New Palworld Update v0.1.4.0 Fixes Crashes, Server, Bases, And Pals-Related Issues

The updates have improved the game considerably for many players.

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  • Palworld devs have published a new update to Steam and Xbox that tackles a myriad of recurring bugs.
  • The update mostly focuses on fixing many glitches that would cause the game servers to crash.
  • It makes the base-building much smoother; the servers and pals have also seen a lot of improvement.

Palworld has been dominating the sales charts globally since its release, but it is not free from a myriad of server and gameplay issues across platforms. However, the devs have been diligent in addressing them. The game has received a new v0.1.4.0 update for Steam and Xbox that takes care of a plethora of variables that lead to crashes. In turn, it should run more smoothly with improved gameplay after you install the new update.

Glancing over major fixes, an issue in Palworld was fixed that would cause crashes under certain conditions. Another major crash instance that would corrupt the save data when the total number of Pals in a guild would reach nearly 7000 was fixed. Sometimes, Pals could be captured using a sphere if their HP was lower than 30% or lower, but this cannot be done anymore. Enemy Pals will also not get stuck into walls due to charge attacks.

Coming towards a limited number of new features added in the update, support for mouse side keys and numeric keypads for keyboards have been added, with further improvements planned. The rest of the update mainly focuses on dealing with player-reported issues and base issues to make the base-building aspect of the game smoother than before. The Pals will also behave around bases more naturally.

Palworld is a fun open world survival that challenges your perception of cuteness with violence.
Palworld is a fun open-world survival that challenges your perception of cuteness with violence.

Lastly, the fire spreading has finally been reduced and balanced in Palworld. In the past, the fire would chew away your wooden base in a matter of seconds. So, it has been deemed as a huge fix by the community. It will also make wooden bases more viable for early-game raids.

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Palworld came out to universal acclaim on January 19, 2024, for Xbox One, Xbox Series S|X, and PC. It is nowhere to be seen on the PS5, but the devs plan to bring it over to the Sony ecosystem after the main concerns are handled. Meanwhile, you can also enjoy open-world survival in VR using the UEVR mod. eXputer’s Rabiya Rizwan reviewed the entry and granted it a notable 4.5/5 score, heralding its gameplay loop and creativity.

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