Palworld: Best Mounts [Our Top 5 Recommendations]

After spending over 30 hours, here's my take on the best pals you can use as mounts.

In the vast lands of Palworld, exploring and navigating can be quite a nightmare so having the best mounts in your party is necessary. It is important to capture Pals that you can mount and travel to distant locations quickly. Fortunately, Palworld offers a range of pals that will help you travel across the land, sky, and even water. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 18 Pals in Palworld that can be used as mounts. 
  • They are categorized as ground, aerial, and water mounts. 
  • The best early-game ground mount is Eikthydeer. 
  • For mid to late-game, Chillet is the best option. 
  • Nitewing serves as a great aerial mount early game. 
  • Vanwyrm is recommended for mid to late game. 
  • To travel across watery regions, players can use Surfent. 

Don’t forget to check out eXputer’s brief video guide on learning more about the best mount in Palworld:

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Overview Of The Best Mounts And Comparison

Below you will find a brief overview and comparison of the best mounts in Palworld.

055ChilletGroundWriggling WeaselMid to late game ice attack mount
014EikthydeerGroundGuardian of the ForestEarly game ground mount for damage
071VanwyrmAerialAerial MarauderLate game aerial combat mount
038NitewingAerialTravel CompanionEarly game and fast travel.
065SurfentWaterSwiss SwimmerWatery areas and attacking enemies with Hydro Jet.


The Best Early Game Ground Mount For Damage.

One of the best ground mounts that Palworld has to offer is definitely Eikthydeer. It is the best early-game companion and it was one of my first mounts as well.

Eikthydeer can be used as a ground mount. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

I found it to be very swift and one of its abilities will allow you to quickly dash through enemies while dealing damage. Furthermore, you will be able to catch it very easily as it is found almost everywhere. If you keep Eikthydeer at your base it can help you collect wood for various recipes. 

  • Has a very powerful active skill called antler uppercut. 
  • Can help generate fiber and wood. 
  • When used as a mount it can double jump. 

  • Weak against dark-type Pals. 

Why I Chose This:The reason I consider Eikthydeer to be one of the best ground mounts is due to its speed and the fact you can catch it easily.


Best Mid To Late-Game Ice Attack Mount.

The dragon is considered to be the best ground mount in Palworld. Even though Direhowl is considerably faster than Chillet, I still found the water-type Pal to be a great companion due to its highly damaging ice attacks even at the lowest level.

Palworld Best Ground Mounts
Chillet is the best ground mount for the late game. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

After you have leveled up enough, you will be able to catch it easily in the Windswept Hills. You need to be very careful while catching Chillet as not many of them spawn in the first place. Therefore, avoid killing it. 

  • Has a gathering and cooling skill. 
  • Can deal dragon damage. 

  • Spawns rarely. 
  • Weak against fire. 

Why I Chose This: The main reason I placed Chillet at the top of this list is due to its highly damaging attacks and its ability to use as little stamina as possible.


Best Late Game Aerial Mount.

Possibly the strongest aerial mount in Palworld is the Vanwyrm, which makes the pal equally difficult to catch. Battling Vanwyrm is no joke as it actively targets the player as well as the pal fighting against it.

Palworld Best Aerial Mounts
Vanwyrm can serve as a perfect aerial mount. (Image Captured by eXputer)

I will recommend catching Vanwyrm as it is the best aerial mount for mid to late game. I saw most of them near syndicate camps and in Bamboo Groves. 

  • Travels fast without losing stamina quickly. 
  • Can evolve into Vanwyrm Cryst, a highly powerful Pal. 

  • Weak against Dragons. 
  • Can be difficult to capture in the early game. 

Why I Chose This: Because Vanwyrm is not only the fastest aerial mount but also has remarkable AOE attacks and strong passive skills.


The Best Early Game Aerial Mount.

The list of best mounts in Palworld will not be complete without the mention of Nitewing, my personal favorite. Nitewing proved to be a great companion in my journey and I was able to travel very fast using it as a mount.

Nitewing can serve as an aerial mount. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

I was able to capture it after a lot of tries and would recommend beginners to use it as a mount. After that, you can shift to Vanwyrm for the mid to late game.

  • High damage output. 
  • Great long-range attacks. 

  • Weak against dark elemental types. 

Why I Chose This: The main reason is chose Nitewing was due to the fact it can be obtained quite early on in the game.


The Best Mid To Late-Game Pal For Water.

Instead of going for Celaray, I would recommend Surfent to cross the watery areas.

Palworld Best Water Mounts
Surfent is the best water mount. (Image Captured by eXputer)

The water-type Pal is capable of swimming without using much of its stamina. Moreover, I found its Hydro Jet attack to be extremely powerful in taking down enemies. You can find Surfent near the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Waypoint. Catch it with caution as they spawn rarely. 

  • Strong against fire. 
  • Highly damaging attacks. 
  • High stamina. 

  • Weak against electric pals. 
  • Found rarely. 

Why I Chose This: I chose Surfent as a water mount due to its damaging attacks, particularly Hydro Jet, and low stamina consumption.

What’s Your Pick?

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My Verdict 

After trying out all of these mounts, I will recommend you have Eikthydeer and Nitewing in your party as they are the best early-game mounts. Later on, you should definitely consider upgrading to Chillet and Vanwyrm as ground and aerial mounts respectively, as both of these pals have highly damaging attacks and serve as good mounts for mid to late game. 

You can also read Obaid’s guide to see the best early-game Pals you can get in Palworld. Don’t forget to check out another one of his guides to learn about the best weapons in the Palworld to help you and your mount fight against enemies. Lastly, check out Palworld’s review by Rabiya Rizwan to see her in-depth analysis of the game.

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