Palworld Kingpaca Cryst: Location, Stats, Abilities

A cool and fluffy behemoth that dominates the battlefield.

Paldeck 089B, also known as Kingpaca Cryst, is a powerful Ice Pal that you can only fight as an Alpha Boss in Palworld. As a late-game pal, this is an extremely challenging beast to obtain since it lives in an endgame biome surrounded by Level 30+ pals and Level 40+ Alpha Bosses. However, given its stats, Kingpaca Cryst is highly reliable and a must-have for fighting powerful Dragon-type pals like Jetragon or Astegon.

Key Takeaways

How To Get Kingpaca Cryst In Palworld

kingpaca cryst
Kingpaca Cryst in the Paldeck (Image Credits: eXputer)

Players can find Kingpaca Cryst as a Level 46 Boss in the Astral Mountains or obtain it by hatching Huge Frozen Eggs or breeding a Reindrix and a Kingpaca.

In my opinion, the most efficient method of the three is breeding since obtaining a Reindrix and Kingpaca is much easier. Both pals are located in mid-game areas, and you’ll likely catch them even before visiting the Astral Mountains.

Astral Mountains

kingpaca cryst location
Kingpaca Cryst’s location on the map (Image by eXputer)

If you have high-tier pals and weapons in your inventory, you can go to the Astral Mountains to capture a Kingpaca Cryst alongside other powerful pals. This is a Cold region located on the northwestern edge of Palworld’s map. As such, make sure you wear Cold-Resistant armor to avoid losing HP constantly.

Once you’re here, head to the location in the image provided above to reach the Forgotten Mineshaft (-226, 463.) I also advise taking the Land of Absolute Zero teleporter to make runbacks easier. Inside the mine, a long trail will take you directly to the Kingpaca Cryst.

Here are some tips I devised to help you easily beat and capture the boss:

  • Use Fire Pals: As an Ice Pal, Kingpaca Cryst is vulnerable to Fire Pals. Thus, try using pals like Blazehowl, Reptyro, or Jormuntide Ignis to take it down much more quickly.
  • Use Hyper Pal Spheres Or Better: To ensure you capture the Kingpaca Cryst, ensure you have several Hyper, Ultra, or Legendary Spheres in your inventory. I had a ~70% Capture Rate when using a Hyper Sphere after significantly knocking down the boss’s HP.
  • Stay Airborne: Most of Kingpaca’s deadliest attacks are grounded, so using a flying mount during the encounter gives you a much better chance of staying alive.
  • Attack From A Distance: I recommend constantly strafing and using a ranged, ammo-based weapon like a Handgun or Musket to avoid any lethal attacks. 
kingpaca cryst boss
Fighting the Kingpaca Cryst inside the Forgotten Mineshaft (Image by eXputer)
Important: If you killed the Kingpaca Cryst without capturing it, you can reattempt the boss in the same area after 1 hour.

Finding Huge Frozen Eggs

Incubating a Huge Frozen Egg (Image Credits: eXputer)

Huge Frozen Eggs are one of the rarest eggs in Palworld, and you can mostly find them in the Frostbound Mountains and the Astral Mountains. In my experience, I found 2 Huge Frozen Eggs after extensively searching the northmost areas of the biome. So, I suggest exploring those areas for the best chance of finding any.

Random Huge Frozen Eggs from the map can hatch one of the following pals:

Important: Huge Frozen Eggs may spawn randomly in the forest biome as well. You can search in areas near the Frostbound Mountains to find them, too.

Eggs Through Breeding

Another way to get a Huge Frozen Egg that hatches a Kingpaca Cryst is by breeding a Reindrix, found in the Frostbound Mountains, and a Kingpaca, which you can find in the Windswept Hills. To breed these pals, you need a Breeding Farm, which unlocks at Level 19.

breeding farm
Breeding a Reindrix and Kingpaca at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot by eXputer)

Once you have a Huge Frozen Egg, you must place it inside an Egg Incubator and wait for it to hatch. Typically, this egg type hatches in 2 hours, but you can speed up the process by 50% or 100% by placing the Incubator in a forest-like biome.

Kingpaca Cryst’s Stats And Abilities

Kingpaca Cryst stats palworld
Showcasing the Kingpaca Cryst’s base stats at the Pal Box (Screenshot by eXputer)

Here’s a quick overview of everything you need to know about the Kingpaca Cryst, including its skills, Work Suitability traits, and more:

Work SuitabilityLevel 3 Cooling | Level 1 Gathering
Active SkillsIce Missile | Icicle Cutter | Iceberg | Kingly Slam | Cryst Breath | Aqua Burst | Blizzard Spike
Partner SkillKing of Muscles: Allows Kingpaca to be mounted.
Food Requirement7/10
Possible DropsIce Organ | Wool

With Level 3 Cooling, the Kingpaca Cryst is one of the best pals to power your Refrigerator or Cooler Box to keep food from spoiling. Additionally, you can use it to harvest crops or produce several powerful ice pals in breeding farms. Combat-wise, however, this pal becomes much more impressive, as it has some of the strongest HP stats in Palworld.

  • As an Ice Pal, Kingpaca Cryst is strong against Dragon Pals but weak against Fire Pals.
  • Its Partner Skill, King of Muscles, increases the player’s max carrying capacity.
  • You can also mount it using a Kingpaca Cryst Saddle that unlocks at Level 42.

The crafting requirements for the Kingpaca Cryst Saddle include:

  • 18x Ingot
  • 24x Leather
  • 24x Fiber
  • 24x Paldium Fragment
  • 36x Wool
kingpaca cryst saddle palworld
Crafting requirements for the Kingpaca Cryst Saddle (Screenshot by eXputer)

That wraps up my brief guide on capturing a Kingpaca Cryst in Palworld, where I also included its stats and abilities. I highly recommend keeping this pal on your main team, as it’s designed to be combative. If you want to see a hands-on encounter with the boss fight, watch this YouTube video to see the pal’s attack pattern as a boss.

If you’re still having trouble capturing the Kingpaca Cryst, here’s a guide by Irfan on getting the Legendary Crossbow in Palworld. To help you get pals that’ll improve your base, try getting the Robinquill Terra, a pal that comes with tons of Work Suitability traits. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld for an in-depth breakdown of the title’s mechanics.


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