Palworld: How To Find And Capture Kingpaca

From finding to capturing the level 23 boss, here's how i did it!

The giant llama Pal Kingpaca is one of the first bosses you face in Palworld. Fortunately, it can be captured when faced with a good strategy. You can use the Pal as a mount and it can help you carry supplies on your adventures. 

Key Takeaways
  • Kingpaca is one of the first bosses in Palworld.
  • The Pal can be found near Spawn Island.
  • Players can capture Kingpaca and use it as a mount in Palworld.
  • The boss can also be assigned to the base in order to produce wool.
  • Its partner skill will increase the maximum carrying capacity.

  • Why Trust Us: With more than 15 hours in Palworld, you can trust my strategy to capture Kingpaca.

Kingpaca Location In Palworld

  • Kingpaca’s location in Palworld is on the spawn island, accessible in the early stages of the game.
  • To reach Kingpaca, explore the upper mid area of the island.
  • It’s advisable to capture and use at least one mount in your party for easier exploration.
  • Look for Kingpaca grazing between yellow trees; its massive size makes it easy to spot.
  • Be cautious, as there are no hiding spots in the vast area.
  • Consider crafting long-range weapons like the Fire Bow to deal damage from a distance.
Palworld Kingpaca location
Kingpaca’s location on the map. (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

How To Battle Kingpaca 

If you want to capture the massive llama pal, you will have to bring it down to the lowest HP possible otherwise the Pal Sphere won’t work on it.

Palworld Kingpaca fiight
Battling Kingpaca near the spawn location. (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)

I recommend using Mega Sphere to capture it easily. Make sure you take down the two Melpacas near it first. After that, you can use the strategies listed below to fight and capture Kingpaca. 

  • Using Dark-Type Pals: The best way to counter Kingpaca is to use dark-type Pals since its element is neutral. I recommend using Daedream or Tombates as these dark types can be captured early on. 
  • Leveling up your Stats: Kingpaca is a high-level boss that you should not face without any preparation. A single one of its attacks is capable of killing you so it’s important to use Lifmunk Effigies at the Statue of Power to level up. To level up your party, use Pal Souls. 
  • Dodging: You won’t be able to cheese the boss but you can use the dodge roll mechanic to stay safe from its attacks. Pressing CTRL will allow you to dodge and avoid Kingpaca’s high AOE. 
  • Using Long-Range Weapons: Finding cover might be tough when fighting the boss, so I suggest you stay at a distance and deal damage using weapons like Fire Bow or Crossbow.  
  • Hiding behind Iron Ore: There are no massive boulders to cover you in the boss arena, but there is a huge iron ore rock right in the middle that makes for a solid cover. Use it when you’re low on HP to recover. 
  • Freezing with Ice Attacks: Another great way of countering Kingpaca is using Pals with ice attacks against it.  

Capturing Kingpaca 

When Kingpaca reaches low HP, throw a Pal sphere at it to capture the boss.

Partner Skill
Kingpaca’s Partner Skill will increase your maximum carrying capacity. (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)

In case it escapes, try using a Mega Sphere. It’s important to upgrade your capturing ability if you want your Pal Sphere to work on bosses like Kingpaca. 

  • Base and Party: I definitely recommend catching the boss as it can be a good addition to your base and team.  
  • Using as a Mount: Another great advantage of Kingpaca is its ability to serve as a mount. 
    Using as a mount
    You can use Kingpaca as a mount. (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Partner Skill: Kingpaca’s partner skill King of Muscles will increase your maximum carrying capacity, making it a good Pal for gathering important resources.  
  • Drops: It can drop wool which is necessary to make cloth used in several important recipes. 
  • Active Skills: Emperor Slide is Kingpaca’s active skill which allows it to attack enemies with frozen air at a high speed. 

My Verdict 

Kingpaca is definitely worth catching in my opinion as it can serve as a decent mount early game. After that, you can assign it to your base to get wool. You can keep it in your party as well, as it can deal highly damaging long-range attacks.

While you’re here, I would recommend checking out Huzaifa’s guide on how to get the Fluffy Pal Bed to keep your Kingpaca cozy. Besides Kingpaca, there are a bunch of Pals for your base that you can check out. Lastly don’t forget to read Palworld’s review by Rabiya Rizwan to see an in-depth analysis of the game. 

With this, I will wrap up my guide on how to find, defeat, and capture Kingpaca in Palworld. If you have any queries, leave a comment below. 

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