Palworld Digtoise: Location, Capture, Stats, Breeding Options

Learn about the location and skills of Digtoise to get the best mining pal in Palworld.

Exploring different locations in Palworld and finding unique pals is important to help you in fights and provide assistance in fights. Digtoise is one of the best Ground pals To get maximum assistance in mining different materials at the base. So, it is a must to know where to find, capture, and make the best use of its skills.

Key Takeaways
  • Digtoise is a Ground pal found in the Northern desert of the map.
  • It is strong against Electric pals and weak against Grass pals.
  • You can capture it by using level 20 pals and a crossbow and it requires only a Giga sphere to be captured.
  • Has level 3 Mining work suitability and drops Ore and High Quality Pal Oil as a reward when defeated.   
  • Offers different breeding options to get unique pals.

Be sure to check out eXputer’s quick video tutorial on finding Digtoise as well:

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Digtoise Location

The location where you find Digtoise during the day (Image By Captured Us)

Digtoise is mostly found in the Deep Sand Dunes in the extreme north of the map. You can also find it in the desert area northeast of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant. You will spot a big turtle-like pal with a spikey shell. 

How To Capture Digtoise

Digtoise near Deep Sand Dunes in the north desert (Image By Captured Us)

Any pal in Palworld has an element type and has both weaknesses and strengths. So to capture Digtoise, you need to focus on its weakness to capture it. As it is a mid-game pal, it is relatively easy to capture.

Follow these instructions to capture Digtoise:

  • Use the Best Grass Pal: Digtoise being a Ground pal receives devastating damage from all types of grass pals. So, you must accompany yourself with Robinquill or Cinnamoth.
  • Level 20 Pals: You must accompany yourself with at least a level 20 Grass pal to defeat Digtoise smoothly.
  • Giga Sphere: A giga sphere is enough to capture Digtoise when it is almost 10 percent short on HP.
  • Best Weapon to use: You will not require weapons like assault rifles or handguns, a simple crossbow would be enough for the Digtoise.

All Digtoise Stats

Digtoise Stats showcase in Palworld (Image By Captured Us)

Digtoise acquires the following skills after reaching the required level:

1Aqua Gun4s40500-5000
7Stone Blast10s55500-4000
15Shell Spin9s65200-1500
22Stone Cannon15s70500-2500
30Sand Tornado18s80100-3000
40Aqua Burst30s1001000-9999
50Rock Lance55s150100-9999

Work Suitability And Partner Skill

Digtoise provides work suitability for level 3 Mining. As it is suitable for only one work it can completely focus on mining and provide useful work at the base. This makes it one of the best pal for mining ores. It has a partner skill of Drill Crusher which when activated allows it to do shell spin and increases its mining ore efficiency which can be used to get more ingots for your base development. 

Whenever a Digtoise is defeated it drops Ore and High Quality Pal Oil.

Different Breeding Options For Digtoise 

Parent 1Parent 2Child

This is everything you need to know about Digtoise. You can then head over to the Palworld review written by Rabiya Rizwan. You can also read about How to get Sulfur and Gunpowder in Palworld to make quick progress.


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