Palworld: 8 Best Food Sources [Expert’s Picks]

With more than 50 hours exploring the Palworld islands, these are my top picks for the best food sources in Palworld.

Food is one of the most crucial mechanics in base building and automation. The best food source in Palworld will minimize the trips your Pals need to make to the feed box without completely tanking their Sanity. However, it shouldn’t be so good that your Pals start to over-eat and waste food.

Key Takeaways
  • Food items in Palworld are responsible for restoring Nutrition and Sanitation for Pals and Players.
  • The higher the tier of a food item, the more Sanity and Nutrition it replenishes.
  • You can potentially make about 30 dishes using the cooking pot in Palworld.
  • Many of the better dishes in Palworld require a cooking pot locked behind a level cap.
  • Red Berries are the best-automated food source in your base until the late-game stage.

My Picks For Best Food Sources And Comparison

I have listed a quick overview of all the major food entities that I will be discussing:

RankItem NameNutrition ValueSanity ReplenishedIngredientsBest For
1Herb Roasted Lamball9412Lamball Mutton 1x
Red Berries 2x
The Most Optimal Dish
2Roast Rushoar601Rushoar Pork 1xThe Best Party Exploration Dish
3Salad8411Lettuce 2x
Tomato 2x
The Healthiest Pal Base Dish
4Pancakes425Milk 1x
Flour 1x
The Best Sweet Party Dish
5Jam Filled Bun516Flour 1x
Red Berries 2x
The Best Jam Based Dish
6Bread274Flour 1xThe Best Chest Food Item
7Fried Egg231Egg 1xThe Best Early-Game Exploration Food Item
8Baked Berries211Red Berries 1xThe Best Semi-Automated Food Item

1. Herb Roasted Lamball

The Most Optimal Dish.
Roasted Lamball Dish Palworld
A Delicious Herb Rasoted Lamball (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Herb-roasted Lamball is one of the easiest high-tier dishes to make, and it has some of the best Nutrition and SAN values in Palworld.

The best dish on the chopping block is Herb Roasted Lamball. It has great values and isn’t hard to get once you get to levels 13-15. Granted, you will still need to wait until level 17 to unlock the Cooking Pot. In my experience, Herb Roasted Lamball is the most optimal dish for your base, with easy-to-get ingredients and excellent stats.

Herb Roasted Lamball Ingredients:

  • Lamball Mutton 1x.
  • Red Berries 2x.
  • Ingredients are easily accessible.
  • Increases defense by 10% for a short time when consumed.
  • You will have to farm Lamball mutton manually.

2. Roast Rushoar

The Best Party Exploration Dish.
Best Rushoar Palworld Foods
A Great Roast Rushoar (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Roast Rushoar offers the ideal sustenance for both a player and their large party during extended journeys while maintaining a low cost for ingredients.

Roast Rushoar is a high-tier dish that provides a lot of Nutrition but has a poor SAN stat. Given these values, this dish is perfect for the player and Pals in your party but not the best as a source in your base. With a mediocre weight value and easy-to-obtain ingredients, Roast Rushoar is perfect for any large party when exploring.

Roast Rushoar Ingredients:

  • Rushoar Pork 1x.
  • It only requires one ingredient to cook.
  • Replenishes a hearty amount of Nutrition.
  • Does not replenish a lot of SAN value.

3. Salad

The Healthiest Pal Base Dish.
Salad Palworld Food Item
A Perfectly Healthy Salad (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Salads are the best self-sufficient food sources at higher levels, making them ideal for your base in the later stages of Palworld.

Salad is most likely the best food source in Palworld once you unlock the tomato and lettuce farms. You can make a semi-self-sufficient farm for salads like berries using your Pals and forced labour. They offer better Sanity and Nutrition than Red Berries and require less effort than any other cooking pot dish.

Ingredients for Salads are:

  • Lettuce 2x.
  • Tomato 2x.
  • Extremely easy to cook and farm.
  • Offers a large amount of Nutrition and Sanity.
  • Ingredients are unlocked at very high levels.

