Palworld: How To Make A Dedicated Server [2 Methods]

Enjoy a seamless experience with your friends by hosting a dedicated server.

Palworld provides players with the option to set up their dedicated server, enabling the creation of a persistent world for gameplay with friends. Currently, this feature is exclusively available for the Steam release and involves a certain level of technical expertise for the setup process.

Key Takeaways
  • Palworld offers players the option to set up a dedicated server for a persistent fun experience with friends.
  • This feature is currently exclusive to the Steam release.
  • The first method is to simply find the Palworld Dedicated Server in your Steam Library and run it.
  • The second method involves the use of SteamCMD for geeks and involves some technical expertise for setup.

Setting a Dedicated Server is as easy as launching a game on Steam. For starters, there are two ways to set up a dedicated server in Steam. First can be done by anyone using only Steam. The second option is for geeks, who know how to use SteamCMD.

Important: Dedicated Server for Palworld can only be set in Steam.


It’s suggested for those unfamiliar with setting up a game server as it provides an easy setup process.

Selecting Tools in Steam
Selecting Tools in Steam [Image by eXputer]
Here’s a step-by-step guide:

1. Check for the Palworld Dedicated Server in the Steam library.
2. If not found, ensure the tool is selected in the upper left filter.
3. Upon startup, a dialog [Select Play Dedicated Server] will appear; click Play.

If the window pops up with the text “Setting breakpad minidump” appears, try connecting from the game. If connection issues arise, verify the correctness of the IP address and ensure the Windows security settings are appropriate.


This method is for geeks who make use of the Steam Console. Prepare SteamCMD for the dedicated server. After ensuring SteamCMD is set up and ready, execute the following command in the command prompt to download the dedicated server. Make sure to specify the absolute path to the steamcmd command based on your chosen installation method.

steamcmd +login anonymous +app_update 2394010 validate +quit

After the download finishes, switch to the download directory. If you’ve designated an installation directory for the dedicated server using SteamCMD, make sure to choose it.

cd .\steamapps\common\PalServer

Start the server by running the PalServer.exe file.

Running Dedicated Server for Palworld
Running the Dedicated Server [Image by eXputer]
To connect to the dedicated server, enter the IP address and port number located beneath the server list.

Running A Dedicated Server

Palworld Main Menu
Palworld Main Menu [Image by eXputer]
For a server to operate continuously, your PC must remain turned on. If you lack a PC that can stay operational or are unfamiliar with hosting peer-to-peer servers, I don’t recommend this option. Instead, you can opt for third-party services to host the server on.

My Thoughts On Dedicated Server

While running a dedicated server is free of cost, I do not recommend it if there are more than 10 players. You will face a lot of lag and there’ll be a lot of problems if the host’s internet isn’t good. The ideal option would be to rent a server for a few bucks, which can run 24/7.

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