Palworld: 6 BEST Breeding Combos [Tried & Tested]

I have played Palworld for roughly 100 hours, and here are some of my tips on ideal breeding combos that you should definitely try out.

One of the easiest ways to get rare pals in Palworld, instead of searching the map for eggs, is with certain breeding combos. Using a male and female pal at a Breeding Farm can give you their hybrid-element egg, which you can place at the Egg Incubator for a chance to get a powerful pal. Of course, the rarer the pals you breed, the better eggs and pals you’ll get, but there are certain conditions you must meet first.

Before You Start: Players can unlock the Breeding Farm at Level 19 and craft it using 100x Wood, 200x Stone, and 50x Fiber.
Key Takeaways
  • Breeding combos in Palworld are a great way to obtain specific and often rare pals with helpful Passive Skills.
  • Players need a Breeding Farm, Cake, and Egg Incubator to breed pals successfully, but unfortunately, getting Cake is a complicated and tedious process.
  • Every Pal in Palworld has a hidden Breeding Power; a lower Breeding Power means a stronger chance of getting a powerful offspring.
  • Players can experiment with virtually endless breeding combos, and it’s worth noting that the offspring will likely gain stronger Passive Skills than its parents.

My Best Breeding Combos In Palworld

Here’s a quick overview of the best in-game breeding combinations, detailing their offspring and Breeding Power:

1Frostallion + HelzephyrFrostallion Noct120+190Exclusive Offspring
2Kitsun + AstegonShadowbeak830+150Second-best Breeding Power
3Anubis + GrizzboltRagnahawk570+200Breeding Chain
4Dinnosom Lux + CawgnitoLoupmoon810+1080Alternative Breeding Chain
5Reptyro + FoxcicleIce Reptyro320+760Mining-Based Pals
6Surfent + DumudSurfent Terra560+895Early-Game Breeding Combo

1. Frostallion + Helzephyr

The Most Exclusive Breeding Combo In Palworld.
Breeding Frostallion and Helzephyr
Breeding Frostallion and Helzephyr at the Breeding Farm (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Breeding Result: Frostallion Noct

Not only is this pairing rare, but the offspring you get, Frostallion Noct, is exceptionally powerful on the battlefield. It is essentially the Dark variant of Frostallion, one of the best Ice Pals in the game, and comes with Level 4 Gathering, putting it in a separate tier of exclusivity. 

If you want, you can continue breeding Frostallion Noct with other high-tier partners to get even more powerful pals, including Astegon, Suzaku, and Cryolinx. As such, while the breeding chain of this combo isn’t too diverse, the parents and offspring can breed with other pals for fairly potent combos.

  • One of the rarest offspring.
  • Strongest Breeding Power.
  • Parents and offspring are great for more breeding combos.
  • Challenging to get.
  • Breeding chain lacks diversity.

2. Kitsun + Astegon

The Best Alternative Breeding Power In Palworld.
Breeding Astegon and Kitsun
Breeding Astegon and Kitsun at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Breeding Result: Shadowbeak
  • Why I Chose This: Exceptionally low Breeding Power means a much stronger yield, which is why Astegon and Kitsun make a devastating pair.

Shadowbeak is one of the toughest pals to capture, particularly since you can only capture them in late-game areas where you need to be at a high level to survive. Besides that, Kitsun and Astegon’s breeding combo has arguably the best collective breeding power in Palworld, so the Shadowbeaks you get will be extremely powerful and have a strong chance of having superior passive skills.

Of course, I do want to highlight how hard it is to get this pair; Astegon is a Level 48 boss in Mount Obsidian and Kitsun likes to run away and only appears at night near the Free Pal Alliance Tower Entrance.

  • One of the best collective Breeding Power.
  • Rare offspring.
  • Unique combo.
  • Extremely difficult to get.
  • Breeding chain could’ve been better.

3. Anubis + Grizzbolt

The Best Breeding Chain In Palworld.
Offspring from Anubis and Grizzbolt: Ragnahawk (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Breeding Result: Ragnahawk
  • Why I Chose This: This is the combo for you if you want to obtain rare pals with a single breeding chain.

Anubis is already a top-tier breeding parent, but I found that with Grizzbolt, you can obtain an extremely useful pal – Ragnahawk. I previously ranked Ragnahawk as one of the best Fire Pals in Palworld because of its well-balanced stats and ability to fly around the map.

However, I picked this as one of my best breeding combos because you can breed Anubis with its offspring constantly to get several powerful pals, including Wumpo Botan, Penking, and Elphidran. Each offspring you get has a high Breeding Power as well, making the chain superior to almost any other combo.

  • Incredibly powerful offspring.
  • Competitive breeding chain.
  • Challenging to obtain.

4. Dinnosom Lux + Cawgnito

The Best Alternative Breeding Chain In Palworld.
Breeding Cawgnito and Dinossom Lux
Breeding Cawgnito and Dinossom Lux at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Breeding Result: Loupmoon
  • Why I Chose This: Loupmoon is a great base-oriented Pal with Level 2 Handiwork, a Work Suitability trait that’s rare to come by.

