Palworld Best Player Build [Stats, Pals, Skills, & More]

After spending 100+ hours in Palworld, I've crafted the ideal build that can help you breeze through the end-game phase and easily tackle boss encounters.

Like most open-world survival crafting games, Palworld offers a ton of customizations for your build. You can upgrade stats, capture and assign pals, gain different Active and Passive Skills, build weapons, and more. However, if you’re determined to make a top-tier build instead of focusing on personalization, there are a few suggestions and upgrades you should prioritize first.

Key Takeaways
  • Builds in Palworld mainly consist of player weapons, stats, and pals.
  • For an ideal build, prioritize leveling up long-term stats like HP, Weight, and Stamina to enhance exploration.
  • When it comes to pals, always check their Work Suitability traits – higher traits and trait levels show how good they are for tasks at your base.
  • Boss Pals are ideal for combat, but if you can’t get them, I suggest breeding high-tier pals at the Breeding Farm to produce offspring with strong Active Skills in Palworld.

My Best Player Build In Palworld

Before I continue further, here’s a quick overview of the best in-game build, which covers aspects like pals, stats, and other pieces of gear:

– HP
– Stamina
– Weight
– Rocket Launcher
– Assault Rifle
– Sword
Pal Metal Helm + Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor– Verdash
– Blazamut
– Jetragon
– Astegon
– Paladius

Best Stats

stats in palworld
Recommended stats to level up: HP, Defense, and Weight (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)

Picking the best stats for your build usually boils down to what you need. Combat and Defense are ideal against boss battles, while Weight and Stamina are generally great for exploring. However, based on what I’ve tested, some stats’ effects are much more noticeable than others.

Out of the six character stats, here are the ones I recommend investing in first:

  1. HP: Increases your character’s maximum Hit Points, helping them withstand enemy attacks and other damaging sources.
  2. Weight: Increases the maximum capacity of items your character can carry in their inventory. This is generally useful when farming resources and Large Eggs that are scattered across the world.
  3. Stamina: Increases the time taken to deplete your Stamina Meter fully. With more stamina, you can cover more distance when running, gliding, and riding your pal. You can also work and dodge more without taking a break.
Important: Arham has a brief guide on resetting stats in Palworld if you want to readjust your strategy.

Best Weapons

As you progress through Palworld, you can start crafting modern weapons like pistols and rifles instead of melee weapons, which you get in the early-game phase. Furthermore, you can only craft higher-tier weapons at high-level workbenches, so it’s important to reserve space for placing your future workbenches.

Rocket Launcher

Best Damage-Dealing Weapon In Palworld.
Rocket Launcher weapon
Rocket Launcher’s stats in the Inventory menu (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
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With 10000 Damage, it’s ten times stronger than a single shot of the Musket, the second-strongest weapon in Palworld. The launcher has incredible AoE damage, range, and versatility. If you can cope with its requirements, this weapon is a must-have and ideal for almost every scenario.

You can unlock the Rocket Launcher at Level 49 and only craft it at a Weapon Assembly Line II using:

  • 75x Pal Metal Ingot
  • 30x Polymer
  • 50x Carbon Fiber
Important: To craft Rocket Ammo for using the Rocket Launcher, you need 1x Pal Metal Ingot and 5x Gunpowder.
  • Incredible damage output.
  • Amazing AoE damage.
  • Great for boss fights.
  • Impressive range.
  • Unlocks extremely late.
  • Weak reloading speed.
  • Challenging to craft.

Assault Rifle

Best All-Rounder Weapon In Palworld.
Assault Rifle weapon
Assault Rifle’s stats in the Inventory menu (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: If you want a weapon that’s great for any encounter, I assure you that this weapon is unmatched in reliability.
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The Assault Rifle has the most balanced stats in every category, offering impressive range, fire rate, damage output, and reloading speed. Like the Rocket Launcher, you can use the Assault Rifle against any boss and in any situation. Personally, I prefer using it over the Rocket Launcher sometimes since this weapon isn’t nearly as demanding.

