Palworld: How To Capture Grizzbolt [Location & Stats]

Capture the Electric pal Grizzbolt in Pal Sanctuary Island and unleash Shockwaves and Lightning attacks in combat.

Grizzbolt is an electric pal, great for battles due to his combat skills, but to capture him in Palworld is no easy task. Grizzbolt is useful in battle and suitable for many works, so having him in your inventory can be helpful. 

Key Takeaways
  • Grizzbolt can be found on an Isolated Island called Pal Sanctuary, located all the way south of the starting point of Palworld.
  • To increase your chances of capturing Grizzbolt, you may need to use Mega or Giga Pal Spheres.
  • Reduce Grizzbolt’s health down to 20% before throwing a sphere to capture it.

You can watch this video from eXputer’s YouTube channel for additional info and tidbits regarding Grizzbolt:

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How To Capture Grizzbolt 

Grizzbolt capture with sphere
Capture Grizzbolt using spheres in Palworld [Image by eXputer]
Here are some things to keep in your inventory to capture Grizzbolt:

  • Pals: I suggest you use Dumud and Anubis, as they have good-range attacks and can inflict great damage.
  • Spheres: Make sure to use Giga Spheres to boost your chances of capturing Grizzbolt.
  • Armor: Wear Thunder-resistant armor, as Grizzbolt’s electric attacks deal a lot of damage.

Once you reach the Pal Sanctuary, search around till you find Grizzbolt. I recommended going to this island at night as it increases the chances of Grizzbolt spawning.

  • Summon your Pal: Fight him using your pal and try attacking him from a distance to bring its health down to 20%.
  • Throw a Sphere: Aim at Grizzbolt’s back for increased chances of capturing it.
  • Summon Back: Make sure to summon your current pal back so it doesn’t kill Grizzbolt before you capture it.

Important: If you accidentally killed Grizzbolt, don’t worry; you can still get its egg by breeding Rayhound and Mossanda if you have a male and female.

Location Of Grizzbolt

Grizzbolt location on map
Location of Grizzbolt on the map in Palworld [Image by eXputer]
This rare pal can only be found on Pal Sanctuary, south of the starting location. Pals like Nitewing and Vanwyrm are useful for traveling across the sea to the island.

Important: Going on this island is a criminal offense, which means it will make you a wanted person.

Stats Of Grizzbolt

Paldeck and Stats about Grizzbolt
Grizzbolt Paldeck and Stats [Image by eXputer]

Element TypeElectric
Work SuitabilityHandiwork and Lumbering Lv2 | Transporting and Generating Electricity Lv3
Partner SkillsCan be ridden. Can fire a minigun rapidly while mounted.
Active SkillsSpark blast | Shockwave | Lightning Claw | Lightning Streak | Tri-Lightning | Lightning Strike | Lightning Bolt
Food Requirments7
Possible DropsElectric Organ and Leather

My Thoughts

Grizzbolt is a strong Pal, which is good to have around for battles. With its skills like shockwaves and lightning strikes, Grizzbolt can be useful for later boss encounters. Not only fighting, but Grizzbolt also has multiple work suitability to keep this pal around in your base.

Grizzbolt is not the only pal that you should be looking out for. Learn about the legendary Pals and get the most dangerous pals. Another pal you can try to capture is the Mammorest, King of the Forest, who probably has the best AoE attacks.


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