Palworld: What Are Dungeons And Their Location

Learn everything about the dungeons and all the possible locations where you can find them.

Dungeons in Palworld are a very important part of the Island. These dungeons offer tough enemies, awesome rewards, and rare Pals. But finding a Dungeon is not as easy as it seems. This guide will help you understand the dungeons in Palworld and learn about their location.

Key Takeaways
  • Dungeons in Palworld are caves with a time limit not fixed in a single location.
  • After a dungeon is spawned at a random location it has a time limit of 200 minutes before its location is changed.
  • A dungeon is a dangerous place where you will face many Syndicate Members and rare Pals.
  • To clear a dungeon you need to defeat the dungeon boss.
  • A dungeon offers great rewards and loot.

What Are Dungeons In Palworld?

palworld dungeons
Inside Dungeon [Capture By eXputer]
In Palworld, dungeons are caves with a time limit where you can find great loot, and rare Pals, and face off against an Alpha Pal.

A time-limited cave means that the dungeons in Palworld are not permanent. When a dungeon unlocks at random, you will have a 200-minute window before the cave closes and the dungeon relocates to a new spot on the map.

You don’t have to worry once you are inside the dungeon. The timer stops after getting inside the dungeon. You should take your time to explore and clear out the dungeon.

How To Clear Dungeon?

palworld dungeons
Dungeon Boss [Image By eXputer]
To clear a dungeon, you’ll need to find and defeat the dungeon boss. The dungeon boss is a bigger version of a Pal. Since dungeons are filled with a lot of Syndicate Members who attack on sight, not to mention the dungeon boss, it is recommended to stock up on ammunition and bring your strongest Pals with you.

All Possible Locations Of Dungeons

palworld dungeons location
Dungeons Locations on Map (South) [Image By eXputer]
The Palworld has a vast map and as there is no fixed location for dungeons, you may need to check many places before finding one. For your ease, I have marked down some of the locations on the map where I have found dungeons and there is a chance that you will find them too.

palworld dungeon
Dungeons Locations on Map (North) [Capture By eXputer]
After finding a dungeon just enter it and find great loot and Pals but make sure that you are fully prepared to face the danger. Make sure to notice the dungeon level before entering.

My Thoughts

Finding dungeons in the vast map of Palworld is a difficult task. The dungeons in Palworld are also not fixed which makes it even more difficult to locate them. Whereas, clearing out a dungeon doesn’t seem hard to me. You just need to enter it with full preparation. Make sure you are loaded with ammunition and have your best Pals with you.

This is all about the dungeons and their location in Palworld. While you are at it, make sure to go through the guide on Best Electric Pals in Palworld. Moreover, I would recommend you to read the guide on Best Early Game Weapons in Palworld to progress in the game efficiently.


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