Palworld: How To Level Up Fast [Tested Methods]

Gain more experience buy using these methods to level up fast in Palworld.

Leveling up in Palworld is the key to getting stronger and going much further during exploration; you will also unlock more crafting options in technologies as you reach a higher level. To level up fast in Palworld, you can try out various activities such as defeating and capturing Pals, building your base, and beating bosses.

Before You Start: It’s recommended to increase the EXP rate from the custom difficulty setting to get more experience quickly. 
Important: The highest level that you can reach in Palworld in the early access stage is 50. 
Key Takeaways
  • Catching new and old Pals is an excellent method to gain quick EXP in Palworld.
  • You can try beating various enemies and bosses in Palworld to level up fast. 
  • Working on your base in Palworld can be fun and rewarding at the same time. 
  • You can also visit dungeons for a fun challenge while leveling up. 

1. Catching Pals

palworld catch pals
Catching Pals in Palworld (Image by eXputer)

One of the fastest ways to farm EXP is by catching a variety of Pals. It’s also recommended to catch the same Pal a total of ten times to gain more experience. You can catch some early game Pals such as Cattiva, Chikipi, and Lamball easily to level up fast in Palworld. 

Additionally, I also recommend you to catch a new Pal whenever you see one. Catching a new Pal will give you an extra amount of EXP. Having a few Pal spheres in hand every time you set off for exploration is not a bad idea. 

2. Defeating Enemies

killing pals
Defeating a Pal (image by eXputer)

You can also kill Pals, humans, and bosses to get massive experience, allowing you to level up fast in Palworld. There are strong pals scattered across the open world that are easier to spot as some are large in size. Taking them on and successfully beating them gives you a good amount of EXP. 

If you are not strong enough to beat the strong Pals, you can try farming EXP by killing lower-level Pals and Syndicate members in Palword. You will also encounter bosses inside towers; defeating them is rewarding. Zoe and Grizzbolt is the first early-game boss that you can try beating. 

3. Conquering Dungeons

palworld dungeon xp farm
Dungeon (Image captured by eXputer)

Taking on Dungeons and successfully completing one is sure to get you a lot of EXP in Palworld to level up fast. The Dungeons are challenging, and you must be prepared beforehand before you set foot in one. It’s recommended to craft enough Pal Spheres and food to have in your inventory. 

You can capture a few Pals and special Alpha Pals in dungeons which can reward you with a good amount of experience. Furthermore, you can also get a few rare materials from dungeons that can be used in crafting which also gives you some amount of EXP. 

4. Building Your Base

building bases
Building a base (image by eXputer)

You can get a huge amount of EXP while working on your base. Various activities in Palworld such as crafting, farming, and gathering materials can help you level up fast. You can get EXP even if you don’t do anything and leave your Pals to work on your base. 

I recommend you craft a few technologies such as a Logging Site and Stone Pit where your Pals will automatically farm wood and stone for EXP. I suggest you pick a good base location with a lot of space, so you can craft more buildings easily. 

My Opinion On How To Level Up Fast

Palworld is an extensive survival game with a lot of activities to engage in. You can try out various things such as crafting, defeating tough bosses and Pals, catching new Pals, and much more. However, out of these methods, I think catching new Pals while exploring is the best method to gain more experience. 

If you are confused about what Pals to catch, check out the guides on the best Grass and Ice Pals. You may also want to know more about the best Electric Pal. Also, check out my Palworld Review to know more about various gameplay mechanics. 

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