Palworld: Wildlife Sanctuaries [All Locations]

Here is how to find Wildlife Sanctuaries including their locations and the types of Pals that are found in these sanctuaries.

Wildlife Sanctuaries in Palworld are areas on the edges of the map where you can find high-tier and even rare best Pals that are uncommon on the main island. Despite their remote locations, you can access these sanctuaries by using a flying or swimming mount. Here’s how you can find and travel to these sanctuaries and the types of Pals you can find there. 

Key Takeaways

There are a total of 3 Wildlife Sanctuaries in Palworld. 

  • Wildlife Sanctuary 1 is located at the south edge of the map.
  • The second Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the northwestern edge of the map, close to the Forgotten Island.
  • Wildlife Sanctuary 3 is located at the northeastern edge of the map, beyond the massive desert. 

Important: Upon reaching a Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld, you will receive a warning indicating that this is a criminal activity, so look out for guards while capturing pals in these sanctuaries.

Wildlife Sanctuary 1

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuaries
Location of Wildlife Sanctuary 1 marked on map (Image Captured By Exputer)

You can spot this sanctuary to the south of your spawn point in the plateau of Beginnings, just across the coast, with giant spikes sticking out of the water. Your stamina will not be enough to swim to this wildlife sanctuary in Palworld thus, flying mounts like Frostallion and swimming mounts are pretty helpful. Here, you will encounter Pals ranging between levels 15 and 25.

You can find the following pals in this sanctuary: 

Wildlife Sanctuary 2

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary 2
Location of Wildlife Sanctuary 2 marked on map (Image Captured By Exputer)

This sanctuary can be found at the northwestern edge of the map in proximity to the Forgotten Island. Firstly, Fast Travel to Forgotten and then use a flying mount to get to this wildlife sanctuary in Palworld. This is the easiest method that you can use to travel to this sanctuary. This sanctuary harbors pals that are stronger than the previous one, mostly level 40 and above.

In this sanctuary, you will come across the following pals: 

Wildlife Sanctuary 3

Palworld Wildlife Sanctuary 3
Location of Wildlife Sanctuary 3 marked on map (Image Captured By Exputer)

You can find this Wildlife Sanctuary in Palworld at the northeastern edge of the map, beyond the massive desert. Firstly, use Fast Travel to get to Deep Sand Dunes, and then you can reach this island using a flying mount. Levels of pals in this sanctuary are similar to Wildlife Sanctuary 2.

Pals that you will encounter here are listed below: 

My Thoughts

Capturing pals in these sanctuaries can prove to be a little bit difficult if you are not well prepared. I suggest equipping yourself with metal armor or a Giga shield before approaching these wildlife sanctuaries in Palworld. Furthermore, you should use a gun, whether a makeshift or a legendary handgun, to defend yourself against stronger pals effectively. You can check out Obaid’s guide to learn about the best weapons, which will assist you in getting a strong weapon to defend yourself in Palworld wildlife sanctuaries. 

You should also watch out for guards in these sanctuaries, as pals are not the only enemy here. Make sure not to spend too much time here to avoid getting caught by them. This concludes the guide on wildlife sanctuaries. Make sure to go through the Palworld Review by Rabiya Rizwan to get a clear idea of how Palworld works.


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