The Best Neutral Pals In Palworld

Here are my recommendations for the Best Neutral Pals with the most versatile skills.

Just because Neutral Pals lack an element doesn’t make them useless. They excel at performing routine tasks around the base. Given the number of Neutral Pals available, players often struggle to decide which is best to acquire in Palworld.

Key Takeaways

There are 21 Neutral Pals available in Palworld.

  • Neutral Pals in Palworld are invaluable for their versatility and utility, even though they lack elemental attributes.
  • Sadly, Neutral Pals are not strong against other elemental types of pals, but they are weaker against Dark-type pals.
  • When choosing Neutral Pals, consider their suitability for various tasks, such as resource collection, base management, and combat support.

Best Neutral Pals In Palworld And Comparison Between Them

Here’s the summary of the best neutral Pal you can get in Palworld:

Paldeck NumberPalPartner SkillWork SuitabilityBest For
#2CattivaCat HelperHandiwork Level 1
Transporting Level 1
Gathering Level 1
Mining Level 1
Best Early Game Neutral Pal For Working
#26DirehowlDirehowl RiderGathering Lv. 1Best Neutral Pal As Ground Mount
#38NitewingTravel CompanionGathering Lv. 2Best Early Game Flying Mount
#69LovanderHeart DrainHandiwork Level 2
Medicine Production Level 2
Transporting Level 2
Mining Level 1
Best Pal To Keep In Base
#108PaladiusHoly Knight of the FirmamentLumbering Level 2
Mining Level 2
Best Neutral Pal For Fighting


Best Early Game Neutral Pal For Working.
Cattiva Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: The versatility and utility of the Cattiva and its aiding in resource collection and base management make it necessary for early game progression.

In Palworld, encountering the Cattiva, a common neutral Pal player, is typical early in the game. This Pal is particularly useful during the initial stages, assisting in collecting stones and ore. Moreover, having a Cattiva in your team increases your inventory capacity.

Its suitability for various tasks makes the Cattiva ideal for early game progression, enabling the transportation of mined resources. With its Handiwork and Gathering work abilities, I find adjusting other pals in my base easier.

  • Common neutral Pal.
  • Suitable for various tasks.
  • Available in the early game.
  • Increases inventory capacity when in the team.
  • Easy-to-capture.
  • Not good at combat.
  • Useful for only early game
  • Low skill levels.


Best Neutral Pal As Ground Mount.
Direhowl [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Direhowl’s powerful attacks and ability to swiftly get out of risky situations make it an exceptional choice for advancing in the early game

In the early game, Direhowl stands out as one of the top choices among Neutral-type Pals. It boasts significant hitting power, versatile moves, and the capability to unleash attacks rapidly. It can also swiftly extract the player from risky situations, making it impossible for enemies to catch up.

I think investing time in breeding a Direhowl with exceptional stats and further enhancing them with the Statue of Power could be worthwhile in the early stages. Direhowl’s ability to traverse the map efficiently and deliver potent attacks swiftly makes it an excellent option for advancing through the early stages of Palworld.

  • Strong hitting power.
  • Versatile moves.
  • Swiftly get you out of danger.
  • Efficient Mount for exploring.
  • Limited early game focus.
  • It’s not good to keep in base.


Best Flying Neutral Pal In Early Game.
Nitewing Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Nitewing offers exploration and combat capabilities, making it the ultimate choice for traversing Palworld’s skies in the early game.

Nitewing might be the first flying mount available to most players in Palworld. With its Travel Companion Partner Skill, Nitewing lets you explore the sky, granting access to previously unreachable areas.

Beyond its flying ability, Nitewing distinguishes itself with a diverse range of active skills, making it a formidable combatant. Its effectiveness in battles is such that even at high levels, I found Nitewing can hold its ground in mid-game missions.

  • Early game flying Mount.
  • Diverse, active skills.
  • It can be used till mid-game missions.
  • Limited combat capabilities.
  • Low skill levels.


Best Neutral Pal To Keep In Base.
Lovander Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: Lovander’s unique abilities and nocturnal nature make it an invaluable companion, particularly its life-stealing capabilities.

Lovander in Palworld is a light pink, bipedal, salamander-like Pal with heart-shaped fur on its chest. It possesses several active skills capable of inflicting significant damage to nearby targets. Its partner skill, Heart Drain, enables players to steal life, with Lovander absorbing damage and restoring the character’s HP by the same amount.

As a nocturnal species, Lovander only emerges at night and can be encountered in a beach area northwest of the Sealed Realm of the Winged Tyrant teleport travel point. I located higher-level Lovander in desert regions to the northeast of the map in Palworld.

  • Powerful active skills.
  • Heart Drain steals life to restore the character’s HP.
  • Can perform a variety of tasks in base.
  • The damage output is not good.
  • Weak against Dark-type pals.


Best Neutral Pal For Fighting.
Paladius best neutral pals palworld
Paladius Stats in Paldeck [Image by eXputer]
  • Why I Chose This: A Legendary Pal with unmatched strength, majestic appearance, and unique triple-jump ability, ready to conquer any challenge in Palworld.

Paladius, a Legendary boss-level Pal in Palworld, stands out as one of the best Neutral Pals. It resembles a majestic centaur. It wields a shield in one hand and a lance in the other, always ready for battle. With potent active skills such as Blizzard Spike, Spear Thrust, and Pal Blast, Paladius can easily defeat any enemies in its path.

Upon crafting the Paladius Saddle, players can mount Paladius and ride it, benefitting from its unique ability to triple jump while mounted. However, capturing Paladius requires players to venture to the northwest of the Deep Sand Dunes with sufficiently strong Pals and skill levels, considering its boss-level status.

  • One of the Legendary Pals, High Power.
  • Strong Versatile Attacks.
  • Duo Bossfight Rewards.
  • High Mobility Partner Skill.
  • Very Difficult to Capture.
  • Requires High-Level Team.
  • Weak to Dark element.

Alternative Picks

I left out several other great options for the Best Neutral Pals in Palworld from my list for various individual reasons:

  • Lamball: It is the first Pal that you will encounter; however, it has less work suitability than Cattiva and almost useless partner skill.
  • Kingpaca: It is an Alpha boss; however, his combat capabilities are not as good as Paladius.
  • Eikthyrdeer: It is another early-game ground mount, but it’s not as fast as Direhowl.

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My Take On The Best Neutral Pal

In my opinion, Paladius is easily the best neutral Pal. It has excellent combat capabilities and can also be ridden as a mount for transportation. However, capturing him was no easy task and it required multiple attempts as he’s one of the most powerful pals.

Read the Best Ground Pals you can get to fight against the Electric Pals. Moreover, you make a great team with the Best Fire Pals, who can counter grass and ice-type pals. Furthermore, make sure to read How to Mount Your Pals before capturing the Best Mounts available in Palworld.


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