Palworld: How To Get Legendary Pal Metal Helmet

Discover the secrets in Palworld to obtain the legendary Pal Metal Helmet through expert strategies and gameplay insights.

The Legendary Pal Helmet in Palworld is a rare drop that can be obtained only by killing the level 50 Alpha boss called Legendary Steed of Ice Frostallion. You must always kill it and not capture it to get a chance to receive the legendary schematic. In this guide, I have discussed the location and the best strategy to get this legendary item as fast as possible. 

Key Takeaways

To get the legendary Pal Metal Helmet schematic:

  1. Defeat Frostallion, one of the end-game bosses in Palworld.
  2. This level 50 boss can be found by reaching -360, 517 coordinates. 
  3. He is the ice base pal so that makes it weak against all fire pals in the game. 
  4. Jormuntide Ignis, Ragnahawk, Reptyro, Blazehowl, Blazmut, and Vanwyrm fire pals will deal massive damage to the boss.
  5. Do not catch the boss. Always defeat it to increase the chance of dropping the legendary schematic.
  6. You can craft the Legendary Pal Metal Helmet using Pal Metal Ingot, Paldium Fragment, and Ancient Civilization Parts resource materials.
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How To Get Legendary Pal Metal Helmet

Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion boss fight [Image Credits: eXputer]
To get the legendary Pal Metal Helmet you need to farm the schematic that drops by killing the Legendary Steed of Ice Frostallion in Palworld.

Frostallion is a level 50 boss, which is one of the end-game field bosses you encounter in Palworld’s open world. If you are below level 45 and do not have some of the best weapons in Palworld, I recommend you do not fight this boss. You will die easily. 

Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion Boss Location

Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion location on Palworld map [Image Credits: eXputer]
Reaching at -360, 517 coordinates will reveal a roaming level 50 Frostallion Alpha boss. This is found on the northwest side of Palworld’s map in the ice biome. 

In the image above, I’ve provided the cave entrance location to guide you in finding this boss.

Important: Entering the Ice Biome to fight the Frostallion boss requires using cold-resistant armor. If you lack such equipment and gear, consider preparing some of the best food combinations to gain an extra defense bonus.

How To Beat Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion

How to beat Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion [Image Credits: eXputer]
I find Frostallion to be one of the best fire type pals in Palworld’s end-game content. This makes it vulnerable to all the water type pals. For optimal results, I suggest you go with the following strategy:

  • Choose the best Fire Pals: Select powerful fire-type allies such as Jormuntide Ignis, Ragnahawk, Reptyro, Blazehowl, Blazmut, and Vanwyrm. These will deal massive damage to the boss.
  • Ranged Assault Tactics: Use handguns or makeshift guns to attack from a distance, enhancing your strategic advantage.
  • Bring The Legendary Weapons: Since Frostallion is a level 50 boss, having the Legendary Assault Rifle, Legendary Rocket Launcher, or even the Legendary Handgun will make the boss fight two times easier to beat. 
  • Consider a Fire Crossbow: In the absence of advanced industrial ranged weapons, I found that even a fire crossbow will prove to be an effective alternative against this Forstallion.
Ice attacks of Frostallion [Image Credits: eXputer]
Aim For Defeating The Boss, Not Catching: Avoid capturing the boss; the primary objective revolves around defeating it in Palworld. The aim is to secure the legendary schematic, which happens upon defeating the boss. Capturing the boss results in obtaining only regular resource materials without any schematic drops of any rarity, whatsoever.

Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion Loot Drops

Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion item drops [Image Credits: eXputer]
Once you have defeated the Legend Steed of Ice Frostallion, you will get the following item drops:

Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Schematic [Image Credits: eXputer]
Grinding Once More: If the legendary Pal Metal Helmet schematic isn’t acquired when looting Frostallion’s remains, it’s crucial to revisit and engage the boss repeatedly. Repeat this procedure until the schematic eventually drops; in my case, it took ten attempts to secure the legendary Pal Metal Helmet schematic.

Please be aware that to initiate the boss battle again, you should wait for an in-game day. The boss will reappear in the same location the following day.

Important: A vital tip is to run and circle around the boss, once it’s dead, to ensure you don’t miss any dropped loot. Keep in mind that the legendary Pal Metal Helmet schematic won’t automatically drop into your inventory, so don’t make the mistake of ignoring this tip.

How To Craft Legendary Pal Metal Helmet

Crafted Legendary Pal Metal Helmet [Image Credits: eXputer]
After acquiring the legendary Pal Metal Helmet schematic from Frostallion, go back to the base and ensure you have the following items to craft this armor piece:

  • Pal Metal Ingot x135
  • Paldium Fragment x135
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x19

With this, I conclude my guide about how to get the Legendary Pal Metal Helmet in Palworld where I have entailed how to farm its schematic by finding Frostallion. Now that you know all about it, I suggest taking a look at Palworld’s review, and reading guides about the best armor along with the best stats to invest in. After that, learn how to mount your pal and how breeding works in Palworld.


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