. To breed Pals, you will require a breeding farm as well as an incubator to hatch eggs

Key Takeaways
  • Breeding is an important mechanism in Palworld that can help players obtain powerful offspring and even Fusion Pals. 
  • Players are required to reach Level 19 to unlock the breeding farm by spending 2 technology points. 
  • Cake is also an important resource required to start the breeding process. 
  • After breeding 2 Pals together, the egg should be placed in an incubator for it to hatch. 
  • It is important to have 2 pals of each gender on the breeding farm as well as a cake otherwise the process will not start. 
  • Players can also fuse two different Pals to create Fusion Pals in Palworld. 

Don’t forget to check out eXputer’s video on breeding Pals in Palworld if you’re looking for additional hands-on experience:

YouTube video

How To Breed Pals In Palworld 

While you will be able to collect a lot of different eggs while exploring the vast lands of Palworld, breeding is still a better option if you want a Pal with high stats.

Breeding Pals in Palworld
The breeding process will not start without the Pals (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

You need to perform the following steps to breed two Pals together:

  • Reach level 19: At this level, you unlock the breeding farm by spending 2 technology points. 
  • Assing Male and Female: Take two Pals of each gender that you want to breed and place them on the farm. These Pals can belong to different breeds as well however you can only breed specific combinations to get Fusion Pals. 
  • Get Cake: Place the cake inside the breeding farm. 
  • Use Incubator For Egg: After the egg has been laid collect it and place it inside an incubator. 

The breeding process is easier said than done because you will have to collect a lot of resources to build the breeding farm, incubator, and the cake which is essential for the Pals to lay an egg. 

If you want to learn the easiest way to make a cake in Palworld, check out eXputer’s video guide on the topic:

YouTube video

Building The Breeding Farm 

The breeding farm is quite easy to build as it requires resources that can be found almost everywhere. However, you will need to reach level 19 first to unlock the base structure.

Breeding Farm
Breeding Farm can be set up in your base after reaching Level 19 (Image Captured by eXputer)

Following are the items you need to build the farm:

  • 100x Wood 
  • 20x Stone 
  • 50x Fiber 

You will be able to collect all of these materials easily through exploration by cutting down trees and mining rocks. 

Making Cake 

In Palworld, cake is an important resource that can be very tricky to make because it uses ingredients that can be hard to collect. However, without cake, the breeding process will not be complete. 

Following are the items needed to make a cake in Palworld:

  • 8x Egg 
  • 8x Red Berry 
  • 7x Milk 
  • 5x Floor 
  • 2x Honey 

To get these ingredients quickly I simply visit a merchant to exchange gold coins for these items. However, you will need a lot of these items for other recipes as well so it is important to set up a ranch and plantations in your base. Flour can be made from wheat seeds collected from the wheat plantation and you can use a mill to turn these seeds into flour.

Breeding process in Palworld
Set up a ranch to get ingredients for your cake easily (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

Red berries can be obtained from the Berry plantation or you can also capture and put a Caprity in your ranch. For milk, you will need a Mozzarina and for eggs, you will need a Chikipi. Honey can be obtained by catching or defeating a Beegarde. 

After you have successfully made the cake you just need to place it inside the box in your breeding farm to start the breeding process. 

Incubating The Eggs 

The last step in the breeding process is to place the egg in the incubator for it to hatch. You will be able to unlock the egg incubator in the Ancient Technology Tab after you have reached Level 7.

Breeding in Palworld
Incubate the egg laid by the Pals and wait for them to hatch(Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

The recipe requires Two Ancient Civilization Points to be unlocked. Other than that you will need the following items to craft the egg incubator:

  • 30 Stone 
  • 5 Cloth 
  • 10 Paldium Fragments 
  • 2 Ancient Civilization Parts 

You will be able to acquire all of these materials easily. However, to get the Ancient Civilization Parts you will have to defeat an Alpha Pal. 

After building the incubator all you need to do is place the egg inside and wait for it to hatch. The amount of time it will take for an egg to hatch depends entirely on how rare it is as well as its condition. 

My Experience 

I found that breeding Lucky Pals resulted in offspring with the best stats and passive skills. Therefore, I would recommend only breeding Pals that have high stats and abilities to utilize the resulting Pal in your party. 

With this, my guide on how to breed Pals in Palworld comes to an end. If you have any questions please leave them down in the comment section.

You can also check Atik’s guide on all the fusion Pals you can get by using the breeding farm in Palworld. Make sure to read Daniyal’s guide on how to unlock the Grappling Gun so you can catch more Pals. Lastly, read Obaid’s guide on best early-game Pals and create a powerful party to battle bosses. 

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