Palworld: How To Build Egg Incubator To Hatch Eggs

Embark on an egg-citing adventure in Palworld and discover the thrill of hatching unique pals, circumventing the limits of Pal Spheres.

In Palworld, there’s an exciting twist to the adventure with the Egg Incubator. While Pal Spheres are the main way to get pals, they have limits based on where you are and the time of the day. But don’t worry – you can get pals through other ways for example you can buy them, set them free from cages, and even hatch these eggs through the Egg Incubator in Palworld. 

Key Takeaways
  • In Palworld, the Egg Incubator is used to hatch Pals from eggs found across the vibrant terrain.
  • The Egg Incubator is under ‘Ancient Technology,’ unlocked with Ancient Technology Points.
  • There are two methods of obtaining Pal Eggs in Palworld:
    1. Finding special eggs in the wild, identifiable by patterns and size.
    2. Breeding eggs for customization.
  • Once you have the egg in Palworld, place it in the Egg Incubator, and wait for it to hatch, the time is based on the rarity and type of the egg.
  • When the timer ends, interact with the Egg Incubator to welcome a new Level 1 Pal to the Palbox.

Important: During your journey, you’ll come across colorful eggs that hold unique pals. Choosing to hatch eggs is a simpler way to get higher-rarity pals early on in the game without the challenges of facing them directly in the wild. .

Using The Egg Incubator 

In the Technology Tab, where you research and unlock various advancements, you’ll find the Egg Incubator waiting to be discovered at Level 7 under the Ancient Technology tab.

After unlocking it with Ancient Technology points, these are the materials you would need to construct the Egg Incubator:

Ingredient Quantity
Paldium Fragment 10
Cloth 5
Stone 30
Ancient Civilization Parts 2

Press B to open the build menu. Navigate to the Structures Tab, and select the Egg Incubator, and place it in a suitable spot (preferably near a campfire). And voila! Your egg Incubator is up and running.

Palworld Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator materials required and selection [image captured by eXputer]
To hatch the eggs you’ve gathered in Palworld, you’ll have to make the important Egg Incubator. This special machine is part of ‘Ancient Technology,’ and you need Ancient Technology Points to unlock it, not the regular Technology Points.

You get these points by defeating tough bosses like the first boss Zoe and Grizzbolt leading the Rayne Syndicate Towers or powerful enemies, such as boss Pals. Or you could venture the diverse lands in search of new Great Eagle Statues which allow fast travel.

Obtaining Eggs 

Once the Egg Incubator has been made, you might think the next step would just be to place the Eggs inside to incubate in Palworld. Well, yes obviously but how would you obtain these Eggs?

Palworld Eggs in the wild
Pal Eggs found in the wild [image by eXputer]
There are two methods of obtaining Pal Eggs in Palworld:

  1. Special Pal Eggs in the Wild: Uncommon and rare eggs have names with the type of Pal they are inhibiting for example the dark egg. Don’t go chasing Chikipee around since its eggs cannot be incubated.
  2. Breeding Eggs: Breeding is another method of obtaining Pal Eggs but that comes later in Palworld since it is unlocked around level 19. The advantage of this method is that you can customize the egg to your specific liking. 

Here’s a quick video guide by eXputer to get you familiar with the mechanics of breeding in Palworld:

YouTube video

How To Hatch Eggs

Now that you have the egg in Palworld, just interact with the Egg Incubator and place the egg inside. Depending on the rarity and the type of egg, the time taken for the egg to hatch can vary significantly.

However, you can reduce this time by making sure the Incubator’s temperature is the optimal temperature for the specific egg inside. For most eggs, placing them near a campfire or a heater will reduce the timer significantly but for certain eggs, it will be faster if you put it in a cooler environment like the Damp egg.

Palworld incubation complete
Getting a Pal incubated [image by eXputer]
When the timer has ended, interact with the Egg Incubator by holding the F key and a new Pal of Level 1 will be added to the Palbox.

So, whether you’re using Pal Spheres, buying pals, or hatching eggs, Palworld offers various ways to build your collection of pals in its vast and vibrant terrain. It is more fun to play Palworld with your friends and venture into an exciting adventure together so learn how to make a dedicated server. In the comments below, let us know which rare eggs you hatch in Palworld.

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