Palworld: Best Flying Mounts [Top 5 Picks]

After playing Palworld for over 20+ hours, here are my recommendations for the best flying mounts!

There are a total of 14 Flying mounts available in the Palworld. These Flying mounts help you travel great distances faster, make your attacks more powerful, and assist you in mining while riding them. 

Key Takeaways
  • There are 14 Flying mounts available in the Palworld, of which five are the best.
  • The fastest Flying mount to travel in Palworld is Jetragon.
  • Flying mounts are great for mining resources and traveling faster.
  • To increase your chances of capturing a higher-level flying mount, you may need to use Mega or Giga Pal Spheres.

Palworld Best Flying Mounts And Comparison

Here’s the summary of Best Flying Mounts in the Palworld:

Flying MountPaldeck NumberPartner SkillsBest ForElement TypeFoodPossible DropsWork Suitability
Jetragon#111Aerial MissileBest Flying Pal in Early-Game Dragon9Pure Quartz, Polymer, Carbon Fiber, DiamondGathering Lv3
Frostallion#110Ice SteedStrongest Early-Game Flying PalIce7Ice Organ, DiamondCooling Lv4
Astegon#098Black AnkylosaurBest Pal for MiningDragon and Darkness9Pal Metal Ingot, Pure QuartzHandiwork Lv1, Mining Lv4
Nitewing#038Travel CompanionBest Pal To Deal Massive DamageNeutral7LeatherGathering Lv2
Vanwyrm#071Aerial MarauderFastest Flying PalFire and Darkness6Bone, Ruby, Gold CoinKindling Lv1, Transporting Lv3

5. Nitewing

The Best Early-Game Flying Pal
Stats of Nitewing [image by eXputer]
These eagle-like pals often fly between the Grassy Behemoth Hills and Fort Ruins waypoints.

Nitewing is a large, early-game Pal which is suitable for aerial journeys. To get Flying mounts, you must capture a Pal that can fly, such as Nitewing. I find it hard to capture a Nitewing with a normal Pal sphere, so use Mega or Giga spheres.

Why I Chose This: It is an early-game Pal that can fly and quickly take you to other locations to unlock other pals.
  • Early-game Pal.
  • Lower work suitability.
  • Weak to dark element Pals.

4. Vanwrym

High Damage Mid-Game Flying Pal
Stats of Vanwyrm [image by eXputer]
It is located in the lava region of Mount Obsidian; however, I was lucky enough to find it outside of Mount Obsidian. The climate at Mount Obsidian requires heat-resistant Armor and clothing for survival.

Vanwyrm is a creature with a massive wingspan and a unique ability called Aerial Marauder. Vanwyrm also has a Cryst variant with Ice and Dark attributes, meaning defeating it can reward you Ice Organs and sapphires. When you ride Vanwyrm, attacks on enemy weak points become even more effective.

Why I Chose This: I chose this because of Its Aerial Marauder ability that damages enemy weak points, making it a great Flying Pal.
  • Increases damage to enemy weak points while mounted.
  • Found in Early-Game.
  • Extraordinary Wingspan.
  • Low work suitability.
  • Difficult to capture.

3. Astegon

Service title
Stats of Astegon [image Captured by eXputer]
Astegon is found in the volcanic region southwest of the map, inside a destroyed mineshaft. The destroyed mineshaft is located on the west side of Mount Obsidian Midpoint. It can also be found in the wild at the No. 3 Wildlife Sanctuary on the western edge of the map.

Astegon is spawned from the abyss and is excellent for mining because of its high damage to ores. Additionally, it drops Pure Quartz, a highly sought-after crafting material.

Why I Chose This: I chose this because it is great for mining Stone, ore, and other resources to craft materials. Additionally, it is one of the few Pals that drop Pure quartz.
  • Increases damage ores while mounted.
  • Great for mining Stone, Ore, and other resources.
  • Weak to Ice or Dragon element Pals.
  • Difficult to locate.

2. Frostallion

Best Flying Pal To Deal Massive Damage
Stats of Frostallion [image by eXputer]
Frostallion is a level 50 Pal monster found in the snowy mountain region in the northwest. I found the Frostallion in the east of the Land of Absolute Zero teleport point.

Frostallion is an ice region called Pal that transforms players’ attacks into ice while mounted, and its cooling ability is used to power food storage units that prevent food from spoiling.

Why I Chose This: I chose this because of its cooling ability, which increases the effectiveness of attacks by transforming them into ice attacks and prevents food from spoiling.
  • Deals massive damage.
  • Transforms regular attacks to ice attacks.
  • Prevent food from spoiling.
  • Difficult to capture.
  • Weak to Fire element Pals.
  • One work suitability.

1. Jetragon

The Fastest Flying Pal
Jetragon best flying mounts palworld
Stats of Jetragon [image Captured by eXputer]
This Legendary Pal is located north of the Beach of Everlasting Summer teleport point, in the volcanic region of the map in the west.

It is the Fastest flying Pal in the Palworld. No other Pal can match its Top speed. Jetragon has an aerial missile partner skill, allowing it to fire rapid missiles on enemies while mounted, making it the best Flying Pal in the Palworld.

Why I Chose This: I chose the Jetragon as the best flying mount because of its top speed, which relatively reduces travel time, and its ability to fire rapid missiles on enemies.
  • Fastest Flying Mount.
  • Deals massive damage to enemies.
  • Fires rapid missiles.
  • Weak to ice element Pal.
  • Difficult to Capture.
  • Lower work suitability.

My Thoughts

Having spent over 20 hours in the Palworld, I think that the Flying mounts are mainly for reducing travel time and tanking damage to enemies. Jetragon Is the fastest Flying mount, and its ability to fire rapid missiles makes it the best Flying Pal. However, choosing a Flying Mount according to your playstyle would be best.

Now that you know the best Flying mount, find the Best Armor for tanking damage. But Armor isn’t the only thing to keep in mind. Find out the Best Weapons to defeat enemies and capture Pals.

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