Palworld Anubis: Location, Capture, Stats, Skills & Breeding

Learn where to find Anubis in Palworld, how to fight and capture this end game pal and have in your base or your team for extra firepower.

World bosses or alpha bosses are commonly found in key locations of Palworld. Some of these are easy to find and a few are hard to miss. Anubis is one such boss who roams in front of its own giant statue in the desert region of the game’s map. This is a very hard-to-miss area and therefore invites players to open a challenge to fight the guardian of the dark sun. In this guide, I have listed where to find Anubis, how to capture, its skills, stats, and many breeding options as well. 

Key Takeaways

To find Alpha Anubis in Palworld’s desert:

    1. Equip heat-resistant gear for survival.
    2. Breed Anubis with Penking + Bushi or Quivern + Chillet for a rocky egg.
    3. Assemble a team of level 40+ Grass-type Pals.
    4. Strengthen defense with Heat Resistant Refined Metal Gear.
    5. Capture Anubis with Legendary or Ultra Spheres and boost Capture Power with the Statue of Power.
    6. Rewards for defeating/capturing Anubis in the desert:
      • Large Pal Soul x2
      • Ancient Civilization Parts x10
      • Precious Entrails x8
      • Bone x8

How To Find Anubis

Anubis Guardian of the Dark Sun alpha boss [Image Credits: eXputer]
The Alpha Anubis boss in Palworld can be found in the central region of a scorching desert.

This will be a hard-to-miss event due to its striking arena. The area is distinguished by a magnificent statue of Anubis, with the boss parading in its vicinity. Given the desert setting, I highly recommend you equip heat-resistant armor and consider utilizing any heat-resistant accessories discovered in chests to enhance your survivability, before beginning to fight with her. 

Other than the alpha Anubis boss location, there is no fixed habitat for this boss to spawn. However, you can most likely find it roaming the desert region of the game’s map where having heat-resistant armor is compulsory.

Important: You can get Anubis much faster in the game for your base or have it in your party by breeding the following pals with each other and getting a huge rocky egg. 

  • Penking + Bushi = Anubis
  • Quivern + Chillet = Anubis
  • Ragnahawk + Tombat = Anubis
  • Kitsun + Jormuntide = Anubis
  • Broncherry + Relaxaurus = Anubis
  • Rushoar + Suzaku Aqua = Anubis
  • Celeray + Menasting = Anubis
  • Gobfin + Suzaku = Anubis

Once you get the egg, put it in Incubator until it hatches. The resultant Anubis will be a level 1 pal that you will need to either assign to the base or to your party for leveling up. 

How To Capture Anubis

Anubis alpha boss fight strategy [Image Credits: eXputer]
  • Preparation: Gear up for a challenging encounter with the formidable level 47 Anubis Field Boss.
  • Get the best Grass-type pals: Assemble the best Palworld team of powerful Grass-type Pals, preferably at least level 40, ensuring they require a Giga or Hyper Sphere for capture.
  • Mammorest, Verdash, and Elizabee: Choose formidable contenders like these three to engage Anubis. Practice strategic Pal withdrawal and summoning to minimize damage.
  • Equip the best weapons: Enhance your damage output against Anubis by using the AR or Single-shot Rifle to land effective headshots.
  • Wear Heat Resistant Armor: Strengthen your character’s defense with Heat Resistant Refined Metal Armor, coupled with the Refined Metal Helm and the Hyper Shield for added protection.
  • Dodge and Let Pals Take Action: Keep your character agile, dodging attacks while allowing your Pals to handle the combat, reducing the need for extensive armor.
Capture Tips: Capture Anubis during the challenging fight with the Legendary Sphere, which offers a decent chance. For low-health Anubis, consider using the Ultra Sphere and boost Capture Power through the Statue of Power for increased success.

Anubis Stats

Anubis stats as seen in Paldeck [Image Credits: eXputer]
Elemental Type Ground
Handiwork Level 4
Transporting Level 2
Mining Level 3
Partner Skill Guardian of the Desert [When fighting together, apply Ground damage to the player’s attacks. Sometimes dodges attacks with a high-speed sidestep while in a battle.]

Anubis Skills

Level Element Skill Name Cooldown Power Description
1 Ground Stone Blast 10s 55 Fires a barrage of stones forward.
7 Neutral Power Bomb 15s 70 Charges energy before firing a destructive ball.
15 Ground Sand Tornado 18s 80 Generates sand tornadoes on either side.
22 Ground Spinning Roundhouse 21s 100 Anubis performs a spin kick, cutting enemies.
30 Ground Forceful Charge 28s 120 Anubis pursues with a high-speed dash and punch.
40 Ground Ground Smash 35s 140 Anubis leaps, diving with a punch, dealing damage.
50 Ground Rock Lance 55s 150 Generates a sharp rock spear under an enemy.

Anubis Item Drops

Anubis item drop rewards [Image Credits: eXputer]
Whenever you beat Alpha Anubis or capture this boss pal, especially in the desert biome, you will get the following item drops: 

  • Large Pal Soul x2
  • Ancient Civilization Parts x10
  • Precious Entrails x8
  • Bone x8

Anubis Breeding Options

Captured Anubis in the character’s party [Image Credits: eXputer]
Parent 1 Parent 2 Child
Vanwyrm Anubis Faleris
Cryolinx Anubis Quivern
Sweepa Anubis Cinnamoth
Mossanda Anubis Azurobe
Sibelyx Anubis Grintale
Nitewing Anubis Azurobe
Pyrin Anubis Wumpo

That is pretty much everything I had to discuss about the Anubis location, how to capture it, skills, stats, and breeding options for it in Palworld. Before you leave, I recommend you read these guides: Jetragon in Palworld, dedicated servers


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