Palworld: 7 BEST Pals For Base [Expert’s Pick]

Having spent 55 hours in Palworld, the following is my take on the best Pals for the base!

Palworld has a complete base system, which can be almost impossible to handle alone. That is, there are Pals who can help collect the resources to build the base. However, there are 111 pals in Palworld, so selecting the best one for the base could be challenging. Having played Palworld for 46 hours, I managed to find the best pals for the job.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 111 total Pals in Palworld.
  • Among them, I have ranked the seven best ones for the base I could find in my journey.
  • In my opinion, Robinquill is the best pal for the base in Palworld. 
  • Robinquill can perform six different tasks, and among them, three are of level 2.
  • However, capturing Robinquill can be hard, so players would need to be prepared and over level 18.
  • Other than Robinquill, Lovander, Lunaris, Ragnahawk, and Dinossom can be pretty helpful in different tasks.
  • Early-game players should opt to capture Cattive to help build the base. 
  • Author’s Note: I have compiled this guide after playing Palworld for over 50+ hours, so I have expertise on the topic, which makes it a trustworthy source of information for you.

The Best Pals For The Base In Palworld

The following are the best Pals for the base I could find in my 46-hour journey in-game:  

PalSkillsBest For
RobinquillHandiwork, Gathering, Transporting, Lumbering, Planting, and Produce Medicine.The Best Pal For Base In Palworld
LovanderHandiwork, Medicine Production, Transporting, Mining.The Best Pal For Medince Production
LunarisHandiwork, Transporting, and Gathering,The Best Pal For Handiwork In Palworld
RagnahawkTransporting and Kindling.The Best Pal For Transporting & Kindling
DinossomLumbering and Planting.The Best Pal For Lumbering In Palworld
BristlaPlanting, Handiwork, Gathering, Medicine Production, and Planting.The Best Early Game Pal For The Base
CattivaTransporting, Handiwork, Gathering, and Mining.The Best Pal For Lumbering In Palworld

1. Robinquill

The Best Pal For Base In Palworld.
Grass Type Pal Robinquill Pal Stats showcase in Palworld (Image By Us)

Robinquill is not only a beast in combat, but he is the best pal for the base, too. While it can fight many enemies, it is hard for Robinquill to perform six different tasks in the base. So, if you managed to capture more than one, then I would highly recommend using it for the base, too. Also, whenever your base is being raided, Robinquill can kill most of them by itself.

  • Has level 2 in Handiwork, Gathering, and Transporting.
  • Can fight raids on the base alone.
  • Robinquil can also do Lumbering, Planting, and Produce Medicine. 
  • It has no cons.

Why I Chose This: The main reason I chose Robinquill to be the best pal for the base is because it can help with six different things. Also, Robinquill can fight the raids pretty easily.

2. Lovander

The Best Base Pal For Medince Production.
Lovander Pal Stats showcase in Palworld (Screenshot By eXputer)

Another great pal for the base is Lovander. It can help mainly in Medicine Production along with Transporting and Handiwork. All of these works except the Medicine Production are important ones, so Lovander is a great pal to be used in the base. It can also help in mining but don’t expect too much in that area. Lovander can also help in raids, as it has some great attacks. 

  • Has level 2 in Handiwork, Medicine Production, and Transporting.
  • Can help in raids.
  • It also helps in mining, but not that much. 
  • Can get injured easily.

Why I Chose This: While Lovander can fight, it can also contribute a lot to the base by performing four different duties.

You can learn more about Lovander’s stats and location from eXputer’s video tutorial:

YouTube video

3. Lunaris

The Best Base Pal For Handiwork In Palworld.
Lunaris Pal Stats showcase in Palworld (Screenshot Grab By Us)

If you are looking for a Pal who can do the handiwork with tremendous speed, then you should go for Lunaris. It can craft the items for you even quicker than you can. That is why it can be extremely helpful in base. While it doesn’t do much work, it surely does the handiwork pretty easily, making it one of the best Pals for base in Palworld.

  • Has level 3 in Handiwork, which allows quick crafting.
  • It can be extremely helpful in fights, too.
  • Can only perform three duties.

Why I Chose This: I chose Lunaris mainly because of its ability to do the handiwork quickly, which can save you a lot of time.

4. Ragnahawk

The Best Base Pal For Transporting & Kindling.
Ragnahawk Pal Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Source: eXputer)

Not all pals perform Kindling, so you would need to find fire-type pals for that. I believe Ragnahawk is the best choice for that as it has level 3 in Kindling, and on top of that, it can help a lot in transporting, too. Ragnahawk is a mid-end game pal, so getting it could be pretty hard in early games. However, I would highly recommend getting it for the base and for your team.  

  • Has level 3 in Kindling and Transporting.
  • Can destroy the enemies in raids. 
  • Can only perform two duties, which is a letdown. 

Why I Chose This: While it is hard to get Ragnahawk, it could be worth having it as it has level three in transporting and kindling, making it the best pal for the job.

5. Dinossom

The Best Base Pal For Lumbering In Palworld.
Dinossom Pal Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Captured By eXputer)

Another great addition to your team at the base could be Dinossom. I have found pretty few pals who actually perform Lumbering at a higher level, which increases the significance of Dinossom. Among many other best Pals for Base in Palworld, Dinossom stands out due to its Lumbering skill. Also, Dinossom is the best early-game pal, so it can help a lot in raids, too. 

  • Has level 3 in Lumbering.
  • Also helps a lot in Planting.
  • Can dominate early-game raid fights. 
  • Dinossom has only two work skills.

Why I Chose This: Dinossom mainly stands out due to its Lumbering ability, as there are pretty few Pals who have level 3 in Lumbering. 

6. Bristla

The Best Early Game Pal For The Base.
Bristla Pal Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Taken By Us)

If you are just a few hours into Palworld, then I would highly recommend you get Bristla. It is a great pal who can perform five different works, which is exactly what you need at the start when there is little manpower. While Bristla doesn’t really have many levels in the tasks, it is really helpful, especially in the early game. So, make sure you get it to make your base grow faster. 

  • Has five different work skills.
  • Is mostly skilled in Medicine Production.
  • Has low levels in four skills.

Why I Chose This: Bristla can help new players as it has five different work skills that are exactly the skills you need at the start of Palworld. 

7. Cattiva

The Best Base Pal For Lumbering In Palworld.
Cattiva Pal Stats showcase in Palworld (Image Credits: eXputer)

If you want a great pal for the base at the very start, then I would recommend getting Cattiva. Its availability and the ability to do four different works make it the best one at the very early game. So, instead of focusing on getting Bristla you should get Cattiva first. Then, later on, when your level is a little high, you can go for the Bristla.

  • One of the three most common pals, so it’s available pretty early.
  • Can perform four different works. 
  • Has pretty low levels in each work skill.

Why I Chose This: I chose Cattiva just because it is available in the starting area and it has four different skills that help in the building of the base. 

Best Pals For Base In Palworld – My Take

In my opinion, the best pals in-game for the base are Robinquill, Lovander, Lunaris, Ragnahawk, and Dinossom. 

Other than the aforementioned pals, there are some that can be helpful in different areas. With that said, the best pall overall for the base is arguably Robinquill. Not only can it dominate the fight against the other pals, but it can also help a lot in the base. However, I had a hard time capturing it as Robinquill is extremely strong.

That is almost everything you would want to know about the best pals for the base in Palworld. There are multiple pals, but the seven I mentioned are the best ones. While you are at it, you should also take a look at the best Ice, Grass, and Electric Pals in Palworld. When you are done with that, make sure to read the guides on how to catch humans and the best early-game weapons in Palworld

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