Palworld Paladius: Location, Fight, Stats [Fully Explained]

Learn about the location, stats, abilities, and other useful information regarding Paladius, one of the strongest Legendary Pals in Palworld.

Paladius, also known as Paldeck No. 108, is a Legendary Neutral-type Pal and arguably one of the strongest pals in Palworld. Like its twin, Necromus, Paladius is easily one of the best pals you can have in your combative team for fighting other enemies. However, as you’d guess, this pal is extremely difficult to find, defeat, and catch, even more so than other Legendary Pals, in my opinion.

Key Takeaways
  • Paladius is a Legendary Neutral-type Pal in Palworld with Level 2 Lumbering and Level 2 Mining.
  • Players can encounter this beast as a Level 50 boss on the northern edge of the Dessicated Desert.
  • Paladius is paired with Necromus as a duo bossfight, so my ideal strategies include using Dragon and Dark Pals, staying airborne, and capturing them using Legendary Spheres.
  • The rewards for defeating this boss include Ancient Civilization Parts, Pal Metal Ingots, Diamonds, and Precious Entrails.
  • To ride Paladius in Palworld, players can craft a Paladius Saddle, which unlocks at Level 49, using the Pal Workbench.

Where To Find Paladius 

Paladius dessicated desert
The arrow indicates Paladius’ location on Palworld’s map (Image taken by eXputer)

As a Legendary Pal, players can only find Paladius alongside Necromus as a boss on the northern edge of the Dessicated Desert, a biome on the northeastern end of Palworld’s map.

I’ve added an image above showcasing Paladius’ exact location, which you can follow once you unlock that portion of the map. Paladius is an extremely challenging Level 50 boss, so before you fight it, make sure you’re at least Level 40 and have a team full of top-tier combative pals. Furthermore, this will be a duo boss fight since you must also face a Level 50 Necromus.

Here’s a quick procedure to help you blitz to Paladius and Necromus without any tedious runbacks:

  1. Starting from the Deep Sand Dunes Fast Travel point, hop onto a flying mount and head to Paladius’ location.
  2. In case your mount gets low on stamina, rest in the nearby jungle to avoid any unnecessary encounters.
  3. Finally, you’ll come across another jungle near the shore, where you’ll find Paladius and Necromus.

How To Beat Paladius And Necromus

paladius and necromus fight
Paladius and Necromus’ boss fight in the Dessicated Desert with my Astegon (Image by eXputer)

As mentioned, this is arguably the hardest boss fight in Palworld, but there are some strategies you can apply. Paladius will attack you with beam and ice attacks from afar, while Necromus will constantly charge you with its lance-like arms. 

After trying to fight Paladius and Necromus roughly ten times, here are some tips I’ve gathered to help you out:

  • Stay Airborne: Some of Paladius’ and Necromus’ most devastating attacks are ground-based, so keep yourself at a high altitude and strafe around so you and your pal don’t get caught by a one-shot beam attack.
  • Use High-Tier Dragon And Dark Pals: This doesn’t need to be said, but having maxed-out pals is necessary. Since Paladius and Necromus are Neutral-type and Dark-type Pals, respectively, I recommend having Dragon and Dark Pals in your team, preferably beasts like Jetragon and Astegon.
  • Kill Paladius First: Paladius gets more frustrating the longer it’s alive because some of its attacks can melt your HP within seconds, so concentrate your firepower on it first. Fortunately, Paladius is not as aggressive as Necromus, so you’ll have several opportunities to attack.
  • Equip Legendary Pal Spheres: Paladius and Necromus are among the few Level 50 bosses in Palworld, so you must use several Hyper and Legendary Spheres when these pals are at low HP to have a decent Capture Rate.
Important: You can unlock the Legendary Sphere’s crafting recipe at Level 44. which includes 10x Paldium Fragment, 5x Pal Metal Ingot, 3x Carbon Fiber, and 5x Cement. To craft the Sphere, you must also build a Sphere Assembly Line II, which unlocks at Level 35.


Paladius and Necromus drop relatively similar items when you either capture or kill them. 

Paladius will drop the following items after it’s defeated:

  • 5x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • 10x Pal Metal Ingot
  • 1x Diamond
  • 5x Precious Entrails
Paladius captured palworld
Rewards for capturing Paladius (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Similarly, defeating Necromus rewards with the following:

  • 7x Ancient Civilization Parts
  • 10x Pal Metal Ingot
  • 1x Large Pal Soul
  • 7x Precious Entrails
Important: Regardless of whether you capture or kill these bosses, they’ll always respawn at this exact location, giving you another chance to catch them in case you missed the first time. Also, the items I’ve listed are guaranteed drops, so you can even farm Paladius or Necromus if you want to.

Paladius’ Stats And Abilities

Paladius’ stats at the Pal Box (Picture Credits: eXputer)

Here’s a quick overview of what you need to know about Paladius, covering its strengths, weaknesses, abilities, and more:

Work SuitabilityLevel 2 Lumbering | Level 2 Mining
Partner SkillHoly Knight of the Firmament: Can triple jump while mounted
Active SkillsPower Shot | Iceberg | Ice Missile | Power Bomb | Blizzard Spike | Spear Thrust | Pal Blast
Possible DropsPal Metal Ingot | Diamond
Food Requirements9/10

With Level 2 Lumbering and Level 2 Mining, you can only utilize Paladius in farming Wood and Stone from the Logging Site and Mining Pit if you keep it at your base. The 9/10 Food Requirement also makes this pal a major problem keeping fully fed at all times.

  • Fortunately, Paladius makes up for these shortcomings with its insane Attack and Defense stats.
  • Its attacks cover a long and wide range, and its Partner Skill, Holy Knight of the Firmament, lets you triple jump while mounted.
  • Yes, you can ride Paladius using a Paladius Saddle, which unlocks at Level 49.
  • As a Neutral-type Pal, though, this beast isn’t particularly strong against any elements and is weak to Dark Pals like its twin, Necromus.
Paladius Saddle palworld
Crafting requirements for the Paladius Saddle (Picture Credits: eXputer)

In my eyes, you should keep Paladius in your team because of its extraordinarily high firepower and versatile attacks. While I do think Necromus offers more versatility, I found Paladius’ attacks much more devastating against other Legendary Pals.

That wraps up my brief of Paladius in Palworld, where I’ve reviewed its locations, methods to catch it, and abilities. As mentioned, I fully believe this is one of the strongest combat-oriented pals in the game, especially when paired with Necromus. Additionally, Paladius is great for grounded traversal, giving you that much-needed mobility boost. If you’re struggling to catch it in the Dessicated Desert, I suggest watching this YouTube video, which goes over other Legendary Pals you can catch first.

If you’re looking for flying mounts to cover more area around the map, here’s my guide on Helzephyr in Palworld. To explore other ways to obtain Legendary Pals, you can also read the best in-game breeding combos, including the offspring you get. And while you’re here, don’t forget to visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld to learn more about the title itself.


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