Palworld: Bushi Location And How To Capture It

This guide will show you the exact spots where Bushi will spawn and help you learn how to fight and capture it successfully.

Bushi is one of the most phenomenal pals you can capture in Palworld. It helps you significantly in your survival adventure by farming resources and fighting enemy pals and thugs to defend you and your base; therefore, having a Bushi in your party can be pretty useful.

Key Takeaways
  • You can get 2 types of Bushi in Palworld, and both are located at different locations.
  • You can capture both of these Bushis by visiting their respective spawn locations.
  • Bushi has an amazing skillset that can exponentially help any player if caught early in the game.

Bushi Location

Regular level 30 Bushi spawn location on map in Palworld. (image captured by eXputer)
The regular level 30 Bushi spawn location is on the map in Palworld. (image captured by eXputer)

You can find level 30 Bushi hanging around at the beaches near the Fisherman’s Point fast travel tower area located at the bottom left of the map near the volcano. So make sure to approach after thoroughly preparing as a Bushi will attack you on sight.

level 23 Alpha Bushi spawn location on map in Palworld. (image captured by eXputer)
The level 23 Alpha Bushi spawn location is on the map in Palworld. (image captured by eXputer)

However, there is another version of Bushi that you can get earlier than the regular one. This Alpha Bushi is a level 23 pal with all the great skills of a swordsman that a regular level 30 Bushi has. It can be captured by fighting and capturing it in the dungeon near the Sealed Realm of the Swordmaster fast travel tower area at the west of the first spawn location.

You’ll most likely encounter this dungeon as it is also located on the way to the volcano mountain area. This Alpha Bushi is your best bet if you want to capture a bushi early in the game. This bushi has a lower level than regular ones, and once you encounter the dungeon, you can see its exact location on the map.

How To Capture Alpha Bushi

Bushi Stats and Skillset in Palworld Party. (image taken by eXputer)
Bushi Stats and Skillset in Palworld Party. (image taken by eXputer)

Capturing the Alpha Bushi can be quite challenging. Follow these steps:

  1. Prepare Adequately: Ensure you have at least metal armor to survive in combat since Bushi has powerful fire, ice, and grass-type attacks. It’s recommended to have a team of water-type pals at level 20 or higher.
  2. Elemental Advantage: Do not bring any ice or grass-type pals as fire-type attacks are highly effective against them, and Bushi is a fire-type pal.
  3. Ranged Weapon: Equip a powerful ranged weapon such as a musket or crossbow.
  4. Engage in Combat: Challenge and engage Bushi in combat. Be cautious of its fireball and sword dash attacks, which can inflict substantial damage.
  5. Lower Health: Fight Bushi until its health is significantly reduced.

After you fight and lower its health to the lowest point you can capture it by using a Giga Sphere. You can unlock the Giga Sphere technology in the technology tree at level 20 and craft it using the following resources at a Sphere Workbench:

  • 2 Paldium Fragment
  • 2 Ingot
  • 7 Wood
  • 7 Stone

Because Bushi is a highly useful pal for not only your base but also for your party because of its combat capabilities and skillset. Bushi uses the following skillset:

Partner Skill: Brandish Blade (Powerful Laigiri)

Active Skills:

  • Laigiri (Fire Based Attack)
  • Icicle Cutter (Frost Based Attack)
  • Wind Cutter (Grass Based Attack)

Passive Skills:

  • Power of Gaia
  • Runner

Work Suitability:

  • Handiwork Lv.1
  • Gathering Lv.1
  • Kindling Lv.2
  • Transporting Lv.2
  • Lumbering Lv.3

My Thoughts

I highly recommend capturing Alpha Bushi early in the game as soon as you reach level 20 because it has a lower level than a regular one which makes it a little easier to capture and it has a skillset of 3 elements. However, another reason for my suggestion to capture Alpha Bushi is that it has a level 3 lumbering suitability which makes it a great pal for gathering wood resources.

As far as the combat advantages go, capturing the Bushi made battling and capturing other boss pals pretty easy as I was able to capture Chillet and Broncherry Aqua easily with the help of Bushi. However, This is all the info you need to capture Bushi in Palworld. Now if you want to get more insights, you can read the Palworld review written by our experienced writer Rabiya Rizwan.


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