Palworld: 5 Best Storage Items [Our Picks]

I have spent almost 100 hours in Palworld, and here are some of my tips on storage units that are ideal for your base.

With hundreds of unique items to farm, grow, and collect in Palworld, you’ll need ample storage space to store the loot. While your inventory does have a sizeable capacity, you’ll soon find that even 1 or 2 chests to keep your excess wood or stone won’t be enough. As such, dedicating space and resources to craft storage items is an essential and regular task.

Key Takeaways
  • Storage Items in Palworld can store and safely keep your loot, including food, eggs, crafting materials, and more.
  • While this is a great way to avoid discarding useful items, most storage units require a lot of resources to craft and need a decent-sized space to keep.
  • Players can also lock these units using passwords to ensure their items are not stolen in Palworld’s co-op mode.
  • There are 14 different storage items in-game, out of which the Refined Metal Chest and the Large Container have the largest storage capacity.

My Choices For Palworld’s Best Storage Items

Here’s a quick overview of the best in-game storage units, including their stats and requirements:

1Refined Metal Chest4020x Refined Ingot | 50x Wood | 20x NailLevel 39
2Orange Locker2030x Ingot | 3x NailLevel 26
3Refrigerator2550x Refined Ingot | 20x Polymer | 15x Ice Organ | 5x CircuitLevel 38
4Large Container40100x IngotLevel 32
5Antique Wall Cabinet320x Wood | 5x Stone | 3x Red BerriesLevel 20

1. Refined Metal Chest

The Best High-Capacity Storage Item In Palworld.
metal chest
Showcasing the Refined Metal Chest (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: No other storage item rivals the Refined Metal Chest’s pure usefulness, making it a must-have for the late-game phase.

The Refined Metal Chest is undoubtedly the most reliable and best high-capacity storage unit you can keep at your base in Palworld. It can store up to 40 unique items; for reference, the second-largest storage container only holds 25 individual items. As such, if you have the resources to put this thing in your base, you won’t have to worry about capacity for a long time.

You can unlock the Refined Metal Chest’s crafting recipe at Level 39 and make it with the following materials:

  • 20x Refined Ingot
  • 50x Wood
  • 20x Nail
  • Extremely large capacity.
  • Decent form-factor.
  • Requirements are not too demanding.
  • Unlocked extremely late.

2. Orange Locker

The Most Well-Balanced Storage Item.
Placing the Orange Locker outside (Screenshot Captured by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: The Orange Locker’s great design, low requirements, above-average storage capacity, and overall balanced stats make it one of my top choices.

If you’re looking for a storage unit with a sleek design and still has a large capacity, I recommend going for the Orange Locker. It takes up reasonably little space, and the bright orange color with Pal stickers on the outside gives it a non-intrusive look. It’s about as close to a modern-style unit as you can get in Palworld, and with 20 storage slots, it’s arguably one of the best units to have at your base. 

On top of that, once you unlock the Orange Locker at Level 26, it’s easy to make via the following ingredients:

  • Low requirements.
  • Great design.
  • Adequate storage.
  • Small form-factor.
  • Gets overshadowed by the slimmer grey locker.
  • Cannot be placed inside a house.

3. Refrigerator

The Best Alternative Food-Preserving Storage Item In Palworld.
fridge palworld
Using an Ice Pal with the Refrigerator (Screenshot by eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Keeping your food intact for your pals and yourself for a long period is a great mechanic, and I believe this storage item is the best to do it.

Food-preserving storage units are a niche category, but the Refrigerator makes itself known as the best cooling unit and one of the most enormous containers in-game. It has 25 storage slots, putting its capacity just behind the Refined Metal Chest and the Large Container. Additionally, if you assign an Ice Pal to it, you can prevent food from spoiling once you place it inside the unit.

Unfortunately, although the Refrigerator has more capacity and functionality than the Orange Locker, I have to discuss its ridiculous requirements. I personally spent about 30 minutes gathering the items to craft this thing, even though I had all the gear set up. Furthermore, assigning an Ice Pal is tedious because you will be dedicating a pal to the Refrigerator 24/7, preventing it from working anywhere else.

With that said, here’s the crafting recipe for the Refrigerator after you unlock it at Level 38 in Palworld:

  • 50x Refined Ingot
  • 20x Polymer
  • 15x Ice Organ
  • 5x Circuit
  • High capacity.
  • Prevents food wastage.
  • Manageable size.
  • Unlocked late.
  • Very challenging to craft.
  • Must dedicate an Ice Pal for refrigeration.

4. Large Container

The Best Alternative High-Capacity Storage Item.
Showcasing the Large Container (Image Credit Copyright: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: If you want high storage capacity but don’t have the time to make refined ingots, the Large Container is a great alternative for players in the mid-game phase.

Alongside the Refined Metal Chest, the Large Container has a storage space of 40, making it another contender for the largest storage unit in Palworld. However, I’ve put it so far down on my list because of its size – this behemoth is roughly thrice the size of the Refined Metal Chest and arguably twice the size of the second-bulkiest storage item.

Fortunately, compared to its rival, its crafting requirements are basic but require a lot of grinding. It also unlocks earlier, so if you’re still in the early-game phase and need more storage, the Large Container is your best bet.

To obtain the Large Container, you need to unlock its recipe at Level 32 and craft it with:

  • 100x Ingot
  • Massive capacity.
  • Low crafting requirements.
  • Gets overshadowed by the Refined Metal Chest.
  • Looks unappealing.
  • Huge form-factor.

5. Antique Wall Cabinet

The Best Wall-Hanging Storage Item In Palworld.
Showcasing the Antique Wall Cabinet (Image Credits: eXputer)
  • Why I Chose This: Wall cabinets don’t have much variety, so if you want a decorative piece that holds a few key items in a specific room, I prefer crafting this storage item.

If you don’t have enough space on the ground to place your storage containers, placing one on the wall is your next choice, and I believe the Antique Wall Cabinet is the best option in that category. While it only has three item slots, that’s the largest capacity of any wall-hanging storage unit. However, what makes this special is its tiny size and elegant design, which truly stands out.

You can start crafting the Antique Wall Cabinet from Level 20 with the following items:

  • 20x Wood
  • 5x Stone
  • 3x Red Berries
  • Unlocked early.
  • Easy to craft.
  • Can hang on walls.
  • Small form-factor.
  • Low capacity.
  • Somewhat unreliable.

My Thoughts On The Best Storage Item

I’ve tried almost every storage unit available in Palworld, and, as I mentioned briefly, my favorite one is definitely the Orange Locker. For me, I look at a storage item based on capacity, size, looks, requirements, and other gimmicks, respectively, and I feel like the Orange Locker ticks all the boxes. If you purely want efficiency, the Refrigerator is your best bet thanks to its sheer capacity and extra functionality regarding food preservation.

palworld hours
My concurrent progress on Palworld (Xbox ID: TheAwoken03)

That wraps up my detailed guide on Palworld’s best storage items you can craft to store all your loot. Over time, your base and inventory will likely get clogged up with large items, some of which you won’t need until you reach some biome or in-game phase. Thus, having a reliable unit for storing all your valuables is crucial. Instead of crafting several smaller storage items, I think having one or two massive containers is better.

If you’re focused on improving your base further, check out my guide on catching Robinquill Terra in Palworld, one of the best pals for base activities. You can also read Moiz’s guide on details regarding Lovander, another great choice for base activities. And while you’re here, be sure to visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld to learn more about the title from the perspective of a veteran Pokemon player.


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