Palworld: What Is Wanted Status And How To Remove It?

Learn what is the wanted status and how to lose the wanted levels.

In Palworld, you can find both chaotic and peaceful places. Among the peaceful places are settlements where you can meet merchants, islanders, and law enforcement officers. However, you will be marked as Wanted if you accidentally harm someone or intentionally attack a human. This guide will help you learn how to remove the Wanted Status in Palworld.

Key Takeaways
  • You can get Wanted Status by doing illegal activities in Palworld.
  • The illegal activities include capturing or killing humans and roaming in the Sanctuary Areas.
  • You can remove the Wanted Levels in Palworld by several methods.
  • Running away from the PIDF officers or giving up are the best methods to lose the Wanted Status.
  • You can always fight back the PIDF members, but it is not recommended as you’ll get overwhelmed quickly.

Wanted Status 

palworld wanted status
Wanted Status Gained By Attacking PIDF Officer [Image By eXputer]
In Palworld, you can get the Wanted Status by doing any illegal activity.

The illegal activities include the following two things:

  1. Attacking or Capturing a Human.
  2. Roaming in the Sanctuary Areas.

If the PID officers see you doing any of the activities mentioned by the PIDF officers, you will get a Wanted Status. The PIDF officers will find you and try to kill you. You will get a Wanted Status for Assault or Trespassing.

This can multiply depending on the number of people you have attacked.

How To Remove Wanted Status?

palworld remove wanted status
Fighting Back PIDF Officers To Lose Wanted Status [Image By eXputer]

Important: You will not gain the Wanted Status while defending your Base during the raid by PIDF members. 

According to your game condition, you can choose different methods to lose the Wanted Status in Palworld.

Here are the three main methods that you can follow:

1. Running Away

If you find yourself with a Wanted Status, it is important to quickly distance yourself from the scene where PIDF officers spotted you. They are capable swimmers, so it’s best to head to a high point to avoid their pursuit until you lose them. Remember, the higher the point, the safer you will be.

2. Eliminating Witness And Fight Back

You can always fight back and clear the ground by eliminating all the PIDF members and any other witnesses present at the time you did any illegal activity. But remember that you need to be fully prepared and have lots of ammo just to kill all the officers and get your Wanted Status removed. This method may cause your character’s death thus you need to be careful.

3. Giving Up

If you find yourself in a situation where the PIDF members confront you and you don’t have any valuable loot, you can give up. Running or fighting back is not necessary. If you choose to give up, your character will die and you will respawn. However, you can disable the drop items upon death setting, which means that you will respawn with all the items you had earlier.

My Experience

I have obtained the Wanted Status through the methods mentioned in this guide. Losing the Wanted Levels is not an easy task. There is a high chance of getting killed by the PIDF officers while attempting to escape. They are everywhere, and it becomes extremely difficult to evade them.

In my experience, I have found that running away or surrendering is the most effective method. Fighting back and eliminating the witnesses is a tough challenge as the PIDF officers are determined to capture you.

This is all about the Wanted Status and How To Remove Wanted Status in Palworld. While you are at it, you must read the Palworld Review By Rabiya Rizwan. I would suggest you go through the guides on How To Make Cake and How To Get Ingots in Palworld


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