4. Pancakes

The Best Sweet Party Dish.
Pancake Food Item Palworld
Some sweet Pancakes (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Pancakes are a great food source for your party because of their low weight and relatively cheap cooking cost.

Pancakes are on the lower end of the food spectrum in Palworld. It does require a fair bit of work to create, but that’s for your Pals to worry about. The Nutrition and Sanity values make it a good food item for your adventures. However, it will perform poorly as a Pal-base food source.

Ingredients for Pancakes:

  • Milk 1x.
  • Flour 1x.
  • Relatively easy to obtain ingredients.
  • Replenishes a fair amount of Nutrition (42) and Sanity (5).
  • Additional time is needed to transform wheat into flour.

5. Jam Filled Bun

The Best Jam Based Dish.
palworld jam food source
Scrumptious Jam Filled Bun (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Jam Filled Bun is the first step towards getting better food for yourself and your Pals, making it imperative to list it as one of the best food sources.

The jam-filled bun is my go-to dish to carry with me because it is easy to make and has fairly good nutrition levels. It is not one of the best food sources, but it isn’t the worst either.

Jam Filled Bun Ingredients:

  • Flour 1x.
  • Red Berries 2x.
  • Relatively low weight and low cost to make.
  • Offers a moderate amount of Nutrition and Sanity stats.
  • An additional cost of processing wheat.

6. Bread

The Best Chest Food Item.
Flour Food Item
Just Bread (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Bread is a second wind when you’re out exploring and find yourself without any good sources of Nutrition.

There is a good chance that at the end of your expeditions that revolved around opening many chests, you may have a lot of Bread in your inventory. Bread is the only good food item you can find while travelling, providing a fair bit of Nutrition for you and your party.

Ingredient for Bread:

  • Flour 1x.
  • You can obtain Bread from chests.
  • Gives 27 Nutrition and 4 Sanity.
  • Less than sub-optimal to cook.

7. Fried Egg

The Best Early-Game Exploration Food Item.
Palworld Egg Food Source
A Delicious Fried Egg (Image Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: During exploration in the early game stages, fried eggs are the best food item for you and your party, requiring relatively low effort.

The Fried Egg is one of the first dishes you will cook as soon as you unlock the ability to cook. It is one of the few dishes that can be cooked on a campfire and provides some sustenance. Granted how easy the ingredients are to obtain and the low cooking time, this early-game dish deserves its spot among the Best food sources in Palworld.


  • Egg 1x.
  • It only requires one egg to craft.
  • Horrible at restoring/maintaining SAN.

8. Baked Berries

The Best Semi-Automated Food Item.
Berries Food Item
The Great Baked Berries (Image Credit: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Baked Berries are the first dish in your journey to becoming a master chef, allowing you to explore the Islands in Palworld with a fair bit of Nutrition on your journey.

No list of Palworld food sources is complete without mentioning the legendary Baked Berries. They are a slightly improved version of Red Berries. If you have any fire-type pal in your base before level 10, it makes sense always to have it cook these Berries to maximize the efficiency of your pals.

Baked Berries Ingredients:

  • Red Berries 1x.
  • You only need Red Berries to craft it.
  • It is quite poor at maintaining SAN levels.

Palworld Foods Worth Mentioning

Listed below are some food sources I thought were worth mentioning:

  1. Red Berries are the most popular Palworld food source because they can easily automate their production with a high production rate.
  2. Cotton Candy: It is the only food source in Palworld that doesn’t expire nor can be crafted. It is an ideal item to fill up slots in your feed bag.
  3. Lamball Kebab: Like Fried Eggs, it is one of the easiest early-game dishes to make if you’re willing to try to farm Lamballs.

My Tips On Best Food Sources In Palworld

As I already mentioned, food is an important mechanic in Palworld. However, in my experience, if you don’t mind your Pals making many trips to the feed box, you can use Red Berries as your primary source at any game stage. It has and continues to serve me more than well.

That concludes my take on the Best Food Items in Palworld. While here, you can check out Rabiya’s review of Palworld to better understand how employing different food sources may help you around. You can also take a look at the best base locations in Palworld. If that isn’t to your liking, you can also check out the guide on where to find Bushi in Palworld.

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