Palworld Suzaku [Location, How To Capture, Stats & Skills]

Learn about the Location, Capturing Strategy, Stats & Skills for the Suzaku Pal.

In Palworld, there are a total of 113 Pals. Each Pal is unique and has different abilities. The Suzaku Pal has Paldeck Number 103 and has the elemental type fire. Having the partner skill of Wings of Fire, it is one of the best Pal for aerial combat. Learn how to capture it and its locations in the day and night.

Key Takeaways
  • Suzaku in Palworld has Paldeck Number 103, having the elemental type Fire.
  • You can find Suzaku in the northeastern desert area near Duneshelter during both day and night.
  • Using an Ultra Sphere is recommended for higher capture chances.
  • Equip a heat-resistant armor as Suzaku is present in a hotter region.
  • After Capturing or Killing Suzaku you will get 2 to 4 Flame Organs as a drop.

Where To Find Suzaku In Palworld?

palworld suzaku location day
Suzaku Location At Day Time [Image By eXputer]
If you are looking for Suzaku, you need to travel to the northeastern area of the map. Once you reach the desert near the Duneshelter, you will be able to spot Suzaku flying around. However, you should be careful because it will attack you as soon as you come into its sight.

palworld suzaku location day
Suzaku Location At Night Time [Image By eXputer]
Suzaku can be found in the same area during both day and night time.

How To Capture Suzaku?

capture suzaku
Suzaku Flying Near Duneshelter [Screenshot By eXputer]
Capturing Suzaku is a straightforward process. Once spotted in the desert, attack it with your best weapons until its health is reduced to 5-10%. To efficiently capture this Pal, consider the following tips:

  • Reach Level 40: You should reach at least level 40 and arm yourself with a Makeshift Hangun for its high-flying nature.
  • Ultra Pal Sphere: Don’t forget to bring an Ultra Pal Sphere for capturing Suzaku.
  • Use A Flying Pal: Consider using a flying Pal, such as Quivern, to assist you in your search.
  • Heat Resistant Armor: As Suzaku resides in a desert, it’s essential to equip Heat Resistant Metal Armor to combat the heat issues. 

Though Suzaku is not too powerful it can deliver potent attacks. Therefore, it’s vital to dodge effectively and strike opportunistically to capture Suzaku easily.

After capturing Suzaku you can also mount it using the Suzaku Saddle.


After capturing or killing Suzaku you will get 2 to 4 Flame Organs as a drop.

Stats & Skills Of The Suzaku

suzaku's stats
Suzaku Stats In Palworld [Screenshot By eXputer]
The stats of Suzaku can be seen in the table below:

Work SuitabilityKindling Level 3
Partner SkillWings of Flame
Passive SkillSadist

All Suzaku skills are mentioned in the table below. Once you reach the specific level the respective skill will unlock itself.

1Air Canon252 secs500-4000
7Ignis Blast302 secs500-5000
15Spirit Fire457 secs1000-3000
22Flare Arrow5510 secs500-5000
30Ignis Breath7015 secs500-1500
40 Flare Storm8018 secs700-3000
50Fire Ball15055 secs500-9999

Important: You can breed Suzaku with a Water Pal to get Suzaku Aqua.

My Take

Suzaku is a powerful Pal that can be captured with relative ease. It is a late-game Pal, but capturing it on the first try is possible. However, the area where Suzaku is located is home to many dangerous Pals, so it is important to be well-prepared. I recommend unlocking the Fast Travel at the Duneshelter before attempting to hunt Suzaku. This will allow you to create a respawn point in case you die while trying to capture it.

This is all about the Suzaku Pal in Palworld. While you are at it, I would recommend you to go through Palworld Review By Rabiya Rizwan. You must go through the guide on How To Find and Capture Faleris in Palworld to capture it easily. Learn How To Get High Quality Pal Oil and Pal Fluid in Palworld and make progress easily.


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