Palworld Best Partner Skills [Battle-Tested]

After spending 20+ hours, here are the Best Partner Skills to use in combat.

In Palworld, Partner Skills refer to the abilities your Pals can utilize during combat while fighting alongside you. These skills typically correlate with specific weapons your Pal can acquire once you’ve unlocked and crafted them. This enhances their combat effectiveness against enemies.

Key Takeaways
  • There are 129 partner skills in Palworld, which can increase your Pals’ combat capabilities by providing them with crafted weapons.
  • Every Pal has a different Partner Skill that can be unlocked and utilized during combat.
  • Partner skills have a variety of abilities, going from assault rifles and shields to healing and gliding capabilities.

Best Partner Skills In Palworld

Here’s the summary of the Best Partner Skills in Palworld:

PalPartner SkillDescriptionBest For
JetragonAerial MissileAllows mounting Jetragon for launching homing missiles from its back.Best For Traveling And Fighting
MossandaGrenadier PandaEnables Mossanda to wield a grenade launcher while mounted, firing grenades repeatedly to cause Neutral element damage and stun enemies in a wide area.Best For Dealing High Damage
PetalliaBlessing of the Flower SpiritPetallia gradually heals the player over time when activated.Best For Healing
PengulletPengullet CannonUtilizes Pengullet as ammunition for a rocket launcher. On impact, Pengullet explodes to cause significant Neutral element damage and stun nearby enemies in a wide radius, at the cost of lethal damage to Pengullet.Best For Dealing AoE Damage
TanzeeCheery RifleEquips Tanzee with an assault rifle, allowing it to fire at nearby enemies, dealing Neutral element damage for the duration of the skill.Best For Dealing Continuous Damage

Cheery Rifle

Best Partner Skill For Dealing Continuous Damage.
Tanzee’s Partner Skill and Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Unusual yet effective, Tanzee’s Cheery Rifle skill inflicts rapid damage and simplifies enemy engagement.

Tanzee’s partner skill is called Cheery Rifle, which provides this monkey Pal with an assault rifle that you can craft. It’s quite unconventional to arm your Pal with a complete assault rifle, but activating this weapon allows Tanzee to open fire on the enemy you’re engaging.

While Tanzee may not have the most precise aim, its gunfire can inflict significant damage and deplete the health of the enemies it targets very quickly. Additionally, I find capturing Tanzee is an easy task.

  • Unique combat capability.
  • High damage output.
  • Easy to capture.
  • Low precision while firing.
  • Unconventional weapon choice.

Pengullet Cannon

Best Partner Skill For Dealing AoE Damage.
Pengullet’s Partner Skill and Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Pengullet’s Cannon delivers unparalleled damage, making it the ultimate choice for dominating combat encounters.

The seemingly innocent Pengullet becomes a lethal explosive weapon when paired with its partner skill. Utilizing Pengullet as a rocket launcher yields high AoE damage, making a significant impact on the battlefield. Despite its effectiveness, this action depletes all of Pengullet’s HP, making it a costly but devastating maneuver.

I found several other Pals can also serve as weapons through their Partner Skills, such as Tocotoco’s Eggbomb Launcher and Jolthog’s electrifying explosions in Palworld. However, none match the damage output of Pengullet’s Cannon, making it the optimal choice for dominating combat encounters.

  • High AoE damage.
  • Devastating impact.
  • Depletes Pengullet’s HP completely.

Blessing Of The Flower Spirit

Best Partner Skill For Healing.
Petallia’s Partner Skill and Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Petallia’s invaluable skill, Blessing of the Flower Spirit, has been a lifesaver in countless battles.

Petallia is exclusively located on the southernmost part of the map, specifically on the small island within the Wildlife Sanctuary, often in the nearby water. Capturing this Pal can be challenging due to its tricky location, but once acquired, it offers a remarkable skill.

Petallia possesses the partner skill known as Blessing of the Flower Spirit. When activated, this skill heals you for a predetermined amount, which varies based on the Petallia’s level. I frequently take fights and require a health boost; having this Pal saved me countless times.

  • Healing skills are available.
  • Increases survivability.
  • Valuable in various combat situations.
  • Tricky to capture.
  • Single skill specialization.

Grenadier Panda

Best Partner Skill For Dealing High Damage.
Mossanda’s Partner Skill and Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: I chose Mossanda for its versatility, combining mobility with devastating grenade launcher attacks.

Mossanda is a massive Pal that’s challenging to capture but I often found it near my base. With the skill of Grenadier Panda, Mossanda can be equipped with a grenade launcher.

Mossanda serves as a means of transportation across the map and can also unleash multiple grenade launcher attacks, dealing neutral damage to enemies and stunning nearby foes. This makes Mossanda’s offensive capability quite potent and advantageous.

  • Massive size.
  • It can be found near the base often.
  • Equipped with a Grenade launcher.
  • It can be used as a ground mount for travel.
  • Strong offensive capability.
  • Challenging to capture.
  • Deals only Neutral damage.

Aerial Missile

Best Partner Skill For Traveling And Fighting.
Jetragon’s Partner Skill and Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
Jetragon, one of Palworld’s Legendary Pals, can transform into a flying mount using its Partner Skill. It can launch missiles at ground and airborne enemies, making it a formidable force. However, tracking down and capturing Jetragon in Palworld requires effort due to its rarity.

Once obtained, Jetrgon’s abilities make it invaluable for navigating the map and dealing with threats.

  • Fastest flying mount in Palworld.
  • Missile attacks on both ground and aerial enemies.
  • Invaluable for dealing with threats.
  • High rarity makes it difficult to capture.
  • It requires too much effort to obtain.

Honorable Mentions

There were also some other Partner Skills to opt for. However, I chose not to include them for specific reasons:

  • Cat Helper: Cattiva’s only benefit is a small increase in carrying capacity, but it takes up space that a more powerful pal could fill.
  • Lifmunk Recoil: It provides the player with a submachine gun that can be fired, but its damage is lower than that of the Cherry Rifle.
  • Fluffy Shield: Lamball can be used as a shield, but you can’t attack while defending.
  • Yellow Tank: You can ride Grizzbolt in Palworld and use its machine gun; however, its large size can make it vulnerable to AoE attacks.

My Thoughts On The Best Partner Skill

While outside your base, you can only summon one Pal and will have to fight the enemies using it. I use Jetragon to escape combat and annihilate any foes in my way within seconds due to its powerful attacks.

Moreover, you should also be looking for the best combat passive skills in Palworld so you don’t have any problems during combat. Also, you don’t always have to rely on your pals to fight. You can craft yourself a Legendary Rocket Launcher or a Legendary Assault Rifle in Palworld to fight with your opponents.


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