Dinnosom Lux and Cawgnito have a diverse breeding chain, where you can use Lux and its offspring to get several pals belonging to different elements, like Ground, Ice, Dark, and more. And with respectable Breeding Power between the couple, I definitely recommend experimenting with them.

The only reason why I didn’t rank this combo above Anubis and Grizzbolt is because the breeding chain isn’t as competitive. However, these pals are much easier to get, so the accessibility benefit compensates for that minor drawback.

  • Diverse breeding chain.
  • Strong Breeding Power.
  • Comparatively easier to get than Anubis and Grizzbolt.
  • Gets overshadowed in terms of offspring’s rarity.

5. Reptyro + Foxcicle

The Best Breeding Combo For Mining-Based Pals.
Breeding Foxcicle and Reptyro at the Breeding Farm (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Breeding Result: Ice Reptyro
  • Why I Chose This: Stone-farming aside, Reptyro and Foxcicle are easy to find and considered one of the best breeding combos in the mid-game phase of Palworld. 

The offspring you get, Ice Reptyro, comes with Level 3 Mining, making it one of the best mining-based pals in Palworld. Furthermore, most players, including myself, found that you can’t find this variant of Reptyro anywhere on the map. Some players reported sighting it in a cave in the Astral Mountains, but the beast doesn’t spawn in some cases.

So, on top of being a unique combo, Reptyro and Foxcicle have that exclusivity factor. Also, unlike the other breeding combos I’ve mentioned above, getting both pals for this combo is relatively straightforward. You can find Reptyro and Foxcicle at Mount Obsidian and Frostbound Mountains, respectively, and usually under Level 30.

  • Easy to get.
  • Rare offspring.
  • Unique combo.
  • Ideal for mining-based work.
  • Limited scope.

6. Surfent + Dumud

The Best Early-Game Breeding Combo In Palworld.
Surfent Terra Palworld
Offspring from Surfent + Dumud: Surfent Terra (Image Source: eXputer)
  • Breeding Result: Surfent Terra
  • Why I Chose This: For early-game players who want to get a taste of breeding’s true potential, I’d recommend you start experimenting with this combo.

I’d say Surfent and Dumud are the only unique breeding combo that gives you a rare pal from two early-game pals. Surfent Terra is a strong Ground Pal with Level 1 Gathering and a Partner Skill that lets you ride it. While these may look like modest stats, this pal has incredible Breeding Power, making it a great asset for different breeding combos.

Furthermore, Surfent Terra is only found in the Dessicated Desert, a late-game region packed with Level 30+ Pals like Robinquill Terra and Cawgnito.

  • Easy to get.
  • Great for early-game players.
  • Respectable Breeding Power.
  • Basically useless for late-game.
  • Offsprings have lackluster Work Suitability traits.

Alternative Choices To Go For

Besides the ones I’ve mentioned, here are some additional alternative breeding combos that, while not in the top 6, are still worth trying out:

  • Blazamut + Suzaku Aqua: Unbelievable Breeding Power, but the breeding chain is severely lacking.
  • Vanwyrm + Foxcicle: Similar benefits and drawbacks to the Foxcicle and Reptyro combo, but slightly worse on most ends.
  • Rayhound + Mossanda: Another unique combo with great potential, but the offspring doesn’t compare to most on this list.
  • Blazamut + Caprity: Offspring and breeding chain shows a lot of promise, but I feel like both of these aren’t superior to most chain-focused breeding combos on this list.

My Tips For Breeding Combos

As someone who’s spent several days trying out tons of breeding combinations in Palworld, I usually found out that, in the end, I needed pals with strong Passive Skills to differentiate themselves from the rest. So, for starters, I recommend breeding pals with rare Passive Skills like Legend to ensure the offspring inherits those skills.

palworld hours
My concurrent progress on Palworld (Xbox ID: TheAwoken03)

It also boils down to what pals you need and how you want to use them. If you want pals to work with your expedition team, I suggest looking out for pals whose passive skills include Ferocious, Legend, Muscle Head, and Hooligan. Similarly, for base work, pals with skills like Work Slave, Artisan, and Serious can be great for any breeding combo.

That wraps up my brief guide on the best breeding combos you can test and further develop in Palworld. Again, most combos are designed to give you rare pals with useful Passive Skills. Other than that, if you’re looking for specific combinations to get specific pals, I suggest referring to this Spreadsheet to get more info. The sheet will also have detailed stats and figures for each pal’s breeding power, giving you a clearer idea of what you want.

If you’re planning on breeding en masse, you might want to check out my guide on Palworld’s best storage items for safely keeping your eggs. Additionally, Irfan’s guide on getting the Legendary Crossbow can help you hunt down some high-tier pals. And while you’re here, visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld, where she goes in-depth on the title’s mechanics.


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