Palworld: How To Get All Legendary Schematics

With a 37+ hours game knowledge, here is my take on how to get all the Legendary Schematic Weapons and Armor in the game.

In Palworld, getting the best equipment is essential to stay alive. To make the top-tier items like weapons and armor, players need schematics. These schematics are necessary to build things and can be found in different areas with different environments. Some schematics are easy to find, but the exceptional ones, called Legendary Schematics, are rare and give you the best items in Palworld. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of 9 Legendary Schematics in Palworld.
  • Legendary Schematics in Palworld are rare, offering weapons and armor with much better stats.
  • You can obtain these Legendary Schematics by defeating different Alpha Pals found across the map.
  • Each Alpha Pal drops a specific Legendary Schematic, which can be used to craft Legendary Weapons or Armors.

Important: Remember that the Alpha Pals mentioned do not always drop the Legendary Schematics. You may need to defeat them 10 to 20 times to get the desired drop.

List Of All Legendary Schematics In Palworld

palworld legendary schematic
Fighting Bushi For The Legendary Crossbow [Image By eXputer]
Palworld Legendary Weapons and Armor Schematics include the following best weapons and best armors:

Important: The Palworld Legendary Weapons and Armor Schematics mentioned have much better stats than their rare or uncommon versions.
Example: the Heat Resistant Armor has nearly double the defense rating, and the Rocket Launcher deals 40% more damage than the common one.

The locations for all the Palworld Legendary Weapons and Armor Schematics are mentioned below:

Legendary Crossbow 

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Crossbow Location [Image By eXputer]
To get the Legendary Crossbow, travel to the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster Dungeon at coordinates -116, -490. Here, you will find the Alpha Pal Bushi at Level 23. You need to capture or kill this Alpha Pal to get the Crossbow.

When facing this boss, it is advisable to bring a Water Pal, given Bushi’s Fire attributes. 

Legendary Old Bow

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Oldbow Location [Screenshot By eXputer]
You will find the Legendary Old Bow at coordinates 50, -460. To get this weapon, you must capture or kill the Kingpaca, an Alpha Pal at Level 23. Fast travel to the Small Settlement, then head north to find Kingpaca.

Remember to bring a Dark Pal for support against this Neutral Pal boss. After defeating Supreme Fluff Commander Kingpaca, the Old Bow Legendary Schematic is added to your inventory. 

Legendary Handgun 

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Handgun Location [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
The Legendary Handgun is obtainable from Beakon, Level 29 Alpha Pal. Locate Beakon by traveling to the coordinates -345, -253.

Given Beakon’s Electric attributes, it is advisable to bring a Ground Pal to enhance your chances of survival.

Legendary Assault Rifle

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Assault Rifle Location [Screenshot Captured By eXputer]
For the Legendary Assault Rifle Schematic, visit the volcanic region west of the map. Travel to the coordinates -442, -561. Encounter Level 49 Blazamut pal inside the Scorching Mineshaft on Mount Obsidian.

Bring a Water Pal for optimal damage. Hunt down Blazamut to obtain the Legendary Assault Rifle, enhancing its stats to 3,000 Durability and 560 Attack.

Legendary Rocket Launcher 

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Rocket Launcher Location [Image By eXputer]
In the volcanic region, secure the Legendary Rocket Launcher Schematic from the Legendary Pal Jetragon in the northwest. You need to travel to the coordinates -789, -321

As a Dragon Pal, Jetragon is susceptible to attacks from Ice Pals. Capture or defeat the Jetragon Pal to obtain the schematic. The Legendary Rocket Launcher possesses 700 Durability and an impressive 14,000 Attack points.

Legendary Pal Metal Helmet 

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Location [Image By eXputer]
For the Legendary Pal Metal Helmet Schematic, head north to the snowy island at coordinates -357, 509. Here, you will find Frostallion Pal. Obtain the Pal Helmet blueprint by defeating or capturing Frostallion.

Remember to bring your Fire Pals, as Frostallion, an Ice Pal, is weak against them. The Legendary Pal Metal Helmet features 9,500 Durability, 240 Defense, and 560 HP.

Legendary Cold And Heat Resistant Armor

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Cold And Heat Resistant Armor Location [Screenshot Grab: eXputer]
Discover Legendary Schematics for both Heat and Cold Resistant Armor in the far north from the Deep Sand Dunes fast travel point. You’ll encounter the formidable Holy Knight of Legend Paladius and Dark Knight of Legend Necromus at coordinates 447, 680

Defeating them is challenging but the sole method to obtain the legendary schematics. Both the Legendary Pals are Dark Pals, so you should bring your Dragon Pals to defeat them. Both armors have impressive stats of 11,000 Durability, 400 Defense, and 1200 HP.

Legendary Pump Action Shotgun 

palworld legendary schematic
Legendary Pump Action Shotgun Location [Screenshot By eXputer]
To obtain the Legendary Pump Action Shotgun Schematic, seek the Level 45 Alpha version of the Suzaku Pal near the Duneshelter at coordinates 404, 356.

Despite Suzaku’s appearance resembling a Dragon, it is a Fire Pal. You can use a Water Pal to be more effective in combat against it.

That all concludes my guide for Palworld Legendary Schematics. While at it, you must go through the guide on Incinearm Pal guide. Moreover, if you are struggling to delete a character, you can go through the How To Delete Character From Server guide. Lastly, I recommend reading the Palworld Review By Rabiya Rizwan to learn more about the game.


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