Palworld Devs Issue Update On Server Outage As Player Count Crosses 1.3 Million

That's one player count that Pocketpair probably did not expect.

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  • Palworld, a Pokemon-inspired shooter, has made waves across the industry in terms of popularity. 
  • The game has clocked more than 1.3 million concurrent players on various platforms. 
  • This has led to server disruption, and the devs are working on a solution to address the issue.

Palworld, a recently released third-person shooter with a multitude of elements inspired from the Pokemon franchise, has skyrocketed to popularity and widespread critical acclaim in a span of just a couple of days. As such, the title has clocked about 1.3 million players (1,291,967 to be precise) on Steam alone, and thanks to this humongous user influx, Palworld currently suffers server outage issues, but rightfully so. 

Pocketpair, the developer, has made a post on X lately, informing the world that that it’s “currently working hard to resolve the server outages and other serious issues that are occurring for some  players,” while apologizing as well for the issue(s) springing up in the first place. It’s worth mentioning here that you should join Pocketpair’s Discord server for up-to-the-minute, live updates. Here is the link

Things also happen to be bad on the Epic Games’ side of things, where the “unusually high load worldwide” has caused server imbalance, and thus, frequent disconnections. If you’d still like to play amidst all this ruckus, the single-player mode is your best bet. As per Pocketpair, the latter remains unaffected, and the only area suffering from connectivity pangs is the co-op. Sounds reasonable, all things considered.

For those who missed it, Palworld became the highest concurrently played paid game on Steam (save for PUBG when it wasn’t free-to-play) earlier when it kept on crossing the 1 million concurrent player mark. That’s immense, especially for a title that had little to no hype around its name, nor any major marketing pushes that had the community anticipating the then-upcoming third-person shooter. 

Palworld Becomes the Second-Highest Concurrently Played Paid Game on Steam
Palworld Becomes the Second-Highest Concurrently Played Paid Game on Steam, Trailing PUBG 

What Makes Palworld Special? 

Who knew the world was longing for a Pokemon game that had a touch of realism to it? I certainly didn’t anticipate a title would blow up this big if the developers gave the central characters guns, and made the rest of the in-game world Pokemon-inspired. But that’s not all that Palworld gets right; it’s extremely well-made, especially for a title that is still in early access, and certainly knows how to throw a party.

Other Write-Ups to Check Out: 

As such, the title has rolled over 4 million copies in a total of 3 days into release—a milestone that usually takes games a good while before they can say the same—with a selling rate of 86,000 copies per hour. Now, I just hope Pocketpair takes the steering wheel of this ship and nudges it in the right direction going forward. If Palworld keeps its quality, it’s going to make a substantial mark in the live service genre.

The game was released on January 19, 2024, for the Xbox Series X|S and PC, with an initial announcement tracing back to the Summer Games Fest. New players are advised to check out our curated list of the best base locations in Palworld, along with these 9 top-tier early-game Pals for a great starting experience. 

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