Palworld: How To Get Legendary Assault Rifle [Farming Method]

Learn how to get legendary Assault Rifle in Palworld and destroy and small and large sized bosses you encounter in the game faster!

The base building and weapon acquisition in Palworld starts slow and from scratch but as you advance you unlock some top-tier things. From ancient wooden weapons, wood block walls, and roofs to industrial-grade best weapons and higher defensive items, you can try it all in the game. Weapons like Assault Rifle are at the end of the Technology Tree but there is a way to get a legendary Assault Rifle in Palworld. You need to farm a specific boss a couple of times before the schematic drops for you. 

Key Takeaways

To get the Legendary Assault Rifle schematic:

  1. Defeat Cursed Tyrant Blazamut Alpha in Mount Obsidian’s volcanic area.
  2. Wear heat-resistant armor and use food for defense.
  3. The boss is weak against water-type Pals like Gobfin, Azurobe, Suzaku Aqua, or Bronchery Aqua.
  4. Focus on defeating, not catching, the boss to get the schematic.
  5. If it doesn’t drop, farm the boss with 5-10 attempts for better odds.
  • Why Trust Us: Irfan has spent over 25 hours playing Palworld, hunting rare pals, gathering rarer schematics & building ridiculously large bases. All this makes him a trustworthy source of information for new and existing Palworld players.

Where To Get Legendary Assault Rifle 

Blazamut boss farming in Mount Obsidian [Image Credits: eXputer]
To get the legendary assault rifle you need to farm its schematic by killing the Cursed Tyrant Blazamut Alpha boss in Palworld.

Depending on your current level, you can find this between levels 43 and 49 while exploring a cave in Mount Obsidian.

Blazamut Alpha Location

Blazamut alpha boss cave entrance location [Image Credits: eXputer]
Blazamut Alpha boss cave location is actually to the east of the Mount Obsidian dungeon location. Do not go into the dungeon in search of finding this boss. It is not a part of the dungeon and is found through a separate cave entrance.

I have attached the cave entrance location in the image above so that you know where to start this boss’s search. 

Important: Since this is a volcanic area, you should only come here if you have heat-resistant armor equipped. If not, then prepare some of the best food combinations to receive an additional defense bonus. 

How To Beat Cursed Tyrant Blazamut

Blazamut boss has most of the fire attacks [Image Credits: eXputer]
Blazamut is one of the best end-game fire type pals in Palworld and he is weak against water type pals. 

  • Optimal Water Pals: Bring the best water-type Pals like Gobfin, Azurobe, Suzaku Aqua, and Bronchery Aqua for substantial damage.
  • Ranged Attack Strategy: Attack from a distance using handguns or makeshift guns.
  • Poisoned Crossbow Option: If you don’t have ranged industrial weapons then a poisoned crossbow will also work best against this boss.
Do Not Catch The Boss: Catching this boss should not be the concern here. The main goal is to kill him so that the legendary assault rifle schematic drops from it in Palworld. If you catch the boss, you will have the regular resource materials and no schematic drops of any rarity.

Cursed Tyrant Blazamut Drops

Blazamut alpha boss loot dropped after defeating it in Mount Obsidian [Image Credits: eXputer]
Every time you kill the Blazamut Alpha boss, you will get the following loot:

Important: If you do not get the legendary assault rifle schematic after collecting loot from the Blazamut’s corpse, then you need to come back here again and farm the boss. You need to do this as many times as possible before the schematic drops. Ideally, it should take some 5 to 10 attempts for the legendary AR schematic to drop.

NOTE: It takes 1 in-game day for Cursed Tyrant Blazamut alpha boss to respawn again in this location. 

Before You Restart Farming: You should run and circle to the boss’s corpse to not miss any dropped loot. The legendary AR schematic does not drop into your inventory automatically. So make sure you do not miss this step.

That is everything you need to know about how to get the Legendary Assault Rifle in Palworld. Before you go and read the next best thing, I suggest you do not skip checking: Palworld’s review, and read guides about the best armor along with the best stats to invest in. After that, learn how to mount your pal and how breeding works in Palworld.


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