Palworld: All Merchants + Locations [With Pictures]

Learn about the merchants, their types, what they offer you in Palworld, and the locations where you can find them.

In Palworld, you will need many resources and items to survive and progress in the game. You can craft these resources yourself or buy them from different Merchants. The Merchants in Palworld can be found at various locations and sometimes you will find them wandering around your base. As the map in Palworld is quite big, you may have a problem finding them. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are two different types of Merchants in Palworld, the Wandering Merchant and the Pal Merchant.
  • They can be found at different locations on the map and sometimes even roaming around randomly near your base
  • You can buy various things or Pals from the Merchants in exchange for Gold.
  • You can also sell the items or Pals that you no longer need. 
  • Travel to the  Small Settlement, Fisherman’s Point, and Duneshelter, which are mentioned on the map, to find merchants. 

Merchants In Palworld

palworld merchants
Wandering And Pal Merchants At Duneshelter [Image By eXputer]
In Palworld there are two types of Merchants which are as follows:

1. Wandering Merchant

The Wandering Merchants offers a diverse range of goods and resources in their inventory. You can buy seeds, pal spheres, and other essential supplies from them, and they also offer schematics for learning new crafting recipes. As a typical merchant, they allow you to sell items as well.

These Merchants can be found across the map but as their name tells, they can also be found wandering around and can visit your base anytime.

2. Pal Merchant

The Pal Merchant allows you to buy and sell Pals. This Merchant’s inventory is dynamic and changes over time. If there’s a specific Pal you’re looking to acquire and it happens to be in stock during your visit, it’s recommended that you seize the opportunity. You can also sell Pals that you no longer require. You can use that extra gold to purchase new Pals.

These Merchants have fixed locations in Palworld and they don’t wander around the map.

Merchants Locations

palworld merchants
Wandering Merchant At Fisherman’s Point [Image By eXputer]
To find Merchants you need to look for small settlements on the map. In these settlements, you will find not only Merchants but other citizens as well. Here are all the Merchant locations in Palworld:

1. Small Settlement

palworld merchant loactions
Small Settlement On Map [Capture By eXputer]
You will find the small settlement at coordinates 73, -486. At these coordinates, you will find a Wandering Merchant inside the town. This Merchant is completely static and you can always find him here.

2. Fisherman’s Point 

palworld merchant
Fisherman’s Point On Map [Image By eXputer]
At the coordinates -480, 745 you will find the Fisherman’s Point. This place is at the base of Mount Obsidian. You will find three Merchants here. One Pal Merchant and two Wandering Merchants of different levels.

3. Duneshelter

palworld merchant
Duneshelter On Map [Capture By eXputer]
The last point for the Merchants in Palworld is at the Duneshelter. The Duneshelter is at coordinates 356 and 347. You will find three Merchants here. One Pal Merchant and two Wandering Merchants. 

My Thoughts

In Palworld, Merchants are quite useful as they are the only source of Gold expenditure. The inventory of Merchants changes frequently, which is very helpful as the game progresses and different needs arise. However, due to the vast map of Palworld, it would have been better to have more than three Merchant points. Hopefully, future updates will introduce more Merchants. I suggest keeping an eye on the Wandering Merchant, who can visit your base at any time and may have something useful to offer.

This is all about the Merchants and their Locations in Palworld. While you are at it, you must go through the Palworld Review By Rabiya Rizwan. I would suggest you read the guide on how to get high quality pal oil, and dungeon locations to clear them out for great loot and rewards.


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