Palworld: How To Craft Lily’s Spear [Quick Guide]

Learn how you can obtain the legendary Lily's Spear, which is largely considered the best melee weapon in Palworld.

Lily’s Spear is arguably the best melee weapon in Palworld, thanks to its quick attacks and high damage output. It’s the second-last melee weapon you can unlock behind the Sword, but it comes with a slightly longer range and shorter time between attacks, making it the ideal weapon for poking enemies. However, as you’d imagine, getting Lily’s Spear is no easy task, and since you get it at roughly the same level as most top-tier guns, it doesn’t seem worthwhile to a lot of players.

Key Takeaways
  • Lily’s Spear is a late-game melee weapon that comes with 450 Damage, 500 Durability, and 10 Weight Load.
  • Players can unlock the Spear’s crafting recipe at Level 40 with 3 Ancient Technology Points.
  • To craft Lily’s Spear, the following items are needed: 20x Paldium Fragment, 30x Refined Ingot, 20x High Quality Cloth, 50x Wood, and 20x Ancient Civilization Parts.
  • Furthermore, players can only craft the Spear at the Weapon Assembly Line, unlocked at Level 32.

Crafting Requirements For Lily’s Spear In Palworld

Lily's Spear requirements
Crafting requirements for Lily’s Spear (Image by eXputer)

In Palworld, players can unlock Lily’s Spear’s crafting recipe with 3 Ancient Technology Points at Level 40. Of course, you can get Ancient Technology Points by beating bosses scattered throughout the world. As for leveling up, there are several methods, like capturing or defeating Pals.

The crafting recipe for Lily’s Spear includes:

  • 20x Paldium Fragment
  • 30x Refined Ingot
  • 20x High Quality Cloth
  • 50x Wood
  • 20x Ancient Civilization Parts

If you don’t know how to get these ingredients, I’ve summarized the quickest ways to get them in the table below:

Paldium FragmentMining rocks1
Refined IngotHeat 2x Ore and 2x Coal at Improved Furnace34
High Quality ClothCrafted with 10x Cloth at High Quality Workbench36
WoodChopping down trees1
Ancient Civilization PartsDropped from bosses (not a guaranteed drop)1
Important: You can only craft Lily’s Spear at the Weapon Assembly Line. You can unlock this workstation at Level 32 and craft it using 100x Ingot, 50x Wood, 20x Nail, and 10x High Quality Pal Oil. You’ll also need to craft a Power Generator to get the Weapon Assembly Line to work.

Stats And Abilities Of Lily’s Spear

lily's spear palworld
Showcasing Lily’s Spear in Palworld (Screenshot taken by eXputer)

Lily’s Spear in Palworld comes with a whopping 450 Damage Output with a single swing, roughly half of the Musket’s shot. This makes the Spear do more damage than most in-game guns, including the Handgun. Besides that, it’s got 500 Durability and 10 Weight, so it’s relatively lightweight and has excellent longevity.

  • One significant benefit of Lily’s Spear over your guns is the need for ammo since the Spear keeps you away from grinding or crafting ammo repeatedly.
  • However, as you’ll guess, Lily’s Spear has no long-range benefit, and it’s not the ideal weapon against boss fights either.
  • Based on my experience, I’d recommend using the Spear for hunting since it can easily catch prey that tries to run or hide.

That wraps up my brief guide on crafting and using Lily’s Spear, one of the late-game melee weapons, in Palworld. As mentioned, I feel like Lily’s Spear is extremely strong damage-wise, but the level at which you get it feels way too late, especially since you’ll likely be hunting Legendary Pals, a task where the Spear feels useless. In fact, this Steam Community Page shares the same sentiment – melee weapons feel underpowered.

If you’re at a high level and want weapons that make a lot more sense, check out this guide by Irfan Ansari on getting the Legendary Assault Rifle in Palworld. For other ways to make your arsenal stronger for catching unique Pals, I’d recommend reading up on catching Astegon, one of the best Pals in-game. And while you’re still here, visit Rabiya’s review on Palworld, where she goes in-depth into the title’s success and shortcomings.


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