Palworld: How To Obtain Sulfur [Farming Locations]

Get Sulfur easily by visiting these farming spots and use it to craft Gunpowder for your ammunition.

Sulfur is one of the most valuable materials you can obtain in Palworld. It can be used to make Gunpowder, which can be used to make ammunition for your guns. Engaging in a shootout to beat other enemies is a crucial aspect of the gameplay, which increases the value of Sulfur much more.

Important: You can recognize Sulfur rocks easily with their yellowish texture on a greyish rock.
Before You Start: Make sure you have a pickaxe in your inventory to break the Sulfur Rocks easily. 
Key Takeaways
  • One of the most vital materials in Palworld is sulfur, which is used to make gunpowder and craft ammunition. 
  • The Desert Area is a good location to get Sulfur in Palworld.
  • Sulfur can also be obtained from the early game Dungeons in Palworld. 

Author’s Note: The information in my guide is highly trustworthy as I have spent 20 hours grinding in the Palworld.

Desert Area

get sulfur palworld
Sulfur Rock in Desert (Image by eXputer)

There are quite a few spots where you can farm Sulfur in Palworld. In my opinion, the desert area in the northern part of the map is one of the best sulfur farming spots to get some. You can spot a few Sulfur rocks easily around the area, and you can get the ore from them using a Pickaxe. 

Near Islandhopper Coast

get sulfur palworld
Sulfur near Coast area location (Image taken by eXputer)

Teleport at the Islandhopper Coast fast travel point. Keep moving above to the area I have pointed out on the map. I found a few pieces of Sulfur at that exact spot. It’s a recommended area to farm Sulfur early in the game. I suggest you mount some Pals to get to the location quickly. 

Near Bamboo Groves

palworld sulfur farm
Sulfur Location Near Bamboo Grove (Image captured by eXputer)

You can find Sulfur in the bamboo groves near the desert area. The spot is a bit trickier to find, but it’s at the exact point I showed on the map. You can get to the location easily by fast traveling to the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant waypoint. 


palworld dungeon sulfur
Inside a Dungeon (Image by eXputer)

You can get an abundance of Sulfur in Palworld if you visit various Dungeons. They can be hard to find but check out the guide on Dungeon locations in Palworld to find some easily. You can get to a few Dungeons early in the game and can farm a lot of Sulfur to craft the gunpowder required for ammunition. 

My Opinion

Sulfur is a useful material to farm in Palworld, you can use it to craft gunpowder required for ammunition. Since introducing guns to a Monster-tamer genre is the entry’s main selling point, Sulfur becomes that much more significant. Palworld offers quite a few locations where you can obtain Sulfur easily. 

You would also need to mine materials often, so check out some of the best mining Pals that can help you with that. I also recommend you increase your stats in Palworld to farm more Sulfur easily in Palworld. Level up quickly to increase your weight stat to carry more resources. Also, check out my Palworld Review to learn more about the gameplay. 

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