The Assault Rifle and its ammo type unlock at Level 36 with the following crafting requirements:

  • 20x Refined Ingot
  • 5x Polymer
Important: The crafting requirements for the Assault Rifle ammo include 1x Refined Ingot and 2x Gunpowder. Also, you can only craft the Assault Rifle at a Weapon Assembly Line I or better.
  • Incredible Fire Rate.
  • Reloading speed and range are top-notch.
  • Balanced and versatile.
  • Slightly underwhelming damage output.


Best Melee Weapon In Palworld.
Sword’s stats in the Inventory menu (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: If you’re tired of repeatedly farming and crafting ammo for your weapons, the Sword is a perfect choice.
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With 525 Damage, this melee weapon has the strongest damage output in its category and even beats out the Assault Rifle. Of course, using this means you can’t attack enemies from a safe range. However, I’d say the Sword is arguably the most cost-efficient weapon with great durability.

The crafting requirements for the Sword, unlocked at Level 44, include:

  • 30x Refined Ingot
  • 20x Wood
  • 20x Stone
  • Low crafting requirements.
  • High durability.
  • Strongest damage output.
  • Doesn’t require ammunition.
  • Weak range.
  • Not great for boss fights.

Best Armor: Pal Metal Helm + Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor

The Pal Metal set is unquestionably the strongest and most durable armor set in Palworld, so these are no-brainer choices. Both the Pal Metal Helm and Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor have roughly 50% more Defense than their Refined Metal counterparts.

pal metal armor stats
Showcasing the Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor’s stats (Screenshot by eXputer)

However, I picked the Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor over its standard and Hot variant because it offers more Defense and helps against the Cold effect, which occurs much more frequently than Hot.

The Pal Metal Helm unlocks at Level 46 and can be crafted with:

  • 20x Pal Metal Ingot
  • 20x Paldium Fragment

On the other hand, you can craft the Cold Resistant Pal Metal Armor at Level 50 using:

  • 30x Pal Metal Ingot
  • 30x Leather
  • 6x High Quality Cloth
  • 16x Ice Organ

Best Work Pals

As you level up your Pal box, you can add more pals to your base for various tasks like gardening, mining, logging, crafting, and more. You can see what type of work a pal can do by looking at its Work Suitability traits at the Paldeck or Pal Box. As you’d guess, my list consists of pals that have several high-level Work Suitability traits for doing tons of work at a great pace.


Most Versatile Work Pal In Palworld.
Verdash palworld
Verdash Stats Showcase at the Paldeck (Image Captured By Us)
  • Why I Chose This: Most work pals either lack Work Suitability traits or have low levels in each trait, but thankfully, Verdash doesn’t suffer from either problem.
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This is an extremely rare Grass-type Pal with Level 2 Planting, Level 3 Handiwork, Level 2 Lumbering, Level 2 Transporting, and Level 3 Gardening. No other pal in Palworld has a better combination of Work Suitability traits, and with Verdash, you can do tons of tasks with it.

Below, I’ve listed the methods for catching a Verdash:

  • Fight it in as a Level 35 Boss near the Sealed Realm of the Swift (287,10) in Windswept Hills.
  • Catch one on the No.2 Wildlife Sanctuary island on the map’s western edge.
  • Hatch Huge Verdant Eggs.
  • Diverse Work Suitability traits.
  • High trait levels.
  • Extremely versatile at base.
  • Not suited to some basic tasks like kindling.


Best Work Pal For Breeding.
blazamut palworld
Blazamut’s stats at the Paldeck (Image taken by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Blazamut has a whopping 10 Breeding Power, which basically means it’ll create a rare pal when paired with anything else at the Breeding Farm.
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Although rare, this is probably the closest thing to a perfect workpal in Palworld. Blazamut, besides its exceptional breeding power, comes with Level 4 Mining and Level 3 Kindling, making it useful for furnaces, cooking, and mining stone at the Stone Pit. If you do catch a Blazamut, I highly recommend using it for breeding and mining since you won’t come across a pal that can do both tasks at that pace.

