Palworld: How To Catch A Cryolinx? [With Pictures]

Learn about the stats, abilities, and ways to find a Cryolinx, one of the strongest combative Ice Pals in Palworld.

Cryolinx is a powerful Ice Pal in Palworld that you can obtain as they enter the late-game phase. As an Ice Pal, this beast is ideal against Dragon-type pals, which are mostly high-tier bosses. It’s also capable of working efficiently on bases because of its wide array of Work Suitability traits. However, catching a Cryolinx can be extremely difficult, especially since it lives in a habitat that’s home to several Level 40+ pals.

Key Takeaways
  • Cryolinx is a late-game Ice Pal in Palworld that comes with Level 1 Handiwork, Level 2 Lumbering, and Level 3 Cooling.
  • Players can obtain this pal by either capturing it in Frostbound or Astral Mountain, hatching Large Frozen Eggs, or breeding high-tier pals.
  • Cryolinx’s abilities are mostly ice-based and ground-based attacks, and it is strong against Dragon Pals but weak against Fire Pals in Palworld.
  • Personally, I would recommend using it in your combative team because of its high Attack and Defense stats.

Ways To Get Cryolinx In Palworld

Cryolinx Palworld
Showcasing the Cryolinx (Image by eXputer)

There are three major ways to obtain a Cryolinx – finding one in the Astral Mountains, hatching a Large Frozen Egg, or breeding via the Breeding Farm.

If you’re at a high level, I suggest going for the first method since it guarantees a find and even gives you a taste of how a Cryolinx fights. Personally, using the Breeding Farm should be a last resort since the pals you’ll need for this process are arguably much tougher to catch than a Cryolinx.

Astral Mountains

The Astral Mountains is a cold region located on the northwestern edge of the map, and since it’s isolated, you’ll need a flying mount to take you there. Don’t forget to wear some cold-resistant armor, or you’ll freeze to death in this region.

Astral Mountains cryolinx
Fighting a Cryolinx in the Astral Mountains (Screenshot by eXputer)

Once you’re here, finding a Cryolinx shouldn’t be difficult since they’re widely scattered across the biome. Based on my gameplay experience, most of them attack with the same pattern despite having different Active Skills.

Here are some of my tips for easily catching a Cryolinx:

  • Use Fire Pals: As an Ice Pal, this beast is weak against Fire Pals, so I recommend using Reptyro, Ragnahawk, Blazehowl, and other such pals that you’ll mainly find in Mount Obsidian.
  • Stay Airborne: Most of Cryolinx’s attacks are grounded and cause you to freeze up, so staying mounted on a flying pal ensures better mobility and lesser chances of getting hit.
  • Use Ultra Spheres or better: You must have a few Ultra or Legendary Spheres to have any chance of catching a Cryolinx. I had a ~13% Capture Rate when using an Ultra Sphere after dropping a Cryolinx’s HP down to a sliver.

Large Frozen Eggs

Another way of finding a Cryolinx is by hatching Large Frozen Eggs in the Egg Incubator. You can find these eggs in the Astral Mountains or the Frostbound Mountains. You can use the image below as a reference for finding each biome.

large frozen eggs locations
Locations to get Large Frozen Eggs: Astral Mountains (yellow region) and Frosted Mountains (red region) (Image by eXputer)

Once you find a Large Frozen Egg, put it inside the Egg Incubator. It should take 2 hours to hatch, but if you place the egg under good conditions, preferably somewhere in the Windswept Hills, you can cut that hatching time in half.

large frozen egg palworld
A Large Frozen Egg in the Astral Mountains (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Breeding High-Tier Pals

Breeding is another way to obtain a Cryolinx, but I consider this the fancy method. Unfortunately, none of the breeding combos that I found from this Spreadsheet use any pals that are easier to catch than it. Also, you must have Cake, an extremely challenging item to craft, to complete the breeding process.

breeding farm
Breeding 2x Cryolinx at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

You can try the following breeding combos to obtain a Large Frozen Egg, which will guarantee a Cryolinx:

Parent Pal 1Parent Pal 2

As seen, most of these breeding combos use Cryolinx, so the breeding method mainly lets you hatch a duplicate Cryolinx with strong Passive Skills.

Cryolinx Stats And Abilities

Cryolinx pal box
Cryolinx’s stats at the Pal Box (Image Captured by eXputer)

Here’s a quick overview of all the necessary information regarding Cryolinx’s stats and abilities in Palworld:

Work SuitabilityLevel 1 Handiwork | Level 2 Lumbering | Level 3 Cooling
Partner SkillDragon Hunter
Active SkillsIce Missile | Power Shot | Iceberg | Cryst Breath | Icicle Cutter | Blizzard Spike | Stone Cannon
Possible DropsIce Organ
Food Requirement7/10

Thanks to Cryolinx’s versatility, you should have no trouble adding it to either your team or base. Its Level 3 Cooling and Level 2 Lumbering are ideal for refrigeration and chopping wood, respectively. Furthermore, this pal’s surprisingly high Attack and Defense stats also mean it can comfortably battle high-tier pals.

  • As mentioned earlier, Cryolinx is strong against Dragon Pals but vulnerable to Fire Pals.
  • Its Partner Skill, Dragon Hunter, causes Dragon Pals to drop more items when defeated.
  • However, unlike most pals, you can’t craft any saddle to ride Cryolinx.

That wraps up my brief guide on Cryolinx in Palworld, where I’ve detailed his stats, abilities, and ways to find him. I personally think Cryolinx is a great addition to your combative team, but it becomes a beast when you continuously level him up. So, if you’re willing to put in the effort, this pal will live up to its promise.

For more incredibly strong pals that’ll dominate the battlefield, I have a guide on Astegon, detailing its location and stats. If you want something powerful for your character, here’s how you can get the Legendary Assault Rifle. And while you’re here, don’t forget to check out Rabiya’s Palworld review to see how the title competes against its rivals.


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