Palworld: All Syndicate Tower Locations & Bosses

Here are the Tower Map Locations where you can face the toughest bosses in Palworld!

Towers are home to bosses you fight in Palworld. These bosses are essential to your game and level progression. The bosses in these towers are some of the hardest to defeat in the whole of Palworld. You must be on a certain level and have some counters to defeat these bosses. There are a total of five tower boss locations that can be found on the map of Palworld. I was able to crack one of the easiest ways to get to these towers without using fast travel!

Key Takeaways
  • There are a total of five syndicate towers in Palworld. 
  • You must be at a sufficient enough level to fight off the bosses at some of the towers. 
  • After completing each tower you will get 5 technology points, which can be used to get crafting recipes.
  • Some areas are cold, so they require cold armor, which has to be the best armor you can possibly get. 
  • Towers on mountains and at high altitudes require flying mounts to reach.

All Syndicate Tower Locations

The 5 towers are scattered across the maps where boss pals must be defeated. The difficulty of each boss varies. After completing each tower you will get 5 technology points, which you can use to unlock unique crafting recipes from the technology tree. Bonus HP is also awarded afterward. The boss pals you defeat cannot be captured in any sphere as even the glitch to capture these bosses has been patched as said by players on X. 

The following is a table of all tower locations along with their boss stats with personal recommendations:

Tower NameCoordinatesBossesPal ElementSuggested LevelPal WeaknessPal Approx. HP
Tower Of The Rayne Syndicate112, -434Zoe and GrizzboltElectric15Ground Pals27k
Tower Of The Free Pal Alliance185, 28Lily and LyleenGrass30Fire Pals70k
Tower of the Pal Genetic Research Unit-149, 445Victor and ShadowbeakDark50Dragon/Ice Pals200k
Tower Of The PIDF561, 334Marcus and FalerisFire45Water Pals146k
Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre-588, -518Axel and OrserkElectric/Dragon45Ground/Ice Pals130k

1. Tower Of The Rayne Syndicate 

tower of the rayne syndicate
Tower of the Rayne syndicate location on map with coordinates – (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
CoordinatesBossPal ElementSuggested LevelPal WeaknessPal Approx. HP
112, -434Zoe and GrizzboltElectric15Ground27k
  • First Tower Encounter: The first tower that you will definitely encounter will be the Tower of the Rayne Syndicate.
  • Head North: It is easy to spot since all you need to do is head straight north from where you first began.
  • Can be spotted from afar: Keep moving forward and see the giant tower you can spot from far away.
  • Part of Tutorial: I didn’t have to do much to find the tower since it was part of the tutorial. 
  • Use Ground-type pals: Use your best weapons like the legendary handgun or the legendary pump action shotgun and your best Ground element pals at the time to defeat Grizzbolt, one of the best electric-type pals

2. Tower Of The Free Pal Alliance 

Tower of the free pal alliance on map in Palworld
tower of the free pal alliance pin point location on map – (Screenshot Grab: eXputer)
CoordinatesBossPal ElementSuggested LevelPal WeaknessPal Approx. HP
185,28Lily and LyleenGrass30Fire70k
  • Next Free Pal Alliance Tower: In my opinion, the next tower you should probably go to is the Tower of the Free Pal Alliance. 
  • Lyleen Boss: You will encounter Lyleen who has probably one of the lowest HPs of all the tower bosses.
  • Head East: The locations of the tower and boss can be found on the east side of the island map of Palworld around a small snowy peak.
  • Fast Travel hack: If you want to get close to you should fast travel to Snowy Mountain Fork point for ease.
  • Easy Boss: Lyleen is fairly easy to beat and I suggest you take fire-type-pal to defeat it.
  • Cold-resistant armor: Since the tower is situated in a cold area cold armor is required so your HP doesn’t drop. 

3. Tower Of The Pal Genetic Research Unit 

tower of the pal genetic research unit locations on map in Palworld
tower of the pal genetic research unit location on the snowy side of the map – (Image Captured by Us)
CoordinatesBossPal ElementSuggested LevelPal WeaknessPal Approx. HP
-149,445Victor and ShadowbeakDark50Dragon/Ice200k
  • Difficulty of reaching: Out of all the towers, the Pal Genetic Research Unit tower is the most difficult to reach.
  • Flying mount: A flying mount is needed to reach this area because it is so far up north on the island.
  • Cold armor required: It is crucial to have cold armor worn during the journey to the tour or else your health points will drastically be reduced. 
  • Most difficult boss pal: Shadowbeak is the hardest boss you will face from the towers, so I suggest taking friends with you to defeat it.

4. Tower Of The PIDF

tower of the PIDF map location in game
tower of the PIDF location in Palword map – (Image Captured by eXputer)
CoordinatesBossPal ElementSuggested LevelPal WeaknessPal Approx. HP
561, 334Marcus and FalerisFire45Water
  • Reference Point: A desert biome can be found near the Free Pal Alliance Tower.
  • Tower Location: The Tower of the PIDF is situated in that desert biome.
  • Map Location: It can be located on the Northeastern side of the map.
  • Use Flying Mount: Based on what I experienced, I suggest you use a flying mount to reach the tower.
  • Weather both cold and hot: There is hot and cold weather near the area to prepare yourself for both situations.
  • Hard battle: Fighting Faleris will be hard because of its flight ability.
  • Suggestion: Bring Pals with you that can handle flight-type Pals.

5. Tower Of The Brothers Of The Eternal Pyre

tower of the brothers of the enternal pyre
tower of the brothers of the eternal pyre on map location with its coordinates on the bottom left – (Image by eXputer)
CoordinatesBossPal ElementSuggested LevelPal WeaknessPal Approx. HP
-588, -518Axel and OrserkElectric/Dragon45Ground/Ice130k
  • Tower Location: The Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre can be easily spotted because it sits on top of the map volcano of Palworld. 
  • Head Southwest: You can easily get to it as it’s found far southwest of the map on Mount Obsidian.
  • Bring ranged weapons: In my experience, it was the hardest fight because I had to depend on a ranged weapon like the old Legendary Bow.
  • Level 40 above requirement: I suggest you try the tower when you reach level 45 as it will be much easier. 

So these were all the tower locations you will find on the map of Palworld. It is easier to find these towers if you use your flying mounts and follow the coordinates.

Check out our recently published guide on getting the Legendary Crossbow, which has helped me cover multiple towers like the Tower of the Brothers of the Eternal Pyre. Read our detailed review of Palworld, written by our experienced in-game guide writer Rabiya Rizwan. 


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