Players can find Blazamut via the following methods:

  • As a Level 49 Boss in the Scorching Mineshaft (-440, -530) at Mount Obsidian.
  • At the No.3 Wildlife Sanctuary island located on the map’s northeastern edge.
  • Hatching Huge Scorching Eggs.
  • Great for breeding rare pals.
  • One of the best pals for mining.
  • Can be used for combat.
  • Extremely challenging to obtain.
  • Not as diverse as Verdash.

Best Combat Pals

Unlike work pals, you can only keep up to 5 pals for your team. The easiest way to find combat-worthy pals is by looking at their level. The rarer the pal, the higher Attack and Defense stats it’ll have at a high level, which is why most boss pals are considered some of the best.


Best Flying Mount In Palworld.
Jetragon’s Partner Skill and Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Jetragon’s flying abilities alone put it at the top of my list since it made battles and exploration so much easier.
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Aside from its aerial speed and expertise, Jetragon has some of the strongest stats out of any pal in Palworld. As a Level 50 Dragon Pal, its Attack and Defense are well above 500, and it often comes with some of the best Active Skills, including Dragon Meteor and Beam Comet.

You can fight Jetragon on the northwestern edge of Mount Obsidian, a Hot Island location of the west side of Palworld’s map.

Important: To ride Jetragon, you must craft a Jetragon Saddle, which unlocks at Level 50.
  • Amazing aerial speed and abilities.
  • High damage output.
  • Well-balanced stats.
  • Strong against Dark Pals.


Best Dark-Type Combat Pal.
astegon stats
Astegon’s stats at the Pal Box (Screenshot by eXputer)
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Like Jetragon, this is another Dragon Pal but comes with the Dark element, too. Personally, I found Astegon to be the toughest boss to defeat, but it’s well worth the effort for this build since it has the highest Dark damage out of any pal in Palworld. 

Astegon is a Level 48 boss that you can find in Mount Obsidian, specifically in the Destroyed Mineshaft located at the biome’s center.

  • Insanely high damage output.
  • Comes equipped with strong Active Skills.
  • Ideal for fighting Neutral Pals.
  • Great for mining tasks.
  • Weak to Dragon Pals.
  • Challenging to beat.


Best Combat Pal For Long-Range Fights.
Paladius’ stats at the Pal Box (Picture Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: This pal knows how to attack while being mindful of defense, making it extremely hard for enemies to kill it.
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As my final pick, I must say that Paladius caught me by surprise since I often thought that Neutral-type Pals were the worst. With several exclusive attacks, this is undoubtedly one of the best pals for your long-range encounters. Aside from that, though, Paladius comes with incredible versatility thanks to its defense and mobility.

  • Highly versatile and reliable.
  • Great for long-range engagements.
  • Exclusive Active Skills.
  • Impressive range and mobility.
  • Weak to Dark Pals.
  • Challenging to obtain.

My Experience Using This Player Build

I’ve grinded through Palworld for just over 100 hours, and I’ve secured every armor, weapon, and pal that the title has to offer. Personally, this was my ideal build for going through areas like the Astral Mountains that are packed with Level 40+ pals. With Jetragon’s mobility, Astegon’s balanced stats, and the Rocket Launcher’s damage, I breezed through most boss fights.

palworld hours
My concurrent progress on Palworld (Xbox ID: TheAwoken03)

I beat Necromus and Paladius, largely considered the toughest fight in Palworld, in just under 3 minutes. And thanks to my work pals, I built my Assembly Lines from scratch in under a day. 

That wraps up my extensive guide on the best player build in Palworld, where I’ve gone over the weapons, stats, armor, and pals that I found the most useful. I encourage swapping out different high-tier pals to see if any one of them makes more sense to you or just adds more variety. However, if you’re looking for more options to swap in and out, try looking at this YouTube video that covers several useful pal replacements.

Besides your build, focus on expanding and preserving your resources by learning about the best storage items in Palworld. If your pal gets sick with Overfull, I have a brief guide that can help you get rid of that ailment. And while you’re here, visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld which extensively covers the title’s pros and cons.


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