Palworld: How To Catch And Use Humans [Quick Guide]

Learn how to catch and use humans in Palworld, discovering their abilities that are useful for your base and team.

Unlike most Pokemon-style games, Palworld lets you capture humans and summon them at will, although this feature isn’t noticeable initially. However, even if you do catch them, there’s minimal benefit, and you’re honestly better off saving your Pal Spheres for something else.

Before You Start: Catching a human is significantly tougher than catching regular Pals in Palworld because of their low Capture Rate.
Key Takeaways
  • Players can catch human NPCs like soldiers and merchants in Palworld by lowering their HP and then throwing high-tier Pal Spheres at them.
  • Humans have an extremely low Capture Rate, and higher-level humans are almost unobtainable.
  • Every human with Level 1 Handiwork for Work Suitability and Level 12 Punch for their Active Skill in Palworld.
  • Players can assign humans to their bases or teams using the Pal Box.
  • Additionally, players can also sell them to merchants for Gold Coins.

How To Catch Humans In Palworld

The easiest way to catch a human in Palworld is by lowering their HP as much as possible, preferably until you stagger them, and then throw a Pal Sphere at them that hopefully seals them away.

Unlike the pals you catch in-game, humans don’t show a Capture Rate when you aim your Pal Sphere at them. You only see it when you’ve thrown the sphere at them and see the capturing animation. Of course, the more powerful the human, the lower their Capture Rate, which only increases when you lower their HP.

capturing human
Aiming Pal Sphere at a human NPC (Screenshot by eXputer)

Thus, for your first human subjects, I’d recommend starting with the weak Syndicate Thugs near your initial spawn and using at least a Mega Pal Sphere.

Important: After catching a human, you can find them in your Pal Box, where you can assign them to your team or base.

How To Use Humans In Palworld

Players can use captured humans for combat and handiwork around their bases or preferably sell them to merchants for Gold coins.

In terms of Work Suitability, every human, regardless of their level, only has Level 1 Handiwork, so you can only use them for basic construction. In fact, the only difference between different human NPCs is their attack, defense, and HP stats. They don’t even use the weapons they used when they weren’t enslaved.

human stats palworld
Level 10 Human’s stats in Palworld (Image taken by eXputer)

They don’t have any Partner Skill, and their only Active Skill is a Level 12 Punch, so they’re pretty ineffective in synergized teams. Therefore, since there’s no major benefit to having humans for your base or team, you can try selling them to merchants, like the Black Marketeer, for Gold Coins.

Additionally, you can also capture merchants and black marketers and keep them in your base, which is probably the only category of humans that provides any notable benefit to your base, in my opinion. Keeping a merchant at home avoids the hassle of constantly fast traveling to them.

That wraps up my brief guide on how to catch and use humans in Palworld. It’s clear the game doesn’t want you imprisoning them since the first in-game message you get after doing so states, “On Palpagos Island, capturing humans is considered inhumane.” However, this experience is rarely seen in Pokemon titles, and judging from this Steam Community Page, stunts like these spark intriguing discussions.

For discovering other unique catchables, here’s a guide by Huzaifa on finding Lucky Pals in Palworld. If you feel like you’ve already made a strong team of Pals, perhaps you should check out my guide on the location of Jetragon, one of the strongest Pals in Palworld. Besides that, be sure to learn about the best early-game Pals to strengthen your territory.


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