Palworld: How To Reset Stats [Quick Guide]

My quick guide on how to reset stats in Palworld along with its consequences and benefits.

In the dynamic environment of Palworld, adjusting your strategy is key to success. Sometimes, this means resetting the stats of your character or Pals to better align with your evolving gameplay style. My guide provides a detailed walkthrough on how to reset stats in Palworld, ensuring you can optimize your experience according to your needs.

Key Takeaways
  • To reset your stat points in Palworld, you need to craft a Memory Wiping Medicine.
  • The Memory Wiping Medicine can be crafted using the Electric Medicine Workbench.
  • To unlock the Electric Medicine workbench, you need to get to at least level 43.
  • It will take four in-game days to craft the Memory Wiping Medicine. 
  • The Memory Wiping Medicine will reset not only your stat points but also the player’s capture power.

How To Reset Stats

To reset your stats in Palworld, I have curated some simple steps to follow:

  • Unlocking the Electric Medicine Workbench: Begin by reaching level 43 to unlock the Electric Medicine Workbench. It’s your first step towards customizing your character’s abilities.
Level 43 Electric Medicine Bench
Electric Medicine Bench at Level 43 [Image By eXputer]
  • Deploying the Medicine Workbench: Now that you’ve unlocked the workbench, it’s time to get a more hands-on approach. Craft and deploy the Electric Medicine Workbench.
Medicine Workbench deploy
Deploying the Electric Medicine Workbench [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Crafting the Memory Wiping Medicine:  After setting up the workbench, focus on crafting the Memory Wiping Medicine. Gather all the necessary ingredients I have listed in the provided table below. It’s a crucial step in reshaping your character’s capabilities. 
Required itemsQuantity
Beautiful Flower99
Pal Fluids50
Memory Wiping Medicine [Image Captured By eXputer]
  • Wait for the Crafting Process:  Remember, crafting the Memory Wiping Medicine takes four in-game days. Use this time to plan your strategy for the new stats setup.
  • Consume the Memory Wiping Medicine: Once the Memory Wiping Medicine is ready, consume it by right-clicking and selecting your character. Now you can finally reset and reallocate your Stat Points.
Memory Wiping Medicine to the character in-game
Applying the Memory Wiping Medicine to the character in-game [Image By eXputer]
Important: If you reset your stats in Palworld, it will also reset your Player Capture Power.
after applying the Memory Wiping Medicine a reset of Player Capture Power
Player Capture Power reset after consuming the Memory Wiping Medicine [Image By eXputer]
Resetting stats in Palworld is a powerful tool for tailoring your gameplay experience. Whether you’re adjusting to new challenges or correcting past mistakes, understanding how to effectively reset and reallocate stats is crucial. Remember, the key to success in Palworld is flexibility and adaptation.

While you are at it, consider checking out what the best pals for gathering in Palworld are. Also, check out the guide for all syndicate tower locations by our fellow guide writer, Daniyal Sultan Malik. Finally, use stat resets wisely to keep your character in top form for whatever adventures lie ahead!

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